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In a bizarre sort of milestone, I am starting to get more questions about the return to sport/school process after a confirmed case of Covid-19, or after a confirmed close contact.

WVA and WVBBTS are not inventing our own policies for this situation – we’ll follow the state of NH guidance. As we’ve all experienced, there are inconsistencies between the state of NH, the CDC best practices, and US Ski and Snowboard guidance. Everything is still just happening too fast. Some of these holes have become apparent already and others are just emerging. When in doubt, we will default to the state of NH rules in most cases. The NH guidance was updated on December 4th, 2020, and the FAQs below reference that update, linked here - https://www.dhhs.nh.gov/dphs/cdcs/covid19/documents/covid-19-faq.pdf.
It is likely there will be further guidance in the future in which case the NEW guidance will supersede the info below. 

I had Covid, but am now recovered. When can I return to training/school/the dorm? 
Per the state of NH, you may return to programming (work, sport, or activity) ten days from the first day of symptoms PLUS 24 hours beyond the resolution of symptoms.

I was in close contact (defined as being within 6’ of an infected person for more than 15 minutes over 24 hours – exemptions for frontline health care workers who were wearing full PPE during contact) with someone with Covid-19. When can I return?
Per the state of NH, you may return after completing ten days of quarantine, which begins the date of your last contact with the infected person. You may be tested, but testing will not shorten your 10-day quarantine. In NH a test is not required after the 10-day quarantine has ended and you have exhibited no symptoms but is obviously recommended.

Someone I live with was in close contact with someone with Covid-19 and is now in quarantine. Can I come to training?
Yes, mostly. Household contacts of people in quarantine are not required to stay at home. If the person in quarantine develops symptoms or tests positive, then the household contacts become close contacts and are required to stay home. As long as the person in quarantine remains asymptomatic, household contacts may go about their lives. The way that I think about this is that there must be a confirmed link in the chain between you and someone with Covid in order to trigger quarantine.

I traveled outside of New England. When can I return to programming?
Per the state of NH, travel outside of the five New England states triggers a quarantine of no shorter than 7 days, and 10 is recommended. You may shorten your quarantine from 10 to 7 days with a negative PCR test on day 7.

Please feel free to reach out with any other questions!
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Athlete Support Program Updates
Freestyle course Maintenace Athlete Support Credits Available. Currently, we have a new mogul training venue on High Country that we can start using choppers during weekend training. At this point, we are going to open positions for a three-week block. We'll need 3 people to sign up to chop on Saturdays for the next three weekends and another 3 people to chop on Sundays for the next three weekends. More information about the positions can be found on the dibs site

Gate Keepers Needed for 1/13 & 1/14. In search of gate keepers for Wednesday 1/13 & Thursday 1/14. If interested please claim the dibs or reach out to Sam Higgins.

Instructions for Signing up for ASP
In a continuing effort to make things simpler and more efficient, we will be using Sports Engine Dibs to sign-up for Volunteer Credits this year. There is no need to have a separate account for volunteering, you can simply use the Sports Engine account you created when signing-up your child for the program. Before you can sign-up we ask that you please complete the Volunteer Application found HERE. Everyone who intends to volunteer should fill out the application. This application will collect your qualifications as well as indicate how many credits that your family will need to complete this season.

Please see the link below (Volunteer Registration and the DIBS sign-up website). If you have questions about the program please visit https://wvbbts.org/wvbbts-athlete-support-credit-program/
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