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We Asked A Bunch of Top Bankers What to Expect for Wall Street in 2017
by Portia Crowe for Business Insider

Business Insider  spoke with a number of dealmakers, including both equity capital markets and mergers and acquisitions bankers, about the biggest trends to expect in 2017.

Much of their responses centered around the incoming Trump administration and what his presidency will mean for the markets.  They all said next year is sure to be more active than 2016 has been ...  Click  HERE  to read  what some of Wall Street's top dealmakers had to say.  

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How to Turn Employees Into Leaders
by John Pettit
- Help them grow through experience
- Make them solve their own problems
- Teach the importance of networking
- Show Trust

Click   HERE  to learn more about how you can help your team grow and develop.

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Survey Says! The Biggest Threats to Housing: Compliance Burdens, Access to Credit
3% down products a start, but industry still needs work
by Brena Swanson

The industry is making progress when it comes to access to credit and compliance, but the same headwinds that burdened the industry over the past year aren't easing anytime soon, at least that's what people inside the industry believe.

Taking advantage of all the people in attendance at the 2016 Mortgage Bankers Association Annual Convention and Expo in Boston during October, Genworth Mortgage Insurance, an operating segment of Genworth Financial, surveyed industry executives, gathering opinions from more than 200 mortgage professionals to see the state of the industry.

The results fall in line with  other sentiments at the convention that the mortgage industry has a better handle on regulation and is ready to start innovating. Click   HERE  to learn more about the results of the survey.

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The Strategic Risk Community Banks May Not Have Considered
by Nathaniel M. Cartmell, IV
Community banks that have not considered the potential for partnership with nonbank financial technology (fintech) companies, alone or in collaboration with other community banks, may not be accounting for the full range of strategic risks to their business.
Click HERE to read on about:
  • Strategic Risk Defined and Applied
  • Responsible Innovation Initiative
  • Collaboration Among Community Banks

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Want Loyal Customers? Start Talking About Their Emotions!
by Bruce Temkin, CCXP
Did you know that customers who feel adoring after an experience are more than 11 times as likely to buy more from a company than customers who feel angry? And customers who feel appreciative are more than 5 times as likely to trust a company than those who feel agitated?
That's because how customers feel about an interaction has a significant impact on their loyalty to a company. So let's talk about emotions.
Despite the importance of customer emotions, they are all too often  neglected (or outright ignored) inside of companies. As a result of this negligence, consumers give their providers very low emotion scores in our  Temkin Experience Ratings.
It's time to  start talking about emotions. To help spur this dialogue, we introduced a new vocabulary that we call the  Five A's of an Emotional Response.
Every time a customer interacts with you, they feel one of these A's.
If you're still wondering why you might want to talk about the Five A's, click   HERE for some data that will hopefully entice you to increase your emotion vocabulary.

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