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Vol. #07, Issue#79
June, 2015

Listening I facilitated a leadership boot camp program for a Priceless client for many years.  When I was with my client 'doing my thing' I had the opportunity to sit in on lunch and dinner speeches for the boot camp participants given by military commanders, several CEO's of large companies you would recognize and a Seal Team Six team member.  

Every year, when boot camp time would roll around, I had to pinch myself. Not only was I being paid to do work I love for an awesome client, I got to hear some of the top leaders in the world share their leadership advice in a small group setting! Over the years I sat in on at least twenty of these talks.

Each speaker had their own wisdom, but there was one piece of advice EVERY leader shared: 'become a good listener'.

Listening is a skill that can always be deepened and expanded, and my own awareness of how powerful the act of listening is, continues to grow. It seems the more I know knowledge-wise, the more I realize how UNIMPORTANT that is - compared to honing my ability to tune in and listen, REALLY listen, to the person in front me.  

One of my favorite quotes,"The greatest compliment that was ever paid me was when one asked me what I thought, and attended to my answer." (Henry David Thoreau) reminds me that listening is a gift and a compliment. The power of listening is almost always undervalued by the 'every day leader'. Perhaps that's why all of those top military leaders and CEO's included listening in their advice.

In this month's newsletter I share a tool that will help you Listen Aggressively.
Use it well and fully, and you will be considered a great leader by the people who work for and with you.
The Forgotten Charismatic Leadership Skill: It Might Surprise You...
Get practical steps for listening and you'll be bringing more charisma - a learn-able skill and art - to every conversation and interaction by reviewing this article.

See how how subsuming your desire to control, speak and shine creates a dynamic of openness and commitment that leads to powerful charisma and therefore, influence with others.  I want you to Listen Aggressively.

My Definition for Listening Aggressively
: It means that you are focused on hearing in a determined and energetic way.  When you are doing this well, you demonstrate your desire to understand by asking questions and listening with NO agenda other than to understand.

"When it comes to charismatic leadership the
bottom line is other-mindedness." John Maxwell

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The six internal barriers and
three external barriers that holds women leaders back, and three reasons why male leaders should learn about these barriers.
Listen & Read Show Notes, Now!
This Month's Video...

In Podcast Episode #11 the Executive Director of the Women's Leadership Center at KSU, Erin Wolf, shares internal barriers that hold women leaders back, such as: Self Doubt/Ambition Gap; Lack of Self-Promotion; The Imposter Syndrome ("I don't belong.") and Risk Aversion.  


Erin tells us that these barriers are NOT inherent, are mostly influenced by the way we are raised and can be UNLEARNED.


Watch this short and fun video, that went viral, of a sassy six year old dancing to Aretha Franklin's RESPECT.  Alright, I'll take some of that sassy in my life, what about you?  How bold, confident and sassy can you be today?


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