Monday Schedule Change
As much as I appreciate consistency, after receiving a good bit of feedback from the coaching staff and much careful consideration, we are planning to alter the daily schedule to accommodate both quality/safe training and rest. Beginning next week; Monday’s classes will be held in the afternoon from 1:00 pm to 5:00pm allowing for a training block on Monday morning. Athletes who do not have training Monday morning will be able to sleep in and get some recovery from the weekend training. The Coaches will let their athletes know the specific training schedules. In essence, it will be similar to the Wednesday through Friday schedule that we are currently following. Monday is the only day that we have changed.

This is an unusual year, to say the least and we have to consider some creative solutions!  We would love to get your feedback and answer any questions or concerns before we move to the new schedule.

-Thanks Gary
Pick-up & Drop Off
A reminder to all students that before and after school you are permitted to be in the TBTC to spin, play basketball, and get ready for the bus, but please make sure that you are wearing a mask inside the building! We all need to work together to stay healthy and keep our seasons going!

Parents - if you are coming in to pick up equipment please make sure you have a mask as well! In the afternoon classes do finish at 5 pm and the TBTC will close for cleaning promptly.
Student Involvement
WVA Students waiting for the big blue bus to bring them up to the mountain!
The first competition of the year was held last weekend at Proctor for Alpine skiers!
Congratulations to all of the athletes!

Kate McKenney - 5th
Mae Chiesa - 8th
Anna Dunham - 13th

Laz Rifkin - 5th
Will Bertram - 6th
Marin Vigneras - 12th

Keep Up the great work everyone!

The folder above will be updates through out the year with updated photos from events, competitions, trips, and more! Check back often to see the latest!
Save the Date
WVA Winter Carnival - Afternoon Thursday, January 28th

A fun-filled day of competition for the entire student body and staff!

Leading up to the 28th we will have various dress-up days! The next dress-up is this Monday 1/11 - BLACK & BLUE day