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Things I Learned
by Jeff Immelt, Chairman and CEO at GE
Jeff Immelt, the recently-retired CEO of GE, in a farewell letter to employees, titled "Things I Learned," shared 10 pearls of wisdom:  
  1. Set purpose with high standards.
  2. Make the really tough decisions.
  3. The future comes. Never apologize for investing in it.
  4. Keep perception and reality in sync.
  5. Act big and small, long and short; keep a lot thoughts to yourself.
  6. Deputize others.
  7. We win in markets, not conference rooms.
  8. Like the work more than the title.
  9. Never give up.
  10. Lead in the moment. Give fully of yourself...always appreciate work, workers and jobs.
Click   HERE  to read the insights from Jeff's blog in its entirety.

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Local Attorneys Form Association for Female Lawyers 
by Rusty Marks, The State Journal

According to the organization's mission statement, the purpose of West Virginia Women Attorneys is to "promote the welfare, interests and professional development of women attorneys, advance the honor and integrity of the legal profession by advocating principles of fairness and equality and champion justice for all individuals." The organization also will allow women attorneys to get together to network, compare notes and support one another. Click HERE to learn more.

Problem Property: Dilapidated buildings plague towns statewide 
by Linda Harris, The State Journal 

Communities throughout West Virginia are grappling with the problem of dilapidated structures and the even bigger problem of absentee owners -- often people who may have inherited properties and don't want them or know what to do with them, or buy them at a state land sale for next-to-nothing in hopes of making some easy money if the original owner decides to redeem their property. Click HERE to read on.
15 Things That Make a Top Performing Banker
by Chris Nichols
Traits of a Top Performing Banker:  If we can boil down the difference in one word between an average banker and a top performing banker it would be - mindset. The difference between a top performing banker (TPB) and an average banker is that a top performing banker has an execution-minded attitude plus a method for dealing with the array of banking challenges.  Click  HERE  to learn the traits that comprise a top performing banker.
The Talent of Talent Management: Attracting it, retaining it, engaging it
by Byron Marshall
In an age when banks keenly focus on creating value through optimizing their business models, technology platforms and customer experience, financial services leaders may not place enough of an emphasis on what might be the most important ingredient: the talent that enables these platforms.  
We most often think of talent management as an organization's efforts to recruit, retain, and train high quality staff members. It's also been further defined as the science of using strategic human resource planning to improve business value and to make it possible for companies and organizations to reach their goals. The "why" of "why talent management matters" hinges on the intersection of these dimensions-and its potential to create business value.  Click  HERE  to learn more.

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You Can't Get There From Here 
by Kellie Army - Claims Counsel, Investors Title

Every year, my family vacations at a lake in Maine. We access the property through a series of increasingly narrow dirt roads, eventually arriving at a pretty house on a pretty lake surrounded by trees and the peaceful sounds of nature. Because working in title insurance claims naturally makes you a super-fun person, while driving down these roads on our last visit, I found myself wondering how many of those roads are private and if their use ever leads to access disputes. My family may have fallen asleep during these fascinating musings, but in the world of real property, they are important considerations with potentially costly implications.

The most common access issue that I have seen in claims is the neighbor dispute. Typically, this is where one neighbor places something (most commonly their truck) across the access easement and tries to stop the other neighbor from using that easement to get to their property. From the claims perspective, this is known as a post-policy trespass, and it is likely not covered because, despite the presence of the truck, the insured still has legal access to their property. Click HERE to read on.

How Long Until eClosings are Standard Practice
for Mortgages?
The complexity of eNotarization
by Brena Swanson

The digital world is slowly creeping its way into mortgages, as more lenders start to unveil digital mortgage applications and boast fully online digital mortgages.

There is one caveat, however, that's making the "fully online digital mortgage" look not as digital as marketed: the closing process.

Borrowers can start and track their mortgage application process online, but when it comes time for the closing process, it's back to paper and pens.

But this piece of the mortgage process is finally starting to change, with states, lenders, and title companies working together to bring the process online.  Click  HERE  to get the details and predictions.

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Lending a Hand: As commercial real estate loans grow, here's what to know
by Robert Ashbaugh
In their attempts to answer the question that never goes away-"How to drive portfolio growth in the current lending environment?"-many financial institutions have turned to commercial real estate. That's led to intense competition to win deals. But along with the ever-present question comes an ever-present imperative:  Banks growing their CRE portfolios must satisfy regulators' concerns over loan risk management.  Click  HERE  to learn more.

Community Bank Credit Comeback: Small-bank lending bounces back in Q2; outlook remains strong
by Kelsey Bartlett and Zain Tariq, S&P Global Market Intelligence
Small-bank loan growth expanded across most categories during the second quarter of 2017, outpacing large-bank loan growth in areas such as commercial-and-industrial lending.
Click  HERE  to learn more about the analysis.
Lessons from the 'Best Banks' on Dealing with
M&A Friction
from American Banker
Bank acquisitions are disruptive by nature. Two discrete companies with their individual quirks come together and have to act as one. Even when things go well, employees on both sides experience stress and uncertainty as processes are merged, overlapping jobs are eliminated and management looks to deliver on cost savings. 
While bank leaders might be eager to get the integration done, patience is important. The combined bank isn't going to have one culture overnight. Banks should approach integration as "a series of sprints rather than a long marathon," allowing employees to pace themselves to complete the task and creating opportunities to celebrate quick wins and milestone achievements. 
  Click  HERE  for winning strategies and a list of the best banks for which to work.

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