Priceless Professional Development:
Volume 7, Issue 78                                          May 2015

Master Composer of Music for the Queen (Did you even know there was such a position? Me neither!) Sir Peter Maxwell Davies shared, "If you don't get feedback from your performers and your audience, you're going to be working in a vacuum." 

How much feedback are you getting from your employees and clients?  You're not working in a vacuum are you?  Do you have traits that are holding you back from more success and effectiveness?  How do you know?

The theme for this month's newsletter and for my most recent podcasts is around the power of feedback. With feedback you can accelerate growth, and without enough of it you can get stagnant and lack awareness.

In this article I share 20 traits that hold leaders back, from Marshall Goldsmith's book: What Got You Here Won't Get you There.

As you read each trait, consider - Do I do that?  Is this something that could be holding me back?

To get a solid overview of all of the key points made in Goldsmith's book, watch this video.  created by one of the company's I partner with. Goldsmith points to the power of feedback with this,  "If we can stop, listen and think about what others are seeing in us...we can compare the self that we want to be with the self we are presenting to the world.  We can then begin to make real changes that are needed to close the gap between our stated values and our actual behavior."

Our progress and growth as human beings and leaders is accelerated by feedback and it is crucial to growth. You MUST find ways to stop, listen and think about how your behavior is impacting others. If you don't you'll be a leader who's working in a vacuum, and I know you don't want that!


 **Read about the 20 traits that hold leaders back and review a very good video overview on what to do about it, here. 



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coldThis Month's Video: It's Not About the Nail!
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This month's newsletter topic is a reminder about how important getting feedback is to growth and improvement. Just as important is the ability to be a good listener.

When you are a good listener you tune into the other person's pain and demonstrate that you care before you give advice or feedback. This video clip is a funny way to make that point.  It's not about the good advice (the nail), first you must show that you care.  Enjoy!


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