Tory's Perspective
Hi everyone,

We’ve had questions from a few families about whether there would be updates or changes to the school schedule as a result of restricted or reduced travel this fall. It’s a good question! As we’ve discussed as a staff, this is a year where we’re going to have to keep our knees flexed, and stay nimble. Our FIS women are still planning to travel in October; all other groups are planning to get on snow in November, although only a few are actively planning on traveling at the moment. I can say this with certainty: Things Will Continue to Change!

Academically, we’re planning to remain on a full academic schedule through Thanksgiving. That’s a long uninterrupted stretch of time, but the gains that we’re able to make in the classroom will allow us to meaningfully change the pace in the winter, once we’re on snow. We are also trying to capitalize as much as possible as every single day of in-person learning. As you’re all aware, having our students stay as close as possible to WV this fall is helping us keep the campus as safe as possible, and adding a break to the fall would interrupt the continuity of our Covid-bubble, such as it is.

We are going to continue to keep an eye on the schedule, the energy, and the momentum around campus – we don’t want to waste a minute of time, but we also want to make sure we are taking care of each other.

Finally, I want to share that as a staff we’re having a series of discussions about how to best support our community – students as well as staff - during the election season. There is no doubt that this election, on top of everything else that we’re living through this year, is stressful. Regardless of any of our political beliefs, we take seriously the trust you have placed in us to educate your children and to raise informed, engaged, civic-minded citizens. As Ben Bacote’s T-shirt said the other day, “Dissent is Patriotic”, and so is civil, informed discussion. We look forward to continuing to teach our kids how to do both.

On a brighter note, it’s raining in New Hampshire (finally!) and after months and months of drought, all we see coming from the sky is future fuel for the snowguns, which we should see firing up before you know it!

Keep washing those hands, and stay healthy!
Academic Perspective
Rain, I almost forgot what it was like. Nice to see that little gift from above starting to replenish our aquifer and ponds before we get into the winter season. A little dampening along with the high winds that took down our big tent has minimized out-of-doors classes; however, the climate is just right for a good stretch of intensive learning. With the limitations on travel, we are taking advantage of the added time on campus to get a leg up on our academics which is positioning us well for the coming training and competition season; whatever it brings!

The students and faculty have been wonderful with regards to physical distancing and the wearing of masks which we continue to do whenever in the classroom. Between the few drops of rain, many of the classes are still being held outside. All in all, I am so proud of our students for the great job they are doing and the community they bring to campus.

The first progress reports went to both parents and students earlier this week. The end of the trimester, along with the trimester grades, is not too far away on the 30th. These weeks have flown by! The brilliant colors of fall are starting to slip away and soon the cool air will let us know that the first snow is not that far away.

See you on the hill soon!

College Corner
Things are on track for the majority of students applying to college this fall. There a few loose ends to tie up before I can begin to write recommendations full time. Some of these loose ends are the "Parent Insight" document and "Rising Senior Questionnaire". I need those on file in order to write recommendations. I don’t start writing a recommendation for a student until those are completed. Please try to get those in soon and thank you! I know fall seasons are busy for everyone.

In addition, it is VERY important that each senior and their parents secure a plan for sending transcripts from any prior schools. This usually requires a phone call with me to understand what is needed, but the information is also in the letter I sent out in September which listed the items that need to be completed. Any prior transcripts that you would like me to send out must arrive at WVA in individually sealed envelope with a signature on the back of each. Former schools may send student transcripts directly to a student’s college list, however former schools cannot send them out through Naviance as we do not have a Naviance account.

Otherwise, I am very impressed with the work that I am seeing on writing essays and gathering details. It is important to note that applying to college takes a large amount of focused energy. For some, the angst that accompanies such a task propels people to take action. For others, the anticipation creates a state of inertia. I am busy checking in with all seniors and postgraduates to make sure they are working on their checklist. That being said, some of the best work is done under the pressure of time. It is inevitable that this will happen to someone, but I continue to remind everyone that there are some pieces of the process that have to be done ahead and cannot be done last minute.

This week I handed out the PSATs guide and practice test booklet. Please encourage your sophomore or junior to take the practice test prior to the October 14th test date. It will be very helpful for them to both have a sense of what’s coming and to practice the skills required for the PSAT. Reminder only the junior year score can gain entry to the National Merit Scholarship.

I hope everyone has a good weekend!
Student Involvement
Thank you to our hardworking students and Julie Fetzner for pitching in last weekend to give our picnic tables some much needed TLC!
Classes are still going strong! A long academic block mean a lot of gains moving into the Winter Season. Pictured is math class with Julie
The folder above will be updates through out the year with updated photos from events, competing, trips, and more! Check back often to see the latest!
Flu Shot Clinic
Tuesday, October 13th at 1 pm at WVA

A packet of information has been sent to each family and will need to be returned before the flu clinic. There is no cost to families! Administered by the New Hampshire Immunization Program.

All students and staff are invited to participate
Save the Date

WVBBTS Fall Festival - October 10th &11th

Flu Shot Clinic - Tuesday, October 13th at 1 pm