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This week from DebW
A message from Deb W. Voice, and General Manager
November 3, 2021

Hello WW Philadelphia Members,

Do you wonder some days where you’re going to find the strength/power to incorporate healthy meals into your crazy life? Then there’s the curve ball of food being in places you didn’t expect to have to deal with it.

Now that you have navigated the first holiday of the eating season (Halloween) and successfully walked by the 50% off pile at your favorite grocery or drug store, what’s next?

Try gathering a little momentum in the right direction up to the granddaddy of all food fests, THANKSGIVING! We’ve got three weeks to eat more veggies, drink more water, consume less added sugar and move off the chair or couch and be a little more active.

Then as we get a little closer to Thanksgiving, I’ll share some tips that have worked for me and other Members in the past.

In remembering my first experience with WW, it was a horrible Thanksgiving experience. This happened because I was DIETING, not doing WW with any flexibility, just DIETING. After all, I would be cured once I got the weight off and never have to do it again. I thought it was worth the pain. It wasn’t, I wasn’t cured, I gained those 50 pounds back with 44 more of their friends. Weight is like adult children, they always come back with others.

One of the strengths I’ve learned for myself over my WW years is the food isn’t always worth the POINTS. In other words, I can stop eating a food just because it didn’t really taste good or isn’t satisfying the need I thought I had for it.

Another strength, I’ve learned along the way, I can throw food away when I had enough. You know the kind of thing I’m talking about. Someone sends something sweet home with me, and I accept it. Then I have a food in the house that is more difficult for me to control but somehow, I’ve learned the first bite and the last bite taste the same. Enjoy a couple of bites and throw the rest away. Here’s the problem with that scenario, every once in a while, I hear a snarky little sugary voice coming from the trash can as I am smugly walking away, “I landed in a clean spot.” I’ve never succumbed but ……. I’ve been tempted.

The meeting topics leading up to Thanksgiving week will be relevant and helpful, I hope you have time to make a meeting every single week.

WW brings so much to our lives and one of the beautiful things it brings to my
life is the amazing Staff we have throughout the Philadelphia area including our operations in NJ. I’d like to invite you to consider becoming a Staff person in our area. We need Coaches and Guides and if you’d like to share the success
you’ve had with the WW program, please contact our office at 215-648-1000.
To qualify for the interview and training process you’ll need to be within 10 pounds of your goal weight. We’re looking for amazing people with the spirit of WW – Weight Watchers embedded in their souls. Does that sound like you? Many of our Staff work only 1 or 2 workshops per week and it is a paid position.

Have a wonderful week.

Stay well, be kind and wash your hands,

Deb Wright
General Manager
At WW Philadelphia, memberships were planned with your needs at the forefront of requirements! Love to chat online or in person? Prefer dedicated guidance, or find inspiration from a group? We got you covered! We support you in specialized Virtual Zoom Workshops, too. You don't ever have to choose one over the other. Go to your weekly Workshop and Zoom into your Virtual Group during the week.
This week's featured staff Member
Meet Nancy R
WW Aston Studio

The reason I started WW:
My mother said my rear end was getting awfully wide. (No, I'm not kidding)! This was the "last straw event" that pushed me through the doors of WW.

Something I learned about myself on my WW journey that can be helpful to others is: I always underestimated what I could accomplish. Most people I've met do the same. Our minds are our only limiting factor to what we can accomplish.

Favorite WW Meal:
Breakfast: Banana and egg pancakes.
Dinner: Broiled salmon and asparagus.

My favorite meal that might require more weekly SmartPoints than I have is: Spaghetti Carbonara served in a bread bowl with a glass of wine.

Greatest Ah-Ha moment during my weight loss (or maintenance): You must lose weight the way you plan to live your life. Drastic changes don't work. Consistent small changes are the way to lose weight and keep it off.

What I appreciate most about Members attending Workshops where I work is: Most of the members I have worked with over the last 16 years are some of the kindest and most genuine people I have ever met. I am so inspired and humbled by how committed to living healthier lives some members are, as they struggle with other hardships in their lives.
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