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Please take time to read this message from
District Administrator Dan Kopp regarding the steps we are taking to enhance student achievement and improve our district's School Report Card.

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The next WI Mathematics League Contest is scheduled for
February 12, 2019 in room 223 @ 7:00am.
If interested, talk to your math teacher! Any student in Algebra 2 or higher course may participate.

Upcoming WI Mathematics League Contest Dates:
March 19, 2019 @ 7:00am Room 223
National Honor Society Dodgeball Tournament

March 2, 2019 @ 9am

**For 5th - 8th Graders**

Interested in purchasing a yearbook?

You can order one online from Jostens !

Parents, do you want to include a message to your senior?

Senior Ads can be submitted online HERE!

Contact Mr. Dinegan or Mrs. Unger with yearbook questions
Did you know there is a new KCHC location in Silver Lake?

Nurse Jarnigo wanted to share the newest location with all of our students and families. Be sure to check out this new location!
Now is the time to earn free money for college! Deadlines for scholarships are coming up soon. A variety of local, state and national scholarships are posted on Wilmot Union High School’s Scholarship Bulletin. If you have any questions see your School Counselor in the Student Services Office.

To access the online Wilmot Scholarship Bulletin:
  • Go to Wilmot Union High School’s website:
  • Click on the Students Tab
  • Click on Student Services Department
  • Click on Post-Secondary Planning on the left hand side
  • Click on Scholarship Bulletin
Be sure to get your tickets for The International Championship of High School A Cappella!
Our very own Key Change will be competing in the ICHSA.

The competition is on Saturday, February 9, 2019 at 7:00pm.

Current Freshmen, Sophomores & Juniors: 

From January 18th until January 30th at 3pm, students are able to select their courses for next school year through the student Skyward account. The updated Course Guide is on our website to assist in this selection. Please encourage your student to make their selections by 3pm on January 30th. Each student will have time in February to review their selections with their School Counselor as well.
Attention Class of 2023 :

You will be receiving a Freshman Registration Packet next week. It contains the Wilmot High School Course Guide, Sample Freshman Course Selection form, Summer School Registration forms and Enrollment forms.

Please return the summer school registration at the 
Panther Open House on Monday, January 28.
Course Selection Night

Please join us for Freshmen Course Selection Night on
  Wednesday, February 27 at 6pm in the Haas Auditorium.
Schedule Changes

Each year a new master schedule is created to accommodate students' course requests. Counselors meet with all students in February to review course requests. Faculty members are employed, textbooks are purchased, and rooms are assigned based on these requests. 

For these reasons, course requests for the 2019-2020 school year are finalized on May 1, 2019
Changes after that date will only be allowed for the following reasons:

1) You haven't met the prerequisite for a course
2) You have already taken and passed that course

Course Level Changes

On occasion, once the school year has started, students may need to change the level of the class in which they are enrolled (ex. from an Honors to regular level course)  Level changes are a collaborative effort between parents, the student, the teacher, and the school counselor and cannot be approved until all parties involved have been able to discuss the change. Level changes will be made whenever it is deemed appropriate by all involved.  The letter grade earned at the time of the level change will accompany the student to the new class.  Before a course level change can be approved the student must follow the Educational Problem Solving process found on page 15 in the WUHS Course Guide.
Be sure to check out our new and upcoming classes on the Community Outreach Page!
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