Tory's Perspective
Hi everyone,

I imagine that everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving break as much as I did – I certainly hope that you heard a lot from your kids about their experiences throughout the fall, and got a lot of quality time over the last week. It’s great to be back, and we’re even happier that the temperatures are falling, and it looks like by the time you’ll read this we’ll have gone skiing here at Waterville – YAHOOO!!

Thanks to everyone for the prompt and thorough attention to completing the Covid testing required to return to campus. I’m impressed and grateful. Now that we’ve passed the Thanksgiving break, we’re ready to start talking about the December break.

Campus will close for the holiday break after training on December 22nd. Boarding students will be able to return to the dorm to pick up their stuff after skiing on Dec 22nd afternoon.

The dorm is closed until January 1st.

Many coaches, if not all, are planning to hold training during the holiday break. If your family does not have a local place to stay for that week, please work with your child, your child’s teammates, or your child’s coaches to make a plan if they wish to be in Waterville for that training.

Everyone will once again be required to be tested before moving back into the dorms on Jan 1st or returning to classes on Jan 4th (whichever is earlier for your child). For this campus return, we are requiring a PCR test result for everyone, and will no longer accept a rapid test result. Thanks for your understanding on this.

Please plan for an adequate (3-5 day) incubation period and results turnaround after any holiday gathering, which depending on your family’s plans, might include New Year’s Eve (though if there has ever been a time to skip a big NYE party this is the one…although trust me when I understand how eager we all are to see the end of 2020!!) Athletes are not required to have a test result before resuming training, which is assumed to be entirely outdoors.

If your family plans indicate that your child may return later, we’re prepared for that, and ask only that you let us know. Please help us keep this community safe.

Thanks, as always,
Academic Perspective
Everyone did a great job keeping safe and getting their negative covid test in this week as we transitioned into the winter training season. On Monday and Tuesday, the remote learning went quite well; however, it is great to see students and teachers back in the classroom with just over two full weeks of classes before we break for Christmas. The break begins after classes and training on the 22nd.  I have confidence that we will all do what we have to do to keep safe while learning together on campus through the remainder of 2020! I am very much impressed as to how maturely the student body is maintaining an upbeat attitude through what is truly a different time. They are awesome!

Our Zoom Parent teacher conferences are coming up quickly on the 15th and 16th. This is a great opportunity for parents to speak directly with the teachers. If the timing does not work out, please be in touch so that we can get you together with the faculty. We are available and enjoy the opportunity to get to know our parents. The scheduled conference times are on Tuesday, December 15th, 2:00pm – 5:00pm and Wednesday, December 16th, 6:00pm – 8:00pm. The link to the sign-up is: https://www.timetosignup.com/wvaconferences/sheet/1304922

Winter Term and Middle School progress reports are also coming up soon with grades closing on the 22nd. The Full-Term students are not scheduled for progress reports at this time and will be on the schedule for later in January. The reports will be delivered to parents and students via email.

The mountain opened today, looks like snow tomorrow, and the students are working hard in the classroom. With Thanksgiving not far behind I can truly express how thankful we are for all that we can do in such a special place and look forward to a productive winter together.



Student Involvement
Shot of White Caps on opening day at Waterville Valley on Friday, December 4th! Let the 20-21 Winter begin!
FIS Men enjoying the beautiful views and great training in Mammoth California!

The folder above will be updates through out the year with updated photos from events, competitions, trips, and more! Check back often to see the latest!
College Corner
Things are gearing in the college office, as the remainder of students start to close in on their application process. There are still a handful of seniors and post graduates that plan to apply regular decision. All of them are amidst their process, but there are strides ahead to be ready to hit send on time. I am planning to work in the next two and a half weeks to write the handful of remaining school statements/counselor recommendations. Seniors! Please remember to send me your “Rising Senior Questionnaire” as soon as possible. Parents! Please remember to send me the “Parent Insight” form. These items are critical as they help me write a comprehensive recommendation. Most seniors have had their former transcripts sent to me or ordered directly to their college lists, but I am waiting on a couple. I will contact you directly about these if I haven’t already, but it is time to follow through for sure. Next, recommenders need to be added to your Common App. I am hoping that everyone has contacted those teachers that need to write recommendations for you through the process we discussed. Once they have said yes, you have to add them to your common app so that they receive an invite to upload their recommendation directly to your Common App. And lastly, make a college list with application deadlines on your phone or on paper and tape it to your mirror. Put it somewhere where you will see it all the time as a reminder to stay on task.

Again, I am happy to edit any written piece, or help with the writing process. I am also available to review your applications before you hit send. Your parent is able to do this too. It is very helpful to have more than one set of eyes on any piece of your application to help proof for 100% accuracy.

A reminder that although this is stressful and taxing during the busy holiday season and it can seem cruel and unjust at times, keep in perspective that you are shaping your future. It will all come to an end, and then you can enjoy the winter. I encourage you all to work really hard with me in the next two weeks so that you enter Christmas break with the end in sight.

Here’s to you all and your very bright futures!
Parent/Teacher Conferences
Held via Zoom
December 15th - 2pm to 5pm
December 16th - 6pm - 8pm

Personal Meeting Room IDs for each teacher can be found by clicking this button
If you are unable to make these times and would like to meet with teacher please reach out to administration. Coaches will be available for conferences please reach out to your athlete's coach directly to schedule a call. Tory and Priscilla are also available by appointment.
Waterville Valley News
Looking for the perfect Holiday Gift? How about "The Waterville Valley Guidebook" by Steven Smith which prominently features WVA's own Dan Newton. Part guidebook part history of the Valley it's a great read for hikers.

Listen to this story on NPR featuring Dan and the author of the book

Copies can be found at the WV Welcome Center!
WVBBTS Cookbook
Arriving for the holiday season will be a BBTS Cookbook! Members are asked to submit their favorite family recipes, appetizers, dishes, soups, and more! A great gift that supports a great cause!

Thank you for contributing to this year’s cookbook, your recipe should be submitted as a PDF in letter size (8.5 x 11"). To make things easier, we have put together a template for you to use – but this is not mandatory as long as you send us your final as a PDF. Please submit your completed recipe to cookbook@wvbbts.org