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Title Notes E-News             West Virginia Bankers Title, LLC            May 2018

Ten Habits of Mentally Strong People
by Dr. Travis Bradberry
To increase your mental strength, you simply need to change your outlook. When hard times hit, people with mental strength suffer just as much as everyone else. The difference is that they understand that life's challenging moments offer valuable lessons. In the end, it's these tough lessons that build the strength you need to succeed.

Developing mental strength is all about habitually doing the things that no one else is willing to do. Click   HERE  to learn about the ten habits on which mentally strong people rely.

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Drought Hits Community Banks' Deposit Farm
Get ready for return of liquidity challenges
by Jeff Reynolds, Darling Consulting Group
According to S&P Global Market Intelligence, there are just over 900 bank charters for institutions between $1 billion-$15 billion in assets at the end of 2012 that are still active today. Of those, 15% had loan-to-deposit ratios greater than 95% back at the end of 2012. Today, 33% are over that mark. For that entire pool of banks, the average loan-to- deposit ratio has increased from 78% to 87%.

As a result, more banks are struggling to find funding at the margin to continue to feed the loan machine. Perhaps to make sure the horse stays in the barn this time around, the regulatory community has recently placed an increased emphasis on liquidity.  Consequently, deposit gathering is once again a top agenda item for the community bank sector. Click HERE to read on.

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MBA Tech: What's Next For The Mortgage Industry?
Leaders of loanDepot, Quicken, PenFed and CBRE share their perspectives
by Sarah Wheeler
A panel of blockbuster leaders assembled to discuss the current state of the industry and what they're forecasting for the next five years. 
It's a future filled with exciting tech innovations, to be sure, but it's clear that these business leaders consider the relationships their businesses are building with consumers to be the most valuable part of their growth strategy. Click HERE to read the highlights of their conversation. 
No End In Sight: How to grow profits beyond end-to-end commercial  lending
by Terry Renoux
By viewing the commercial lending process as a linear progression with a definite beginning and end, bankers miss the opportunity to proactively continue relationships with their business customers and pursue new revenue that drives opportunities beyond the life of the loan. 
Instead, bankers should consider how to renew or continue their relationships with business.  Banks can actively monitor and manage relationships after a loan closes as they evaluate and consult around risk ratings, cash flow and credit scores. This helps banks to bolster business relationships and proactively push relevant offerings at the right times.  So, how is it done? Click  HERE  to learn more.
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