October 1, 2018
Community News & Announcements
Homecoming Week 2018 - In case you missed it, September 10-14 was homecoming week at River City High School (RCHS)! Not only were our RCHS Raiders building up to an exciting weekend and varsity football game against Nevada Union, which was also voted the KCRA 3 Game of the Week, but each of our WUSD K-8 elementary schools participated in the fun as well…

On the evening of September 13th, all our K-8 elementary schools showed support for the RCHS Freshman Football Team by rallying their students, teachers, and families to attend the game wearing their own school colors and gear and participating in the 2nd Annual WUSD Parade of Mascots during the halftime break. 

This year’s turnout was even bigger than last, featuring an awesome display of school pride. Please join us in thanking everyone who participated and view the Facebook Photo Album to get caught up on the fun!
The Bryte Café - This Fall the Bryte Café is open every Thursday from 10:15-11:15 am and operated by second-year River City High School Culinary Arts students offering a new student-created menu every two weeks.  

Meals can be ordered for takeout or sit-in service and range from $10-$13. The Café schedule is structured as it is to accommodate student class schedules and times. 

On October 11th, the culinary arts students will be offering a "Mid-term Brunch" from 9:00-10:30am. There will be hot stations, buffet, and more—last year’s “Mid-term Brunch” was a sold out event so please call ahead! 

This program is a phenomenal opportunity for our aspiring students to attain valuable hands-on experience while engaging with members of our community.

Please help us our by sharing this information with friends, family, and neighbors and do not hesitate to contact the Bryte Career and College Training campus at (916) 375-7901 ext. 3301.
Elkhorn Anti-Bullying Rally - On September 14th, Elkhorn Village Elementary School hosted the Annual B.E.S.T. Anti-Bullying Rally. The B.E.S.T. (Building Effective Schools Together) Program is based on positive behavioral intervention supports to help schools develop and implement positive school rules, rule teaching, and positive reinforcement systems schoolwide.

The students were joined by special guest, Midfielder Adam Moffat, who plays for the Sacramento Republic F.C. Adam shared some encouraging words with the students, emphasizing the importance of working together as a team, treating everyone with respect, and showcased some nifty ball handling skills to cap his visit! 

We want to thank everyone who made this opportunity a great success for the students at Elkhorn Village. For more information about our district’s Anti-Bullying Program please visit the Student and Family Support Services web page.  
WUSD Youth Court – Beginning with the 2018-19 school year, we have initiated a Restorative Youth Court to strengthen our district-wide Multi-Tiered System of Support for Students (MTSS)

As we continue to strengthen our foundation for student achievement focused on both academic and social emotional needs, it is important to address the root causes of misconduct to provide children with tools and opportunities to re-direct and change behavior patterns.

The purpose of our youth court will be to provide restorative justice opportunities as an effective alternative in lieu of punitive disciplinary responses, repair damaged relationships, and provide a meaningful experience to all students participating in the youth court.

Our youth court will be facilitated by an adult judge volunteer and driven by student jurors, clerks, and bailiffs in an “Adult Judge/Peer Jury” model. This effort is off to a positive start this school year and we believe strongly in the lasting impact it will have on fostering a positive school and community culture. 

California Voting Rights Act (CVRA) - At the April 12, 2018 WUSD Board Meeting, the Board of Trustees approved  Resolution No. 1718-22 indicating their intent to transition Board elections from at-large to by-trustee area elections by the November 2020 election. The transition will not affect the current November 2018 elections however, the Board has been in the process of drafting the trustee area maps for several months.

On September 19th we wrapped up our fourth and final community forum discussing the CVRA and what it means for our school district and community.

The final public hearing and adoption of the maps took place at the September 27, 2018 Regularly Scheduled School Board Meeting where the Board of Trustees adopted the “ Green Map.”

With the adoption of a map now complete, the next phase of the implementation will be determined in the coming weeks by the Board of Trustees and shared with the community.

In the meantime, we would like to encourage members of the public to visit our CVRA web page to find out more about the process. Should you wish to provide feedback regarding the CVRA, please do so by submitting a “CVRA Inquiries Form” located at the bottom of the web page.
West Sacramento Home Run – This initiative is a unique and transformational program that benefits our entire city by working through exciting ways to strengthen early childhood education opportunities, drive work skills acquisition, increase college attendance and completion, and improve workforce readiness.

Through a series of program “bases” West Sacramento Home Run benefits local businesses and families with children of all ages as it helps them achieve success in both their education and long term careers. Students in the Washington Unified School District will have access to educational resources that are unmatched in the region:

  • Promotes quality early childhood education at certified preschools
  • Increases financial literacy
  • Provides college financial support to encourage attendance and completion
  • Facilitates work-based learning through local internships
  • Gives students a pathway to earn digital badges that demonstrate in-demand skills
  • Enhances career readiness

West Sacramento Home Run will benefit local businesses and organizations by increasing college completion rates and providing real world work experience through internships and digital badges, which are online certifications awarded after mastering in-demand skills. 
The mission of the Washington Unified School District, THE GATEWAY TO EXTRAORDINARY POSSIBILITIES , is to challenge and support each student to develop effective critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills as a life-long learner acting in an ethical manner to serve a broader community through a community of learners characterized by:
  • Engaging learning experiences in safe, positive environments;
  • Highly-qualified, reflective and adaptive educators;
  • A culture of innovation responsive to student needs and aspirations;
  • A community promoting family involvement, strong partnerships, and school pride.