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Hi There!

Happy 2020! We're one month into the New Year - how's it going? Are YOU waking up eager? How's your team doing - are THEY waking up eager?

Here are resources created just for you - to help you stay 'Wake Up Eager Strong' this year:

  • Visit Wake Up Eager Wednesday Tips in 2020 to find weekly resources and tips related to the 'life cycle' of an employee's 'stay' with you. We'll share hiring, onboarding, development, team building, conflict resolution and stress management tools and tips here, every Wednesday.

  • Check out Episode #61of the Wake Up Eager Workforce Podcast Motivating Yourself, Motivating Your Workforce – The Wake Up Eager Formula. (Note - this one is a little different - we have video AND audio for you.) You'll learn: Why Wake Up Eager Matters; How it impacts the Bottom Line; The Wake Up Eager Formula; Five Simple Actions to Help Leaders and Employees Discover Their Top Personal Traits and Interests; Three Key Actions to Create the Wake Up Eager Dynamic on Teams.
"If you help your employees become MORE of who they really are,
they will reward you with high performance!" Suzie Price

We'll continue to share s hort, content-rich weekly tips, tools, reminders and resources to help Leaders and Consultants reduce drama , improve retention and build a Wake Up Eager Workforce. This year's tips will be especially helpful to anyone who uses our TriMetrix Assessment.

Conversations, tools and resources to help you increase the energy, commitment and joy of each employee, while decreasing frustration, drama and unwanted turnover. Check TriMetrix-Related Podcast Episodes, here.

Helping Senior Leaders build an energetic,
committed, drama-free, Wake Up Eager workforce.

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