Weekly Bulletin - May 13, 2020
Golden Gala - Celebrating 50 Years
Saturday, May 16 at 8pm
This Saturday Night! 50th Anniversary Golden Gala Live on Zoom

Join us this Saturday night to raise a glass and celebrate the 50th Anniversary of our school. The evening will be hosted by Jennifer Page (Faculty Chair & Head of School) and Taisto Saloma ( Athletic Director and HS faculty member ) featuring a musical performance by Dan and Jeremy Foster. During the gala, we will raise money for the ONE FUND - supporting both financial aid and the annual fund.

You must register to receive the Zoom link.

If you are unable to attend the Gala, please consider participating in our online auction, which closes at 10pm on Saturday and by signing up for our buy in parties, also closing on Saturday. If you would like to simply make a contribution, send the text "wws1969" to 56651 and follow the prompts!
Following the gala, we will host a watch party of #GraduateTogether2020. The national program, which recognizes the class of 2020, will feature Eve Hill ( WWS Senior & EMT) in one of the segments.
As the calendar has changed from March to April and now May, we are mindful of how markedly different the past eight weeks have been from prior years. We miss all of the students, parents, alumni families, and friends along with the joy, friendship, and community that  each one of you  brings to the Washington Waldorf School. We hope that you are safe and well.

While we cannot be together in the classroom, in the hallways, or the auditorium, our teachers continue to support and teach our students through our distance learning program. Our school is still a hub of (Zoom) activity as Bingo night, Craft and Conversation, POSC events, parent-teacher meetings, and the upcoming virtual Golden Gala can attest. We are a strong community and we continue to provide one another with inspiration and much needed connection as we face this challenge together.

We need your help as we continue our distance learning program and plan for the next school year. If you are able, please support the Washington Waldorf School with a donation to the ONE FUND at any gift level. You can  donate now online , or contact Caitlin MacKenzie, Director of Development,  by email .
Thank you!
Scenes From Remote Learning Life
If you have a picture to share please send it to agoodyear@washigntonwaldorf.org .
Virtual Senior Project presentations last week wrapped up with a Zoom Q&A session. The presenters handled the shift to virtual (which included a lot of extra work) with aplomb and the presentations were a great success!
Emily (Alumna - Class of 2016) made this blanket during quarantine while she prepares to graduate from University of MD this month. Congratulations!
Eli (7th) and his doll project.
Mr. Elfström prepares for 7th Grade woodworking.
The Waldorf in the Woods outdoor classroom had some little visitors recently. These dolls were made by the teachers who also shared stories about the "little ones" for the woods class to enjoy.
Now each "little one" from the woods is visiting a child from the woods class at their home.
Class Highlight: Remote 5th Grade
Community Events
Waldorf Community Meditation: A Pause for Yourself
TONIGHT Wednesday, May 13 from 8-8:20pm

Waldorf Community Meditation: A Pause for Yourself
With so much going on at home (well, everything these days), it feels as if we have less space to simply pause and be with ourselves and all that is happening.
Please join us for as we take just some time to simply breathe and be. Michael Danzansky will be leading us in a simple guided meditation practice which will leave you feeling more grounded and present. Michael is a parent and has been teaching yoga and mindfulness for close to 10 years.

Community Book Club Hosted by Susan Walsh
Next Meeting is Thursday, May 21 at 7:30pm (meeting every other week via zoom)

Susan Walsh will lead a discussion of the novel The Dutch House by Ann Patchett. Please read through the end of the book. You are welcome to join if you missed the first meeting. Parents, Alumni Parents, and Grandparents are welcome. Please register online. 

Sign up here to participate.
Community Projects for North American Waldorf Schools
From the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA)
Stars from the WWS community. These lovely stars were made by Wyatt (WiW) and Noelle (1st).
Paper Star Making Project
 In this challenging time when we are apart, we are constantly seeking out ways in which we can join together. With this in mind, we invite you to participate in a continental paper star making project!

Inspired by Denver Waldorf School, we -- and Waldorf schools across North America -- will be creating simple paper stars that can be hung in your windows providing color, beauty and joy.

For star-making materials, you can order directly from Mercurius/Art Makes Sense , or one of their preferred suppliers

If anyone from the WWS community hangs stars on their windows, please send a picture to agoodyear@washingtonwaldor.org .
Waldorf100+1 Run! Skip! Dance!
During this time of social distancing, we as a continental Waldorf community are spanning that distance! 

With the Waldorf100+1 Run! Skip! Dance! initiative , Waldorf communities across the continent are invited to join together to virtually visit every Waldorf school in North America -- together. As we cover these 10,000+ miles, each individual or school will be asked to log their miles weekly on Mondays, with filmed updates on mileage and schools “visited” that week shared every Friday.

We launched this project on May 4, 2020 and aim to end our cross continental adventure on September 11, 2020 -- the 100+1 year anniversary of Waldorf education. 

How it works
Choose your activity/ies ( see activity to mile equivalents )
  • Log your weekly miles.
  • Every Monday, submit your logged miles here.
  • Every Friday, check Facebook and Instagram for a video update on where we have traveled that week!

Please log your WEEKLY miles here every Monday   and help us, as a continental Waldorf community, to visit every Waldorf school in North America!

We invite you to share your moves and activities on social media with us using the hashtags:#Waldorf100plus1 #WaldorfRunSkipDance #RunSkipDance

If anyone in the WWS community has questions about participating, feel free to contact Judith Graff at jgraff@washingtonwaldorf.org .
Parent Organization News
Parent Gathering: This Thursday, May 14th from 5:00 - 5:30 pm
Need new ideas for feeding your family healthy meals and snacks? Join us this Thursday with nutritionist Julie Wendt!

Many thanks to Julie Wendt ( WWS Parent ) for joining us this week at the Parent Gathering to talk about how she cooks for her family at home. Julie has a Masters of Science in Integrative Health and Nutrition from Maryland University of Integrative Health. She is a Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist (LDN) in Maryland, a Licensed Nutritionist in D.C., and a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS). Parents are welcome to cook from the kitchen as we chat!

More information on Julie can be found at her website: 

Julie offers nutrition and health coaching one on one virtually at this time. You can learn more on her website . If you have any food/ nutrition questions for Julie and want to send them ahead of time, please e-mail the  posc@washingtownaldorf.org 
Craft and Conversation  

Anja Caldwell is leading Craft and Conversation on Tuesdays at 3:00pm. Please look for the Zoom invite via Parent Square. 
Bulletin Board
How to Submit a Listing
We welcome submissions of community news, items for sale, want ads, etc. Please keep notices to 500 characters or less. Listings will likely be edited. Please  submit listings  by COB Tuesdays with the subject "Bulletin Submission." Bulletin Board notices generally run for 3 weeks - if space allows - unless other arrangements have been made. There is no charge for listings.  
Notices & Classifieds
When Things Fall Apart -- A study group based on Pema Chodron's book
Tuesdays 7-8pm (Starting May 19)
from Michael Danzansky ( WWS Parent )

This is an awesome opportunity to cultivate tools and practices for the transitional times we are in. It is a study group as we move deliberately, with each week being its own study of a chapter and a concept, which we discuss and work with in and out of class. Its a beautiful way to be with each other in warm, compassionate community. Pema Chodron's wisdom is a great reminder that fundamental happiness is always within our reach. Using transformative mindfulness practices based in Buddhist wisdom, we will learn and practice how to better navigate life and find happiness when things are not so stable. And in so doing, show up in a bigger way for ourselves and others. Note that if you are joining the group anew, we will be starting around the middle of the book. But as each week is its own topic and theme, you can jump right in. We have limited spaces available.

Parent & Kid Yoga Instructional Video
from Michael Danzansky ( WWS Parent )

This 25 minute video (featuring a WWS parent & kid!) is a helpful guide for yoga you and your children can do together.

Support Chef Eron's Work to Feed Homeless Youth at Baltimore Safe Havens

In partnership with the mayor's office of children and family success and Baltimore Safe Havens, Chef Eron has been producing and delivering 100 meals three days a week (as of last week). Chef is volunteering his skills, The Brookings Institute has opened their kitchen, and WWS has donated some food, but in order to sustain this Wednesday-Friday lunch delivery through the end of May (and hopefully beyond) donations are needed for supplies.

About The Population Served by Safe Havens
Homeless Unaccompanied Youth, generally ages 14-25, lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence. Absent from the custody of a parent or guardian, these young people often share the living space of others or frequent emergency or transitional shelters. They may also live in public or private places not designated for residential use, such as cars, parks, abandoned buildings, or other similar places. Various types of family conflict, such as poverty, the incarceration of a parent or guardian, and unsafe home environments due to sexual orientation, gender identity, or pregnancy can force youth to leave their homes. 
About 40% of all runaway or homeless youth in American who leave their homes identify as LGBTQ. 
Montgomery County and 5G Cell Towers - Free Educational Webinars
From Carol Petrash ( Former WWS Faculty & Alumni Parent
We have been hearing a lot about 5G in the news lately. But what is 5G exactly? How is it related to the current 4G and what will it mean for us collectively? Get your questions answered in this informative, objective session on Thursday at 7:30 pm with expert Theodora Scarato, Executive Director of the Environmental Health Trust. She will be joined by Rick Meyer of Montgomery County for the Control of Cell Towers to talk about how Montgomery County is dealing with 5G. Sponsored by  mocoSafeG.org

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