West Vincent Township and Ludwigs Corner Horse Show Update! 
A West Vincent Township Reminder


The township meeting you don't want to miss will be held on Monday, February 13, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. at the West Vincent Township Building.  This is the much talked about, much delayed, much anticipated zoning hearing featuring the changes that are suspected to correct the Pamela Brown zoning violation.  The zoning changes will also change the way our township looks in the future.  If you value where you live, and you want a say in the future of our township, this is the meeting you MUST attend.  Please note that the previous 3 times this meeting was on the agenda, we filled the township building, only to have the zoning postponed. Let's fill the township building again.  You deserve a voice in the future value of your property. 
Other Items of Interest on the Agenda include:

Revised  2012 Budget

Sustainability Committee Work Plan

Planning Commission Appointment


You might want to pay attention to the Bills List that is now being posted ahead of the meeting.  The Solicitor has billed the township $9,327.08 for "general legal matters"  this is on top of the $17,511.78 that was paid on 1/23/12 --  This equates to 38% of the ANNUAL budgeted line item ($70,000) for this category in less than one month.  A question for you to ponder:  Why do we need so much legal advice?  Is our Solicitor leading us down a path that simply keeps his bills growing?  The township manager reduced the legal fees budget in 2012 (2011 actual expense in excess of $97,502) because they were going to "manage the solicitor better"  How do you think they are doing?


If you are like so many who don't know where to start when it comes to township matters, you are not alone.  Come out and just put your best "common sense" thinking cap on.  That's all it takes to raise your hand and ask a question.  It's your right...and there are no "dumb" questions!  Here's some help to get you started:

Minutes and Township video have finally been posted!

 See you there.


"Remember....If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck"


The End of an Era
Fifty three years ago, what might seem like a different era, The Chester Springs Skeet Club which was originally made up of WWII Veterans approached the LCHSA about operating a gun club on the Horse Show Grounds.  That was the beginning of a long and friendly relationship between the two entities.  Over the years, names and faces in both organizations may have changed but LCHSA could always count on the "Gun Club" and their family members to volunteer for the Labor Day Horse Show, as well as monetary support. 

Regrettably, as the neighborhood grew up around the grounds, and after much debate, LCHSA decided to give the contractually required 12 month termination notice.  The Gun Club decided it "was in the best interest of the Horse Show to end shooting as soon as possible".  They reported that they would end their use of the Horse Show Grounds on Sunday, February 12, 2012. 

LCHSA will forever be grateful to the members of the club and their families for their help with the Horse Show.


How the Horse Show came to be.
In recent months, we have been asked by many about the history of the "Horse Show".  With great thanks to Woody Zook, who has been involved with the Horse Show throughout most of it's history, we have been able to review documents and programs from almost every Horse Show.  It is my intent to share a piece of history with every e-mail I send.  If any of this information rings a bell with you, or you can add further information, or perhaps photos, please respond to this e-mail, as we'd like to talk to you.  The Horse Show is a significant piece of the history of our township that should be shared.

It started like this.....

"In 1944 a group of people living around Ludwig's Coner banded together to give a horse show at Ludwig's Corner.  The group consisted of Mrs. E. C. Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Dare, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Baxter, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hamilton, Mr. A. L. Coffman, Mr. Richard Coffman, Mr. Guy Richards, Mrs. Henry Biddle, Jr., Mr and Mrs. Edwin Bruner, Mr. Scott Rice, Mr. A. Chapin Rogers and Mr. Joseph Myers.  They were all very fond of horses and enjoyed fox hunting in the territory of the Eagle and Kimberton Hunts.  Around the opening of the fox hunting season on Labor Day, it seemed to them, (it) would be a good opportunity to get together to put their hunters through their paces.  It would also be a means of bringing the whole community together for a day of fun and visiting.  The proceeds of the days entertainment would go to the local Boy and Girl Scout Troops to help maintain their activity."

page 1, official records of the Ludwigs Corner Horse Show.
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End of an Era
How the Horse Show Came to be

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