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August Birthdays

Claudia Campese
3 Jerry Lipka
3 Linwood Kornegay
4 Howard Eastmond
6 Tim Parker
11 Debbie Gossett
11 Stan Wardrip Jr
12 Courtney Hodges
12 James Weary
20 Jerry Allard
21 Luke Kivett
24 Charles Oswandel
29 A'sha Noble
30 Emma Eastmond
30 Betsy Casey
31 Susan Fuller

WUMC Food Pantry
T he food pantry wishes to thank all those who took part in the recent post office drive. We received 1100 lbs. of canned goods for the pantry. Thank you for your continued support.

Tom Carver and all of the food pantry volunteers 

From Robb & Stacy Bryn
Your gifts, time and love that you bestowed on July 8th truly humbled us and will make the transition to Raleigh an easier one. Stacy and I would like to thank everyone. You have no idea how your generosity both that Sunday and over the years have changed our lives and the lives of our children for the better.

The word "Family" as defined my Miri am Webster has 8 different definitions ranging from ".. a crime syndicate (such as the Mafia)" to "a group of soils with similar chemical and physical properties..." and of course there is the traditional definition that everyone is familiar with:

1a : the basic unit in society traditionally consisting of two parents rearing their children; also: any of various social units differing from but regarded as equivalent to the traditional family 

I believe that with all the possible definitions that are available, it still misses the mark on what you have taught us to call a family. To us, family is now defined more by the actions over time than as a noun including specific individuals.

For Stacy and I, Family is a group of people who helped raise our children. Showing them by example how to treat one another with love and compassion. To discipline them when they ran around the sanctuary like the little wild animals they were. To lead them in VBS and Sunday School. To later teach them how to volunteer to lead others.

For Stacy and I, Family breaks bread together either in communion, at family night dinners, pot luck dinners, cookouts, and oyster roasts. They join together to help cook chicken, bbq, fry up fish, provide desserts, sides or to help Ed make his "world famous slaw".

For Stacy and I, Family reaches out to others, either individually or as a group to assist one another in times of need. Pitching in to build a building, repair a roof, add a handicap ramp, paint a wall, move furniture, provide clothing, share a dollar or provide a shoulder to lean on.

For Stacy and I, Family attends baptisms, birthdays, weddings and funerals, always joining together in happiness, love, or sorrow together.

For Stacy and I, Family argues, fights, loves, laughs and cries in joy or sorrow together.

So many years ago, a young family consisting of 2 parents and 2 children crossed the threshold of Wrightsboro UMC never imagining how much their family would grow over the years. We are proud to call all of you family, and like family - you will be in our hearts, prayers and thoughts daily. We will see you again!
From Project Enduring Love
I would like to thank each and every one of my family members here at the Wrightsboro family of our risen Lord! As always, your generosity and love will be so appreciated,with each piece of candy, each cookie, each razor used and each card read. Your love and giving of your heart will be so very much felt by these soldiers on the front lines! 

I would like to give a special shout out of thanks to our little ones here at the church for all the beautiful home made cards that were made by them. The cards will surely put a big smile on each and every face on the receiving end. You all came through in such a loving, generous way that really matters, and you just can't know what that love feels like until it has been received by others from you all! Thank you so very much and may God Bless you!
Pam Spencer
Operation Enduring Love
Family Night 

We have suspended our Wednesday Family Night dinners until the Fellowship Hall renovations are completed, hopefully in mid or late August. We will continue with Bible study at 6:30, in the church lobby, with coffee and desserts provided. Come join us!

Friday Night Fellowship

Join us at 
Nigori Gourmet & Sushi Bar
on Friday, August 17th at 6:30pm.

2549 Castle Hayne Rd.
Wilmington, NC 28401

Lost And Foun
Lost and Found items are placed in the large basket in the Welcome Center.  If you have misplaced anything, please check the basket to see if it is there.

6 Joseph & Debbie Stegall
7 Chris & Gina Crowder
12 Joe & Eva Czepiel
16 Russel & Katy Leitch
17 Jim & Suzanne Timmons
24 Charles & Kim Harrell


Each week, John Fuller records our 10:50am Worship Service.  If you missed worship or would like to share the service  with a friend or family member, copies are  available.  A sign- up sheet is i n the lobby; put your name and date of the service and we will get a copy to you. A donation of $5.00 is appreciated to cover the cost of supplies. 
Like us on Facebook

Yes, Wrightsboro United Methodist Church has a Facebook page! Some of you have already liked our page and we thank you. If you have not already done so, please take time to go and "like" our page.  Also, you can really help us get the word out about what we are doing here at Wrightsboro UMC by not only liking the posts but also by sharing the posts. This will increase the number of people exponentially who see our posts. Another way you can help is when a question is posted, answer the question. This will help open up the communication. Lastly, if you have some time on your hands and would like to help keep our social media current, please contact the church office. 
Prayer Chain 
Have a prayer concern?  
Who do you contact? 

Email the church office and we will email it out to the Prayer Chain.  Note that the Prayer Chain is a different list from those receiving this Newsletter.  If you would like to be on the Prayer Chain email list, contact the church office. Just remember that you are committing to pray for the members of our church and their family and friends.  
In Case of Emergency
The d efibrillator is now located in the cabinet marked AED on the wall in the hallway beside the sanctuary.
Also, we have consolidated all our first aid supplies - first aid kit, blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, glucose meter,  glucose tablets and Propel or something similar for sudden blood sugar drops.  All these items are now located in the cabinet in the Welcome Center, behind the door with the "First Aid" sign.

T he 2018 A ltar Flowers chart is posted in the hallway across from the restrooms.  Please sign u p if you would like to provide flowers in the Sanctuary on a Sunday during 2018.
Available Dates:
Oct. 21, 28
Dec. 9, 23, 30

The cost of flowers is $49.00. You can mark your check or envelope "flowers" and place it in the offering plate or drop it by the church office.  If you have any questions or special requests, please contact the church office.

Request for Information

We are in the process of reviewing and updating our membership roll, and we have discovered that we do not have current addresses for a number of people.  If you have any current information about anyone on the following list, please contact Lisa at (910) 762-2583 or lisa@wrightsboroumc.org.
Thank you for your help!

Anderson, Matt
Bergeron, Kyle
Blanton, James
Broadhurst, Red
Brooks, Annette
Caison, Erica
Carver, Teresa
Clune, Susie
Davis, Bill
DeVane, David
Drake, Edwin
Duncan, James
Duncan, Melody
Durham, kay
Eason, Linda
Eason, Tom
Fowler, Rufus
Gee, Ann
Gee, Scott
Gray, Lloyd
Greenway, Curtis
Greenway, Robin
Harrell, Danny
Headrick, Alan
Health, Freddie
Heatherley, Peggy
Henry, Lindsay
Henry, Margie Peoples
Holder, Marvin
Holder, Nancy
Holliman, Andrea
Hollingsworth, Nancy
Humble, LeAnne
Ingold, Martha
Jefferson, Bill
Jensen, Roger Allen
Joesting, Jeremy
Johnson, Allen
Johnson, Gabby
Johnson, Joe
Johnson, Lori
Johnston, Leslie
Jones, Ben
Jones, Deborah
Jones, Ellen
Jones, Lisa
Jones, Monica
Joynes, Bill
Judson, Ashley
Justice, Debra Ann
Keane, Dawn
Keane, Ian
Kettels, Keith
King, Chris
King, Jennifer
King, Jim
Knowles, Donald
Knowles, Kay
Lancaster, Lynn
Leden, John
Lord, Candy
Markle, Jon
Martin, Carolyn
Mathis, Donna
McDougald, Virginia
McLean, Jeffrey Alan
Mcmillian, Jennifer
Melvin, Eddie
Merritt, Barbara Ann
Merritt, Grarham Eugene
Merritt, Judy Ann
Miller, Peggy Ann L
Mills, Eva
Mills, Linda
Mills, Troy Robert
Mooney, Tanya Joyce
Mooneyham, Donald Alfred
Mullinax, Adam
Mullinax, Crystal
Mullinax, Lauren
Parker, Nate
Pfeifer, Katherine
Ponton, Charlie
Ponton, Wanda
Rimel, Rebecca
Ritchie, Harry
Rose, Laurie
Samelson, Lydia
Smith, Cecil
Spitzer, Norine
Spitzer, Russell
Steffie, Shannon
Stone, Charlotte
Subbs, William
Taylor, Nancy
Thornton, Cathy
Tyndall, Joseph
Vinson, Pam
Vinson, Scott
Weiner, Freeman
White, Henry
Zarrelo, Joseph
Zayas, Haidyn
Thoughts from Pastor David...  
Greetings, friends,
You may recall that we offered the Disciple I Bible study in 2016-2017, and Disciple II in 2017-2018.  Those who participated in either of these studies said they received a tremendous blessing from studying and discussing God's Word in a structured setting, as well as the fellowship of the weekly gatherings.  I am excited to announce that we will soon begin Disciple III, "Remember Who You Are".
Like Disciple II, Disciple III focuses on some specific portions of the Old and New Testaments, rather than an overview of the entire Bible.  This allows us to go a bit deeper into specific areas of scripture.  Disciple III focuses on the prophets and the letters of Paul over a period of 32 weeks.  Like previous Disciple classes, we will meet Monday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30 in the church lobby.  I plan to begin with an orientation class on September 10, which means we will probably finish up in late April or early May.
I am often asked if you need to take Disciple I before you can take Disciple II or III.  Although it is helpful, it definitely is not required.  Each study stands on its own, and everyone is invited to participate.  Each person will need their own book, which costs around $35 each.  If the cost of the book will cause a financial hardship, please see me.  There will be a sign-up sheet in the lobby, including a place to request a book.
Grace & peace,
Pastor David                                            

The Wrightsboro Community Block Party will be held Saturday, August 25, 
from 10:00am to 1:00pm at the Wrightsboro Elementary School cafeteria. 
A sign-up sheet is posted if you would like to volunteer, but everyone is encouraged
 to come out and join in the fun and ministry!

Youth and parents are invited to gather for a  Youth Pool Party after worship on  Sunday, August 26 from 1pm until 4pm. Festivities will occur at the Stone's Throw Community Clubhouse, located at 821 N. Macmillan Ave., Wilmington.
We will break bread together and engage in conversation and dialogue about the coming year. Youth and parents are encouraged to attend, as discussions will surround upcoming missions and study along with opportunities to build community. Ready to chill out and cool off from the summer heat?
On July 29, we celebrated Christmas at WUMC.  After a wonderful worship service singing carols and hearing the story of Baby Jesus, we enjoyed a meal together. Dinner was served in our new fellowship hall and eaten under our new shelter. It might have been warm, but the Christmas spirit there as we moved into the narthex to fill Christmas boxes for the children of Armenia. When the dust settled, we had 105 completed boxes and have items to fill 50 more. Some members of the congregation are filling their own and we expect to have close to 200 when we deliver them to MERCI. Thank you for your participation and your donations which made it all possible.  
We have been asked to be a collection church for the Harbor District so you will be seeing Christmas boxes appearing in the next few weeks. It might be a minor inconvenience for us, but a great joy to the children who receive them.
The Mission Committee will be assembling birthing kits after the regular meeting on August 8.  These kits will go to the Rotifunk Hospital in Sierra Leone in September. Midwives are being trained to go out into the remote areas to deliver babies and will use the kits to insure better conditions. Studies have shown that the kits increase the survival rate of mother and child by 60%. All are welcome to come out and participate.
We continue to prepare meals on the first Saturday of the month. We have increased from one route to three for a total of 33 people receiving a hot meal. All the people on our routes are from our community of Wrightsboro and Castle Hayne. If you would like to be part of this very important ministry, see Joyce Parker.

Volunteer Anthem (:60) | Meals on Wheels
Volunteer Anthem (:60) | Meals on Wheels

We will meet on Tuesday, August 14 @ 6:30PM 
in the Fellowship Hall  if it is ready - otherwise in S-1.

Our agenda will include: 
Final decision on our "basket" for Epicurean Evening 
to benefit Methodist Home for Children and planning of 
the UMW Tea on September 22.

UMW Reading Program : 
A reminder that your list of 5 books is due by  August 1
Use this link to print the form for reporting the books you have read.
Copies of the form are also available 
in the Welcome Center near the UMW bookshelves. 
Please, give or email your list to Eva Czepiel, 
or place it in the UMW mailbox in the workroom.

NCCUMW Annual Mother/Child Retreat
SEPTEMBER 14 - 16, 2018
CAMP DON LEE, 315 Camp Don Lee Rd.
Arapahoe, NC 28510 
This will be a wonderful time for you and your child 
to spend quality time together. Registration forms and schedule 
are available in the Welcome Center near UMW books and at  http://harborumw.nccumc.net/files/2018/04/2018-Mother-Child.pdf    

Registration forms are due by August 9. 
See text box for information about 
partial scholarships  offered by the UMW.

Books for Wrightsboro Elementary School 
Summer Reading 2019:
We have a good start on collecting children's books 
for next school year. 
If you find some children's books bring them to the Church 
and we will find a place to store them.

Upcoming Events

Sept 22, 2018

Epicurean Evening to benefit Methodist Home for Children
Sept 27, 2018

Questions about UMW items in the newsletter or about WUMW 
can be sent  to Eva Czepiel at Lefty1210@atmc.net

Mother Child Retreat
Partial Scholarship
Camp Don Lee
Sept 14th, 15th & 16th
Theme: "Jesus Summons US to Go Wherever He May Lead"

See this link for  information about the retreat:

A reminder that the UMW is offering 
partial scholarships to this retreat and you must indicate your interest  to  Eva Czepiel, WUMW President- lefty1210@atmc.net or 910-383-1196  by August 1.
                Classic Club 
Reminder: We will be going to the Alabama Theater on November 13th for the Thanksgiving Program.  The cost is $63.00 per person.  A deposit of half, $31.50, is due by the middle of August, and then the balance of $31.50 is due by the middle of September.
If you have any questions in the meantime, please see me. 

God Bless,

For Harbor District News and events  click here

Do you find yourself wanting to praise the Lord by giving back to Him a portion of the many blessings He has so generously showered upon you?  Have you been sitting in the pew when the collection plate is being passed and you realize you have little or no cash and you don't carry a checkbook?  Have you been out of town or sick on Sunday and not sure how to handle your weekly tithe in those instances?  We have all been there. 

The church office will provide you a self-addressed envelope upon request, if you wish to mail a check.  But why not utilize the online giving option?  Online giving is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It can be accessed by going to the church website,  www.wrightsboroumc.org, and choosing the red Give button in the upper right corner, or by clicking the link, "click here to give online", in the weekly announcement email. Simply pick the amount of your tithe or offering and where you wish the funds to be applied, check out and you are done.  You can even elect to set it up as a recurring payment to ensure the funds are sent each week without any extra work on your part. 

What an easy way to ensure the missions of WUMC are able to continue and grow.  I am proud that we offer multiple options for our congregation, and I encourage you to at least check it out to see if it would be a good fit for you. 

Jim Timmons
Finance Committee Chair 
Did you know that when you make a purchase on Amazon.com you can support Wrightsboro UMC?
Finance Committee Update
Greetings Church Family - Thank you for allowing us to serve the church in this way each month. We consider it a privilege to be charged with such responsibility, and we make every effort to be good stewards. At all times, financial information is available in the church office or by request.

For the month of June 2018:

Total funds taken in:                                                         $ 34,249.73
Of note, this figure includes the following amounts collected:
                Food Pantry                                       $ 265.00
                Methodist Men                              $ 572.00
                Missions & Outreach                       $ 748.12
               Mortgage Donations                        $ 4000.00
Total funds spent paying bills:                                        $ 41,574.10
Deficit for end of month, June 2018                         ($ 7,324.37)

Due to existing funds in bank account, we had the money to cover the deficit this month.

Our current mortgage payout is $726,018.96.

Total received on Fellowship Hall Renovations thru June was $49,792.59 and the total spent has been $42,675.80 for the same period.

Apportionments are paid on schedule. The new amount is in for 2019 and will be similar to this year's amount.

For those who prefer, please remember you can always make your tithes and offerings online through the church website.

As always, thank you for your faithful tithes, your donations, your gifts, and your prayers.

Jim Timmons
Finance Chair


Mission Statement 

T o reach out and to serve all people with Christ's love 

and acceptance through faith, study, and action



Wrightsboro United Methodist Church
3300 N Kerr Ave
Wilmington, North Carolina 28405