March 26th, 2018

NXT Coach Comes To All Day WWN Seminar/Tryout For 1st Time

WWN is proud to present the most comprehensive WWN Seminar/Tryout ever on April 4th in New Orleans with many first time ever features. An application can be found in the Seminar/Tryout page.

NXT Coach Robby Brookside will be a special guest. The British technical wrestling legend will share the knowledge he's gained over his 30 plus year career. He will teach during the in ring portion of the Seminar/Tryout, give a lecture and scout for NXT during the tryout matches. This is the first time Mr. Brookside has ever been a guest at a WWN Seminar/Tryout. This will be a rare opportunity to learn from one of NXT's top coaches.

WWE Creative Consultant and WWN VP Of Talent Relations Gabe Sapolsky will give an all new "How To Get Booked" lecture, which will be updated for 2018 with new techniques, new principles and new lessons he's learned during his time as a WWE Creative Consultant.

In addition, for the first time Sapolsky will work with talents on promos and ring entrances. Sapolsky has gained extensive knowledge on these subjects in recent months, in addition to his 24 years of experience. He has developed a new "promo playbook" that he will share.

This is also a real opportunity to get booked in NXT (provided you complete the requested documents and tasks necessary). This is the 4th time we have offered this opportunity. So far, two talents have appeared on NXT TV after being selected from a WWN Seminar/Tryout. Over 50 talents from WWN Seminar/Tryouts have been selected to work on WWN Family events, including EVOLVE, SHINE, FIP and Style Battle. Several have earned full time jobs and even contracts from referee DA Brewer (now in NXT) to Darby Allin!

The WWN Seminar/Tryout will be led by co-head trainers Tracy Williams and Matt Riddle. They will instruct you on the principles that are prevalent in EVOLVE. Riddle will also teach his expertise on applying MMA principles to pro wrestling.

Stokely Hathaway will give his presentation on essential social media lessons. These are the lessons that can make or break your career.

WWN Head Referee Brandon Tolle will give special attention to the referees and provide valuable insight on their performance. He will give instructions that will make you a better ref.

Each participant will get a five minute tryout match. These matches will be taped with multiple cameras in HD. You will get this professional footage to use on your resume, release online or for any purpose you want.

IMPORTANT: You must have completed a training course at a reputable wrestling school to be eligible to participate. This Seminar/Tryout will not benefit you if you have not completed a training course.

This will be an all day Seminar/Tryout. It will start in the early afternoon on April 4th at the Ponchartrain Civic Center. This is the same venue as all the Experience events. Go to for venue info. You will receive more specific information a few days before the Seminar/Tryout if you are accepted and make payment. The price for this rare opportunity and learning experience is only $249.

Please fill out this application if you are interested and have completed a training program. We will email you with an acceptance or rejection notice. Thank you for your interest.


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