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Vol. #09, Issue#95
May 2017

It's hard to believe but it's almost June - time is flying!  Mid-year is a good time to check-in on your goals. How are you doing?  

If you've slipped a little, remember that we ALL have on and off days. Almost no one has 100% motivation and focus all of the time.

It's also empowering to remember that:
- Every day is a new day
- You CAN begin again, today
- Goal achievement is usually not a linear process
- Small efforts add up - 1% a day and in 70 days - you're twice improved

If you can get into the habit of spending time EVERY DAY taking at least 15 minutes of action toward your goals, you WILL make progress.  And, daily focus around personal areas, like your mind, body and spirit, is especially important for super busy, high achieving professionals - because it's easy to quickly get out of balance when we don't pay attention in these areas. 

The Mind, Body and Spirit Re-Calibrate Daily Habit:
Paying attention every day, re-calibrating, around how well you are managing your priorities (Mind), your physical well-being (Body), and your personal and professional connections (Spirit) will help you make incremental changes and adjustments.

Not taking time to re-calibrate daily can lead to: stress, dread, illness, weight gain, loneliness, loss of purpose, being blind-sighted by problems, and feelings of emptiness. 

My most recent three podcasts are focused on Re-Calibrating Mind, Body and Spirit.
My eBook and email tips: 120 Stress Management Strategies, Best Practices and Tips for Professionals is designed to help you to focus on Mind, Body and Spirit routines, practices, resources and 'course corrections'.

The ideas I are share are things that I do - to ensure that I embody my own top priority - which is to: Wake Up Eager, everyday!
  • Podcast #31 - Managing Your Mind. Spend time every day refocusing, building self-discipline, practicing your craft, and knowing and sticking to your priorities. "If I can't lead myself, others won't follow me, won't respect me and won't want to partner with me." 
  • Podcast #32 - Managing Your Body. Spend time every day focusing on and improving your physical well-being and confidence. This includes a focus on eating well, being fit, getting enough sleep and feeling confident and comfortable in your body.   "The perfect man of old looked after himself before looking after others." Chuang Tzu
  •  Podcast #33 Managing Your Spirit. Spend time every day cultivating a sense of community, belonging and connection with others. This about improving life & work balance by creating a support network of people who believe in you and care about you."Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose." Tennessee Williams

justforfun This Month - A Fun Video

It never gets old watching these guys have fun moving their bodies!  It doesn't even look like exercise.

They are proof that you can find the fun in movement.
How the heck did they do this?

Enjoy! And then, get moving!

Watch now: Enjoy this Fun Video, Now
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