Tory's Perspective
Hi everyone,

We’re doing it! It’s so great! After so many months of brainstorming and hypothesizing about what might work, and how we could do things, it’s an amazing feeling to be seeing the work actually pay off. We’ve already had so many small tests of our protocols and procedures, and I’m gratified by the fact that they’re working, that we’re learning every day, and that everyone involved – students, parents, teachers, coaches and community members – are committed to staying flexible, asking questions, and learning as we go through this together. My endless gratitude to everyone involved.

It is time to do a few clarifications and updates:

We are still comfortable with parents coming to get their kids for the weekend as long as the plan is for the family to remain in the area – the “greater Waterville Valley area,” which includes Lincoln, Plymouth, Campton, Thornton, Holderness, and of course WV itself. However, when your child is off campus, please abide by the same restrictions and guidance as your child would have on campus: this means no parties, no big gatherings or events, and limited travel/time in public. 

It’s weirdly exciting that we’ve had a few kids get sick over this first week, because we’ve navigated those illnesses without too much drama. Yay! All these little tests of our systems are valuable as we refine and improve our operations. As we worked through the first couple urgent care/telehealth events, we’re feel it’s important to clarify our expectations a bit: if your child is sick enough to miss school and needs to go home, please plan for them to be evaluated by a care provider before they return to classes or campus. The care provider will assess whether a Covid test is warranted prior to return.

Finally, just another reminder to please make sure your child has an up-to-date US Ski and Snowboard, NHARA, FIS, or USASA license. If you have any questions about which of these your kids need, please check with their coaches. Part of our on-campus liability coverage comes from US Ski and Snowboard membership dues, so these do need to be renewed ASAP. Thank you in advance!

As always, thank you for your care and generosity in sharing your kids with us. They are just the coolest, most fun, most interesting, greatest group of kids ever. We’re so happy to have them!

Academic Perspective
Masks, social/physical distancing, washing hands, sanitize, open a window, limit the travel, wash hands again…….. Things may be a little different around campus, but it is certainly great to be back in the “classroom” doing what we all love to do; learning together. Classes are progressing very well! The classrooms have expanded to allow for distance between the students along with their teacher while all are wearing masks which is starting to feel normal. The students are awesome! They are engaged, active, psyched to be here, a pleasure to be around and have brought a bright light back to the north end of town. So Good!

This morning I heard whispers of the epic poem Gilgamesh drifting through my open window. At a quick glance through the window I could see Dan’s English 9 Honors class deeply intent on understanding the ancient writings. On the other side of the building marched a group of students armed with a long tape measure and timing devices (i-phone apps) trying to keep up with Keenan deeply intent on recording data for the first physics lab of the year. Around the corner familiar phrases of Spanish filled the air. Teese was not going to let the opportunity to engage her Spanish class in the open air go by. Both inside and outside the air flows freely along with the intellectual stimulation of new experiences as we are brought together for the pursuit of knowledge and deeper understanding. The year has begun, and it is good!

College Corner
The first week was quite busy and seniors have all made contact with me. Some have made great strides to date in their process, others are just beginning. I can’t say enough that it is okay that everyone is in different spots! It is completely normal. I am excited to have met in person with 3 out of 6 of the seniors. By early next week I will have met with all of them to create a plan moving forward.

If you haven’t had a chance to look at my mailing, it includes three attachments. Two of them are individual attachments: One for the parents and one for seniors. The other is a letter outlining the major steps to accomplish in the months to come.

This year will be different in that testing requirements have changed, and colleges are also adjusting to the challenges they face with COVID-19. The fact that remains the same is they have to fill a school for next year with an incoming class. I am encouraging students to look at the admissions websites for the schools on their lists and read what they are delivering to prospective students. Parents, you can do the same. There is so much information out there, that a collaborative approach to “sifting through” all of it is welcomed.

My message to underclassmen as they start this year is to make sure there are striving for their best academic performances. Additionally, they should be putting effort into thinking about what community service we can do in our free time. Trail maintenance is one that comes to mind, as it includes an element of fitness. Next week I plan to reach out to the elementary school to see if there could be a peer mentor program for those students that are learning remotely as a way for our students to give back. Juniors should be signing up for a test run of their SAT or are already registered. Sophomores should be looking into using Kahn Academy to practice for the PSAT. There are also full practice tests to download from the internet. The test date remains to be October 14th, 2020.

Please feel free to call with any questions regarding student services, college information, or concerns about anything in your child’s life. I am happy to help, and I look forward to living and working with all of them this year.

Priscilla Fay
Dorm Update
From my window overlooking 88 Boulder Way, the sights and sounds of Waterville Valley Academy abound: volleyball games outside the academic building, packs of students laughing and talking on their way to the TBTC, mountain bikers negotiating the contours of the free ski training ramps, or riding through the quiet north of the neighborhood (on one wheel), Teese Mosenthal teaching a Spanish class in the gazebo, the adjacent flags waving in the wind, their ropes tinkling against the metal poles; coeds crooning, “Friday!” to my dog, who wags his tail and looks up to them, a dust of fur blowing away with the wind beneath their caresses; food service trucks backing up to the kitchen to be greeted by our new cooks, Gary and Susan Scofield (without a doubt the most popular pair of people on campus!), quiet evenings of study in the dorm rooms, students working together in the common areas, followed by a 15 minute walk beneath the night sky - laughter, shouts of joy - as they walk down the road in the balmy September air, a group of 5-10 kids moving as one; and then their return – scampering footfalls on the stairs, doors opening and closing, random shrieks of contentment, the ubiquitous sound of laughter, and the discovery of cupcakes baked by Priscilla waiting for them in the cafeteria.

The students are thrilled to be back on campus. The comraderie has been fantastic. Despite the stringent Covid restrictions, particularly in the dorms, they are finding the ways to make this year’s experience at WVA great.

-Dan Newton
Student Involvement
Daily Health Screening

As a part of our ongoing commitment to keeping everyone in our community safe we have implemented a daily health screening process. This week we released a digital version to streamline the process that form can be found here in the button below. All students, staff, and guest are expected to fill this out before coming to campus.
US Ski & Snowboard requirements

All members of WVBBTS are required to have a valid US Ski & Snowboard license. Members who are turning 18 during the year have additional requirements including

Background Check
Safe Sport
Avalanche Training

All of those requirements must be complete in order to be current with USSS. Due to COVID 19 background checks are taking longer than normal!
Hike to Cascades during orientation last week! A few students were brave enough to even jump into the river!
Classes have begun this week! With many taking advantage of the great weather and beautiful setting by having class outside
The folder above will be updates through out the year with updated photos from events, competing, trips, and more! Check back often to see the latest!
Save the Date

WVBBTS Hike - September 5th, 9am to Goodrich Rock

Waterville Valley Foundation Drive-in Movie - September 12th, 8pm in the WVA parking lot