Hi everyone,

Thanks to everyone for the spirit and optimism with which we’ve kicked off the 20-21 ski season. It’s been so great to see groups learning and improving even just over the couple short weeks of the season so far.

As we enter the holiday break, I know many folks are planning to hunker down in the valley for a week or more. I am making an earnest plea to please maintain best Covid protocols over the next few weeks – it is so tempting to be sure that you don’t have Covid, and that none of the people you’re inviting over, or want to spend time with, have Covid – but that way ruin lies!

We know that there’s widespread community transmission in many of the towns and cities where we all live, and just because we’ve been lucky so far doesn’t mean we are going to stay lucky. Socializing in condos and houses, sharing food and drink, is how people are getting sick. There are many among us who are growing restless or cavalier about the ongoing state of stress and limitation, but there is also a group of families within our club who are only getting more anxious as the days and weeks go on. Their kids are in contact with your kids, and your après risks are going to impact their children. To be fair, I don’t get phone calls from the families that are planning social events (and I don’t take it personally, this year!) but I do get calls from the families who are worried and stressed. As one parent pointed out to me, “I just want everyone to think about the investment we’ve all made in the next 8 weeks!” and to all do our part to continue this amazing run of safe and healthy behavior we’ve had. Please help us stay safe and let us keep doing what we do best – skiing, riding, training, challenging, and supporting your kids on snow!

Obviously, 2020 has been a year for the ages, but on a personal level, I want to say that while it has been extraordinarily challenging, at times downright brutal, complicated, and then often gratifying, I have been so appreciative for everyone who has reached out over the last ten months to offer their support and appreciation for this club. As we start to receive your holiday cards, I am humbled by how many of our families prominently, or exclusively, feature WVBBTS-themed photos on their family cards. It’s another reminder that this club is central to your families, and that our work matters to your family. As you know, we could not exist without your support.

So, in this season of giving, I’ll also thank our generous donor who has offered to match $50 donations up to $1,000 – if you’ve never given to our club before, consider this an extraordinary opportunity to support our program in this challenging time with double the impact. It really helps, and we are so grateful. A heartfelt thank you, and a humble request to please help keep us all safe this winter!

Enjoy this holiday season, and stay safe!
Matching Challenge!

From now to the end of the year we are looking for twenty new donors at $50. If we hit that goal a generous donor will match your gifts up to $1,000! Your $50.00 donation will automatically be doubled! The only catch is you have to get your donation in by 12/31/20, so do not delay!

We need 10 more donors to unlock the $1,000 match
COVID-19 Testing
Given the very low demand, and the timing of the holiday, Veritas has decided to close their lab for the holiday weekend and we are not going to be able to offer testing in Waterville on 12/26.

If this impacts your holiday plans, I am sorry for the inconvenience. It's not quite as convenient, but Speare does offer drive-through testing at the hospital in Plymouth, and there are many other tests available at sites within NH. 

We will resume the Saturday testing schedule on 1/2/2021 - three cheers for 2021!

If you did not initially register for Covid testing in Waterville on our first pass for registrations, you are now able to register per week, instead of buying tests in bulk. 

Please go ahead and register for testing with Veritas. To register/buy tests -

You can then use the discount code BBTS123 to reduce the price per test from $120 to $90. 

This was successful in week one, but we've identified a few hiccups and made a few changes - 
  • Changed the testing time from Sunday morning to Saturday afternoon. We are now offering testing Saturday afternoon from 2-5 pm, still at the WV conference center.
  • Let's please reserve the first 30 minutes of testing 2:00-2:30 for folks who don't live in WV, out of courtesy. 
  • We have expanded the number of medical personnel, so we'll have two testers working simultaneously. 

When you register, please make sure you include the correct individuals' names (i.e., your child), even if you're only using one email address for all results. This delayed some results. 

Note that after a successful rollout, this now is being expanded to seasonal programs at WV, and also to pass holders. BBTS has first priority. Please make sure you register if you know you'll need testing. Once it opens, we'll have more demand but we still intend to cap the overall number at a level where we can be efficient. 
Athlete Support Program
Welcome to the 2020 – 2021 Winter Season, a season that is sure to be like no other. While there will be many changes to what competitions like both here at Waterville and other mountains, WVBBTS is committed to holding safe, efficient, and fun competitions. WVBBTS has a rich history of hosting competitions and this year will be no different.

I a continuing effort to make things simpler and more efficient, we will be using Sports Engine Dibs to sign-up for Volunteer Credits this year. There is no need to have a separate account for volunteering, you can simply use the Sports Engine account you created when signing-up your child for the program. Before you can sign-up we ask that you please complete the Volunteer Application found HERE. Everyone who intends to volunteer should fill out the application. This application will collect your qualifications as well as indicate how many credits that your family will need to complete this season.

Please see the link below (Volunteer Registration and the DIBS sign-up website). If you have questions about the program please visit
Arriving for the Holiday Season is a new crop of BBTS Apparel. Apparel can be bought at the Competition Center (located behind the t-bars building) on weekends from 9 am to 2 pm by going to the registration window. The comp center is closed to the public at this time.

Apparel can be purchased during the week at the WVA Admin building. Please wear a mask no matter where you are buying items from

WVBBTS Caps in Various Styles
WVBBTS Long Sleeves & Hoddies (limited sizes currently available)
WVBBTS Yeti Mugs & Water bottles
WVBBTS Neckies with built-in filter pockets (Gray)
NEW Styles of Hats
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