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Summer has come and is almost gone. There have been a handful of accomplishments and good news to celebrate in the real estate industry this summer, but now, it’s time to get ready for the Autumn months! Along with celebrating past achievements, it’s the perfect time to look forward to all the innovation and increased business from our lenders, realtors, and attorneys.

As always, our team at West Virginia Bankers Title wishes you the best this fall season has to offer! Each and every one of our attorney and lender friends has been working extra hard this year. We are pleased to help in any way we can by giving you the best customer service that you deserve.

We love helping and serving you! We hope you enjoy our latest e-newsletter that is full of exciting news from the real estate industry. Thank you for trusting West Virginia Bankers Title with your transactions.

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Bob Drummond, Vice President/Agency Manager of West Virginia Bankers Title
It may seem like an unnecessary cost. But title insurance is important, and here’s why.
Time and time again, title insurance proves to be a safety net for those closing houses. An article from the Washington Post demonstrates why it is essential and valuable to have title insurance on your home. Title insurance is a necessary expense and protects against any possible future losses. This step in the home buying process ultimately protects homebuyers who have no real way of detecting past problems before they arise. All in all, title insurance is a necessary step in the process of buying a home.
Fannie Mae again boosts forecast as refi mortgage market stays strong
Mortgage forecasts have been adjusted multiple times this year as we all expected economic difficulties due to the pandemic. The good news, however, is Fannie Mae has once again boosted their mortgage forecast. The refinance mortgage has been staying strong despite everyone expecting the worst. Fannie Mae predicted a 42% refi share, but that has now shot up to 44%, along with a projection of $830 billion in total originations. As the article highlights, “The change in the forecast comes from more refis than previously expected, at $1.34 trillion in July versus $1.27 trillion in June.”
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Make sure it's not just all work and no play!

While the Labor Day holiday is traditionally the end of the summer, the fun certainly isn’t over. We’ve got football season and all things pumpkin to celebrate, and soon enough we’ll all be dressed up in our favorite Halloween costumes. It’s been a busy year for us all, but if you get a moment this fall, slow down and take it all in.

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