If you’re under the impression that you need to be tough on yourself to lose weight, it’s simply not true. Being kind to yourself, especially when things aren’t going the way you like, is the single most important tool for weight loss. Starting today, reframe your wellness journey as an act of kindness to yourself rather than punishment for past behavior. The more you repeat this gesture, the more likely that self-compassion will become a habit.
–Gary Foster, PhD, WW’s Chief Scientific Officer
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In your WW Workshop: How to Become a Snack Pro
A letter from DebW. WW Philadelphia General Manager
Food: Healthier snacks that may support your weight loss goals
Activity: What to eat before and after exercise
Mindset: Tips for buying healthier snacks
Sleep: The Connection Between Sleep and Overeating
Recipes: Delicious Snack Ideas so you're never left hungry or bored
Three fast facts we'll discuss
in this week's Workshops
1. Eating regularly throughout the day can help us manage internal hunger and reduce overeating.

2. Meals and snacks rich in protein and fiber can help us stay fuller longer.

3. Pausing to recognize external hunger in the moment can help us interrupt the automatic habit and respond differently. This is helpful even if we still decide to eat!
How to Become a Snack Pro
Worried about staying within your Budget when unexpected hunger hits? That's where this snack shopping list comes in: Having low-PersonalPoints™ bites ready to grab before you're hungry can help you stay on track in the moment.
Try this!

The Ultimate WW Snack Shopping List!
(screenshot this then grab a
few faves on your next grocery run).

I want something crunchy ...
Air-popped popcorn
Apple slices
Roasted or air-fried chickpeas

I want something sweet ...
Dark chocolate chips
WW minibars
Fiber One Bars

I want something salty ...
Hummus and bell peppers
Whole-grain crackers with your favorite spread
Multi-grain pita chips with guacamole
Cheese sticks
Let's dive a little deeper...

Over the past few weeks, we’ve talked a lot about how to know why you’re hungry: Is it … Internal hunger? External hunger?

And recognizing that "why" can help you decide what to do next.
Let’s be clear: You should 100% feel empowered to choose to eat. Plain and simple. It doesn’t matter which type of hunger you’re feeling—or if it’s outside your pre-planned or pre-tracked meals and snacks for the day.

Remember, this journey is not about depriving yourself of anything. You’re in complete control when it comes to eating—and everything else!
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This week's letter from Deb
Voice and General Manager of WW Philadelphia
April 27, 2022
Dear WW Philadelphia Member,
I hope you’re having a great week. Most of the time we are the ones who choose the kind of week we’re going to have, good or not. We can set ourselves up for success with decisions and a little pre-planning.
Everywhere you look we see people who pre-plan their meals for the week. Good for them!
I know it’s a good habit but it’s also not in my makeup.
I’m a pretty standard breakfast eater on weekdays. Eggs or Kashi Original work for me. Weekends are different, maybe oatmeal (in the winter) or banana pancakes anytime. That’s my extent of pre-planning breakfast.
Lunch weekdays, easy too. I’ll make a sandwich on one point bread, though it’s 3 Points for 2 slices and several pieces of fruit. If I need to build my POINT budget for dinner, I’ll make a ginormous salad and gain 3-7 POINTS depending upon the ingredients. One of my favorites ‘no lettuce’ salads, is a can of drained garbanzo beans, minced red onion, diced cucumber (remove the seeds if using regular cucumbers), halved grape tomatoes, salt, pepper, oregano, 2 teaspoons olive oil, and red wine vinegar to taste.
A favorite thing I like to do for dinner is to make a large amount of something on Sunday afternoon and then freeze individual servings for this week or next. I’m not stuck eating the same thing because I can still make a grilled tuna sandwich (yes, still lining the pockets with Charley Tuna) or make a quick stir-fry of whatever is in the fridge. My favorite make-ahead item is FLAT meatloaf. YES, make your favorite meatloaf recipe and press it into a sheet pan, lined with parchment and sprayed with oil spray. Cooks in 20-30 minutes instead of an hour. I like to press mine about ¾ inch thick. My recipe does not fill the pan completely and I even up the edges shaping a rectangle. After it's done and be sure to check it at 20 minutes, let it set and resoak up the juices from the pan. When cool, cut into sandwich-sized pieces. I get 8 pieces from my recipe.
Here's a great tip for those of you who use ground chicken or turkey; add a heaping tablespoon of Better than Bouillon Beef Flavor soup base to the liquid you’re using. It’s a GAME CHANGER, it makes the ground poultry product much more savory. I like a good amount of finely diced red onion and red or yellow bell pepper in mine too.
When you reheat a slice of this meatloaf, forgo the microwave and instead use a hot non-stick pan with a little spray on it, add a couple of tablespoons of water and let the steam and the heat from the bottom do its work. Getting a little char on the warm meatloaf is delicious!
So, check your pantry, go to the store, or order a few items to be delivered and be ready for a week of success.
Now let’s get outside when we can and enjoy a little spring.

Stay kind and be well,
General Manager
The WW 4 Pillars of PersonalPoints
Eat Better Eat Real Food!Get Moving Move It! Ready? Set? Go!
Mindfulness Make Your Mind Smile!Sleep Well Get Enough Shut-eye!
Food: Healthier snacks that may support your weight loss goals
Activity: What to eat before and after exercise
Mindset: Tips for buying
healthier snacks
Sleep: The Connection Between Sleep and Overeating
Delicious Snack Ideas
So you're never left hungry or bored.
“To be prepared is half the victory.” —Miguel de Cervantes
“Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think.” —Buddha
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