Hello everyone!

With each weekend of successful programming that we complete mid-pandemic, I feel a tiny bit more relief; I’m grateful to everyone for all your ongoing support and appreciation. It’s certainly not been easy, but our coaches, staff, and administrators have been incredible in managing this crazy season.

On a personal note, I want to let everyone know that I won’t be around for a week or two. One of my kids tested positive for Covid. We did not come to WV during MLK weekend as we waited for test results. Given the time frame, it does not appear that there’s a risk of possible transmission to anyone at WVA or BBTS from me or my family. My husband and I have both tested negative via both PCR and rapid tests, as has our other child. However, given our proximity to each other, we’re all in quarantine for about two more weeks. Given the circumstances, we’re feeling incredibly lucky that we’re seeing only very mild symptoms and that so far we’re (mostly) sane! It is a terrible time of year for me to be away from my job but I assume everyone will be understanding. I’ll miss you all!

Congratulations to all our athletes who have had the chance to compete so far this season. There are still more moving pieces on the various athletic calendars but for right now it looks like virtually all groups will have had a contest, event, or race by the end of January. Given all the question marks leading into this winter, that’s a milestone we should all celebrate. We’ll continue working through iterations and changes to the calendar probably through the very end of the season, but we’ve become adept at late-breaking changes!

Finally, the Winter Fiesta has been a highlight for me the last two seasons. In addition to being far and away our biggest club fundraiser of the year, it’s also been a joyful celebration of our club community. For obvious reasons, we aren’t able to gather and celebrate as freely as we’d like to, so this year we’re moving the fundraising piece of the Fiesta online. Our Community Engagement Committee is currently soliciting items for the auction and I hope you’ll give it some thought! If you have a weekend at a vacation home, a unique or special item, or anything else that you’d be willing to donate as an auction item, I’d be grateful! Please be in touch if you have any questions, and please keep an eye out for our silent auction fundraiser!

Thanks, as always for all your support and flexibility. Onward to another great weekend! Make some turns for me!

Athlete Support Program Updates
Event Volunteers Wanted - January 25th & 26th. Hand Timer and course crew positions still needed! No training required for Hand Timer positions! If you would like to help out please claim the dibs using the link below or reach out to Sam Higgins (shiggins@wvbbts.org)

Preston Cup Volunteer Opportunities now available! - January 30th & 31st. Freestyle Moguls comp! Jobs available include jump sweeper, announcers, score runners, and more. Please use the dibs link to claim your jobs.

Instructions for Signing up for ASP
In a continuing effort to make things simpler and more efficient, we will be using Sports Engine Dibs to sign-up for Volunteer Credits this year. There is no need to have a separate account for volunteering, you can simply use the Sports Engine account you created when signing-up your child for the program. Before you can sign-up we ask that you please complete the Volunteer Application found HERE. Everyone who intends to volunteer should fill out the application. This application will collect your qualifications as well as indicate how many credits that your family will need to complete this season.

Please see the link below (Volunteer Registration and the DIBS sign-up website). If you have questions about the program please visit https://wvbbts.org/wvbbts-athlete-support-credit-program/
WVBBTS Online Auction
This year's WVBBTS Mid-Winter Event will be moved to an online auction format! While we can not all gather this year we are excited to host an online auction and raffle! We are currently collecting items for the auction. If you or your business have something that you would like to donate please reach out to Maggie McGovern mmcgovern@wvbbts.org.

We are looking for any COVID-friendly experiences, unique items, equipment, and anything else! We are also looking for members to buy local restaurant gift cards to donate. In these hard times for restaurants, we want to support local!
Clay Soper Video Contest
The Clay Soper Memorial Weekend has been an essential piece of WVA/BBTS culture and community bonding for the past five years. Unfortunately, due to our current global situation, Clay Soper Memorial Weekend has been canceled. 

However, the Soper family wants to continue celebrating Clay’s Legacy and perpetuating his values of friendship and community. So this year we won’t be having races or gatherings to show that, but instead, every team apart of WVA/BBTS will make a one minute video depicting their version of #HaveAClayDay. This video can be anything you want that shows the values that Clay was known for #trust #adventure #kindness and #passion! A dance you guys find on TikTok, your team skiing or riding, or encapsulation of what it means to be part of BBTS. The videos will be evaluated by a group of panelists, where they will choose a winner. The winning team will get Clay Soper Merchandise, and their video will be posted on the website.

These times have been tough for all of us, but we still hope to find joy as Clay did for our community. Check out the U10 Clay Day video from this weekend below
Civil Rights Day
Thank you to everyone who attended the Civil Rights day speech by WVA teacher Ben Bacote. For those who missed it, you can watch the video recording below.

Title- "Where do we go from here?: A Survey of current events--civil rights' history, leaders, and past successes--and potential courses for future engagement."
Abstract- "In celebrating Civil Rights Day, I believe it is essential to know what, who, and when you are celebrating. This talk is intended to further discussion, research, understanding, and debate. This talk is intended to further engender civic engagement. And, although my topic is ranging, I will provide a brief survey of seminal people, places, and events focusing particularly on African American History. I will do so to contextualize the past's successes, contrast our present dilemma, and provide models for future civic action."
Ben Bacote Bio- Education- BA- English PSU 2014; MA English SNHU 2020; Experience - Humanities Instructor 8 years Waterville Valley Academy- Father, Snowboarder, Writer, Activist
Online Ski Tuning Clinics
Ski racing media and Swix will be hosting a series of free virtual ski tuning clinics. If you are new to ski tuning or are just looking for some pointers this could be a great learning experience! The dates of the clinics are 1/28, 2/4, 2/11, & 2/12. More information about the series can be found here

Apparel can be bought at the Competition Center (located behind the t-bars building) on weekends from 9 am to 2 pm by going to the registration window. The comp center is closed to the public at this time.

Apparel can be purchased during the week at the WVA Admin building 9-4pm. Please wear a mask no matter where you are buying items from

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