Tory's Perspective
Hi everyone,

Another week in the books, and we couldn’t be happier to see things keep rolling forward. Each day that we’re together in person truly feels like a gift, as we inch more and more toward our new comfort zones.

Things have been happening, and changing, quickly on campus. Many of you know that our FIS and Freeski teams are working on trying to travel to Europe under the “professional sports organization” exception to the travel ban. As of the writing of this email, the FIS men’s team has decided to pull the plug on that plan, based on coaches’ discretion. The FIS women and Freeskiers are still moving forward, but we’re all balancing many risks, and doing daily (hourly!) cost/benefit assessments on the necessity, cost, and opportunity for travel this fall. It’s all complicated, and I commend and appreciate our coaches for being thoughtful, diligent, and sensitive to all the needs of our kids, and thank our teachers for hanging in there as we iterate on all available options. I can assure you there have been many sleepless nights the last few weeks. The students have been insulated from the anxiety the staff feels about this trip, and mostly are just experiencing excitement. Please support your kids as things may change – in either direction. I know we’re all uncomfortable with change, but this year is going to require everyone to remain flexible and expect that changes will be fluid.

On Monday you’ll be receiving an “operational update” from us with some details about how the winter will look at Waterville Valley resort. The shortest possible version to foreshadow is that it looks great, and that I’m super optimistic about our season here at Waterville. Our coaches are deeply involved in the planning process for competitions at almost all levels for the season and we’ll share information on races and comps as soon as things are finalized.

As we’ve said before, mask wearing on campus is an ongoing challenge – I’d give our community an A- for masking during the academic day, but the grade slips a bit in the evenings or over the weekends. The students and staff are working together on solutions, consequences, and strategies for success, and I thank all parents and community members for anything that you can do to support the critical need to keep our campus safe this year. Thank you, thank you!

Academic Perspective
As we round out the third week of classes everything is falling into place and all are getting used to the new protocols. Many classes continue to be held outside where there is more freedom to study without a mask; however, all indoor classes continue to err on the side of caution and masks are worn. The once familiar teachings of Gilgamesh have transitioned to Shakespeare and the Spanish is becoming more complex; just a few things that can be and are being experienced in the open air around campus. I must, once again, show my pride for such a wonderful group of students and faculty who work very hard to maintain a bright and positive attitude towards learning and each other while doing it with a smile, behind a mask, but I know it is there.

Coming up is our first academic progress report. Grades will close next Friday, and the reports will be going out the beginning of the following week, the week of the 28th. It feels like we were just getting to know each other at orientation and now are fully engaged in our classes going into the first reporting period. As the leaves start to turn and the mornings get cooler, I smile as I realize that snow can’t be far away, and the new season is soon to be upon us!


College Corner
As we move through this Fall, we continue to work diligently to stay safe and healthy by following protocol. Seniors are working hard to organize their college process, and juniors are checking in with me about the ebb and flow of information regarding standardized testing.

This week all our local test taking sites have cancelled their test dates through the fall. Most schools have decided to join the "School Day" test option with College Board in order to test their own students onsite. WVA will be holding a "School Day" test for all juniors and seniors who intend to take the SAT this fall. I will be the test administrator with Anne Marie Brayton and Maggie McGovern assisting me. This will offer great relief to all juniors and seniors who are very stressed about whether or not they will be able to take the SAT at all this year. It will also be VERY NICE to take the test at school, as it will allow students to sleep later and have a familiar environment without any strangers.

The test date I have secured is October 27th which is the make up day designated for the October 14th administration date. There are other dates available in the spring as well that we can select moving forward. Due to the PSAT, I needed to select October 27th to test everyone at once. This will happen during the school day. Stay tuned for information regarding whether or not the freshman and sophomores will have school that day or not.

Please note: There is no need to register. The way our students register is by sending in their answer sheets. They will be charged $68.00 for their test. Each test administered will include the essay. Students who have registered for a now cancelled test can either leave a balance on their College Board account for further testing or ask for a refund. They do NOT need to bring a ticket to test day, just their ID and Social Security number.

I am intending that all junior and seniors will take this test. Please contact me as soon as possible if you don’t intend to take an SAT at all this fall.

Dorm Update
With another student-athlete, Leo Heikka, arriving at the dorm as part of the full-term program, we are nearing capacity, and so, needless to say, things have been lively here at the dorm. In these first few weeks I have been most impressed by the general harmony among the students. Whether they are freeskiers, mogul skiers, or racers, every day I see them together and content: training, studying, or just hanging out. Gary and Susan Scofield continue to provide outstanding culinary delights, for which the kids have been most grateful, showering them each night with thanks. The routine of sanitizing the table after eating is especially important during these Covid times, and the students have been doing a good job with this. The mask-wearing has been a real challenge for all of us, particularly in the dorm. In recent days there has been a marked improvement in this regard, for which I would like to thank the students. As I breathe in against the fabric of my mask, not quite getting the breath I wanted --- but still breathing --- I think I see a silver lining to this mask torture. The pandemic has provoked the student body to focus on one of our core values: teamwork. Together, we are beating Covid at WVA.  As a team, we are moving forward: enthusiastically, delightedly, and thankfully.

The weather has been fantastic, which has allowed us to get outside and take advantage of our unique campus in the mountains. In fact, things are pretty great, all things considered; I’m not surprised that we are nearing capacity.

Talk to you soon!
Dan N.

Student Involvement
Students working hard in the lab this week!
Luke Hughes is the last athlete running during the dreaded beep test! All the athletes were cheering and supporting each other through the test.
The folder above will be updates through out the year with updated photos from events, competing, trips, and more! Check back often to see the latest!
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