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Hi There!

How do you turn potential resisters into allies and champions, especially when you're sharing a complex idea? And, how do you make that information accessible and well-received?

I'm excited to share my answers to both of these questions from a talk I delivered at the October 2019 Hartman Institute Conference, in Salt Lake City.

I've repurposed the talk - Explaining Axiology to Human Resources: A Sales Model for Selling Complex Products - in Episode #62 of the Wake Up Eager Workforce Podcast, in both audio and video format. You'll learn:

  • What it takes to sell complex products - a three-part model.
  • How you can turn potential resistors into allies and champions by reducing resistance and complexity.
  • How to use fifteen simple tools to gain buy-in.
  • How to use, and talk about, the science of Axiology.

You know the saying, "We teach what we need to learn." - well,everything I share in this talk - comes from my mistakes over the past 16 years as a consultant and facilitator. Don't make the same mistakes! Learn from mine.

"S low is smooth. Smooth is fast. If you want to go fast,
it pays to be methodical and to take the long view."
Suzie Price

We'll continue to share s hort, content-rich weekly tips, tools, reminders and resources to help Leaders and Consultants reduce drama , improve retention and build a Wake Up Eager Workforce.

This year's tips will be especially helpful to anyone who uses our TriMetrix Assessment.

Wake Up Eager Wednesday Tips for 2019 focused on sharing the things I'm thinking about, doing and feeling - that contribute to my Wake Up Eager Life and Work.

We've compiled them into a simple eBook for you: 123 Mind, Body and Spirit Tips, Here.

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