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Wilmot DECA Success at State!

Nine Wilmot DECA members competed at Wisconsin DECA’s State Career Development Conference in Lake Geneva on March 4 and 5. This year’s theme is “Ready For It.” We are very proud of the following students for their accomplishments.

Carissa Pittman and Lauren Christensen presented our gold recertified school-based enterprise, The Paw. Pittman also competed in the Business Services Marketing series event. Christensen earned a medal for a role play in the Human Resource Management event.

Olivia Pachol presented her Financial Consulting plan and competed in the Business Finance series event.

Caryn Daniels earned a medal for her cluster exam in Restaurant and Food Service Management.
Jake Maki earned a medal for a role play in the Quick Service Restaurant Management event.
Cade Girardi also got on stage and received a medal for his role play in Quick Service Restaurant Management.

Angelina Burzawa presented her ideas for the Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling event. She competed in Hotel and Lodging Management, earning a medal for one of her role plays.

The team of Cassie Loeffler and Madelyn Lindeman competed in Buying and Merchandising Team Decision Making. They also presented their Integrated Marketing Campaign - Product promotional plan. Both ladies were recognized on stage and earned 6th place overall for their written project and presentation. Lindeman and Loeffler qualified to attend ICDC in Orlando this April.

The team of Maki and Girardi were among the top ten finalists in the Entrepreneurship Independent Business Plan written project event. 

Lauren Christensen completed her term as Vice President of Leadership Development for Wisconsin DECA. She did an amazing job serving as a state officer for Team 53 this year.

Please congratulate these amazing DECA students who worked hard to prove that they truly are “Ready For It.” The International Career Development Conference will be held in Orlando, Florida on April 26-30, 2019.
AP Exam Information

AP tests are scheduled to begin on May 6 and test registration forms have been delivered to teachers for distribution. Wilmot Union High School will cover the cost for each AP test your student selects, as long as s/he is enrolled in the course. Please discuss this opportunity with your student and have them return the registration form to Mrs. Judson in the District Office by 
Monday, March 11

You can print off the AP Exam Registration Form HERE .

If you have questions please contact Mrs. Judson at 262-862-9005 ext. 324 or email her at .
REMINDER: Yearbook prices go up on March 15, 2019.
Buy yours today for $65 at  or bring payment to Mrs. Unger in Room 261. Thank you!
The next WI Mathematics League Contest is scheduled for
March 19, 2019 in room 223 @ 7:00am.
If interested, talk to your math teacher! Any student in Algebra 2 or higher course may participate.
Wilmot Union High School has been selected as a school to partner with the Wisconsin Film Festival. We will have the opportunity to screen independent short films that have been part of the Wisconsin Film Festival and expose our students to stories from around the world while promoting media literacy. 
This event is being funded by the Wisconsin Film Festival and the Wisconsin Humanities Council and sponsored locally by the
Wilmot Union High School Film & Media Club.

On March 21, 2019 the short films Cliff, Superfan! and Brown Girl will be available to our classes during the day.

On March 21, 2019 at 6:30pm Wilmot will host a screening of Rwanda and Juliet in the auditorium. This screening will be open to the public.

Schedule Changes

Each year a new master schedule is created to accommodate students' course requests. Counselors meet with all students in February to review course requests. Faculty members are employed, textbooks are purchased, and rooms are assigned based on these requests. 

For these reasons, course requests for the 2019-2020 school year are finalized on May 1, 2019
Changes after that date will only be allowed for the following reasons:

1) You haven't met the prerequisite for a course
2) You have already taken and passed that course

Course Level Changes

On occasion, once the school year has started, students may need to change the level of the class in which they are enrolled (ex. from an Honors to regular level course). Level changes are a collaborative effort between parents, the student, the teacher, and the school counselor and cannot be approved until all parties involved have been able to discuss the change. Level changes will be made whenever it is deemed appropriate by all involved.  

The letter grade earned at the time of the level change will accompany the student to the new class. Before a course level change can be approved the student must follow the Educational Problem Solving process found on page 15 in the WUHS Course Guide.
Scholarship Information
Now is the time to earn free money for college! Deadlines for scholarships are coming up soon. A variety of local, state and national scholarships are posted on Wilmot Union High School’s Scholarship Bulletin. If you have any questions see your School Counselor in the Student Services Office.

To access the online Wilmot Scholarship Bulletin:
  • Go to Wilmot Union High School’s website:
  • Click on the Students Tab
  • Click on Student Services Department
  • Click on Post-Secondary Planning on the left hand side
  • Click on Scholarship Bulletin
Senior Awards Night

Wilmot Union High School will be recognizing the outstanding accomplishments of the students in the Class of 2019 at Senior Awards Night on Wednesday, May 22, 2019, at 6:30 p.m. in the auditorium. 

All family members are invited to attend a small reception at 6:00 p.m. in the commons prior to the 6:30 awards presentation. Please join us to acknowledge and support the great accomplishments of our students. Also, it is important that you inform Mrs. Sweatman in the Student Services Office of any scholarships/awards that your student has been awarded, from colleges and outside organizations, in order to be recognized at Senior Awards Night.
In this month's math corner, we focus on why all students can learn mathematics. Here is a brief writing from Professor Jo Boaler at Stanford University regarding parent beliefs and their student's mathematical achievement.
We now know that the messages we give students can change their performance dramatically, and that students need to know that the adults in their lives believe in them. Researchers are learning that students’ ideas about their ability and potential are extremely important, much more than previously understood. As well as the messages we give students about their potential, brain research is now showing that messages students pick up from their parents about math and their parents’ relationships with math can also change students’ math learning and achievement.

In an important study researchers found that when mothers told their daughters they were not good at math in school, their daughter’s achievement declined almost immediately (Eccles & Jacobs, 1986). In a new study neuroscientists Erin Maloney and colleagues found that parents’ math anxiety reduced their children’s learning of math across grades 1 and 2, but only if parents helped their children on math homework (Maloney, Ramirez, Gunderson, Levine, & Beilock, 2015) If they did not help them on homework, the parents’ math anxiety did not detract from their children’s learning.

The parents’ math knowledge did not turn out to have any impact, only their level of math anxiety.

Both studies, again, communicate the importance of the messages students receive, as it was not math knowledge that harmed the students’ performance but the parents’ anxiety. We do not know what parents with math anxiety say to their children but it is likely they communicate the negative messages we know to be harmful, such as “math is hard” or “I was never good at math in school.” It is critical that when parents interact with children about math they communicate positive messages, saying that math is exciting and it is an open subject that anyone can learn with hard work, that it is not about being “smart” or not and that math is all around us in the world. For more parental advice on ways to help students with math see the parent page.

Teachers also need to give positive messages to students at all times. Many elementary teachers feel anxious about mathematics, usually because they themselves have been given fixed and stereotyped messages about the subject and their potential. When I taught in my online teacher/parent class that mathematics is a multidimensional subject that everyone can learn, many of the elementary teachers who took it described it as life-changing and approached mathematics differently afterward. Around 85% of elementary teachers in the United States are women, and Beilock, Gunderson, Ramirez, & Levine (2009) found something very interesting and important. The researchers found that the levels of anxiety held by women elementary teachers also predicted the achievement of the girls in their classes, but not the boys (Beilock et al., 2009). Girls look up to their female teachers and identify with them at the same time as teachers are often and sadly conveying the idea that math is hard for them or they are just not a “math person.” Many teachers try to be comforting and sympathetic about math, telling girls not to worry, that they can do well in other subjects. We now know such messages are extremely damaging.

Teachers and parents need to replace sympathetic messages such as “Don’t worry, math isn’t your thing” with positive messages such as “You can do this, I believe in you, math is an open, beautiful subject that is all about effort and hard work.”

From: “ Parents' Beliefs about Math Change Their Children's Achievement.”  YouCubed
Check out this Kenosha News article highlighting our Geometry in Construction students: "Wilmot students put their geometry studies to practical use"

  Three Wilmot Forensics students competed at the McFarland District competition. All three of the competitors will be traveling to STATE in April! Congratulations to Elliana Zerr and Rowan Suhre - in the poetry category AND Maddie Hershelman - in the oratory category. The rest of the team will be competing at the Waterford District competition on March 16, 2019.
Mr. Morrow's Introduction to Engineering Design (PLTW) classes are working hard on their Remote Operated Underwater Vehicles (ROVs). Stay tuned for more photos over the next few weeks as the project progresses!
Our softball program is a part of the the Home Team Advantage Program at Buffalo Wild Wings this year. Whenever you go into the Kenosha BWW, all you need to do is have a printed version of our card with our information on it, or show a copy on your phone. Wilmot Softball will get 10% of the sales from your ticket, as if we needed more of a reason to go out and get some wings!

(Click on the image below to get a copy of our card)
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