Priceless Professional Development:
Volume 7, Issue 77                                            April 2015

Who knew that April is National Stress Awareness month - I didn't until I stumbled upon a Tweet about it last week.  (Apparently it's been held in April since 1992.)   


The cynic in me first thought, "Why do we need a month of awareness about stress?  Aren't people already aware of stress?"  Then I thought, "Yea, we may know when we're stressed, but we don't always know what to do about it."


In support of National Stress Awareness month, and to help you manage your stress,  here are special 'stress less' resources :


  • Tune In Time: 15+ Stress Management Activities, 15 Minutes a Day... 
    Tune In Time is something I've been doing for years. It's the best thing I do for myself, my family and my clients and it ONLY TAKES 15 minutes! I find that it's what I do when I'm NOT stressed, that helps me most when I am. Yea, stress IS a part of life but it doesn't have to be the WAY of your life. Tune In Time works for me. Find out more here.

  • Just for you, as a subscriber to this newsletter: take our new Workplace Stress Assessment for free when you buy a copy of my digital book: 120 Stress Management Strategies. (available as a PDF or via Amazon on Kindle)  Just send me an email with confirmation of your purchase and I'll send you a complimentary assessment link. (A Sample Workplace Stress Assessment, here. Offer good through mid-May 2015.)
  • Download and listen to two new Wake Up Eager Workforce podcasts. In Episode 6: Get seven solutions for getting out of overwhelm. In Episode 7: Improve a major area of stress for many people by learning how to use six tools for better meetings and training sessions.


 **This month's focus is on reducing stress. Don't miss the 15 simple Tune In Time  actions you can being doing right away. Ahhhh - we're stressing less, living more and loving it! More on Tune In Time, here.



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podcastTwo New Episodes: The Wake Up Eager Workforce Podcast    

I am so excited to share two new audio podcasts with you:      



The Wake Up Eager Workforce podcast is for leaders, trainers and consultants who are focused on improving employee selection and providing professional development to increase energy, communication and productivity in organizations.  Each podcast includes: tools, tips, best practices, interviews and whatever else I come up with! :) 

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coldThis Month's Video: Sam Bern's Philosophy for a Happy Life.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~
This month's newsletter topic is about managing stress.  In this video, Sam Berns, a Junior at Foxboro High School in Foxboro, Massachusetts, has Progeria, a rare, rapid aging disease. 

In this TED talk Sam shares his philosophy for a happy life. This young man, and his strong and positive focus, stayed with me long after I watched this. 

A great reminder that we can"manage" our minds and our focus even in stressful situations. Listen and be inspired by Sam's attitude.  This is one video I kept thinking about, long after I watched it.  I hope it inspires you like it did me! 


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