Weekly Bulletin
December 2, 2020
#GivingTuesday Thanks
Dear WWS Community,

Thank you again for your tremendous support of our GivingTuesday campaign for ONE FUND. We skyrocketed above our goal thanks to your generosity, and raised more than $52,000 in 24-hours. Thank you!

We are also pleased to report that Ms. Morley's 1st Grade Class won the class pizza party! Congratulations! Our WWS Giving Gnome will work out the details with Ms. Morley for the best date.

Many thanks to our GivingTuesday committee members, Michael Danzansky, Vanessa Beckman, Marilyn Noguera, Stephanie Hanson, Lisa Catalone, and Maria Monteverde-Jackson, as well as to our Class Parents. We also extend our thanks to the students, faculty, and staff who contributed video messages. 

Here is a reprise of our GivingTuesday videos:
Boo-Boo Pup Update!
Boo-Boo Pup is found!

The 1st graders were given a special reason for giving thanks last week. After their posters and word of mouth campaign, Boo-Boo Pup was found!

Many thanks to the Zwicker family for finding Boo-Boo Pup and to Ms. Monteverde-Jackson for giving the 1st graders a detailed account of Boo-Boo Pup's journey around the school (with photos!) and returning Boo-Boo Pup safe and sound to Ms. Morley's mailbox...
Create Your Own Evergreen Spiral At Home
One of the most beloved festivals at WWS is the Evergreen Spiral. You can bring this festival to life at home on its own or in combination with any festival of light your family may observe. An underlying theme in these festivals is that, although nature appears to be settling into a time of hibernation, work and activity continues even if it isn't immediately visible. This can be a gentle reminder of the opportunity for human beings to also work inwardly and make preparations for beautiful new things to blossom in the future. The light shining in the darkness can symbolize our own inner lights shining out and bringing hope into the world.

Walking the spiral - Lights in the room are kept low and at the heart of the spiral is a lit candle (the spiral can also be set up outside). Participants sit around the outside of the spiral holding an unlit candle (at school we put the candles in apple holders). Participants sit in silence or with soft musical accompaniment. On your turn, carry your candle to the center of the spiral, light the candle and then carry your light back out of the spiral into the world. At school, we place along the spiral to set our lights so that, at the end of the walk, we can tangibly see how our lights combine to bring warmth and illumination to the space.
How to create your own spiral:
  • The spiral can be created indoors or out.
  • Gather your greens ahead of time. Often tree lots or hardware stores will give away leftover cuttings from their Christmas tree sales. Have a pair of clippers on hand to clip any long branches during your spiral making. In lieu of greens, you can use a rope to lay out the spiral.
  • Gather things to decorate your spiral. Often the four kingdoms of mineral, plant, animal and human beings are represented. This can include geodes, crystals, coral, shells, wooden animals, needle felted figures, or some kind of different greenery. 
  • You will need a stump or something to elevate the central candle in the middle of the spiral, and a large central beeswax candle.
  • Decide if you want some sort of marker for where the candles will be placed. At school we use gold stars cut out of paper placed on the spiral.
  • You can choose to start/end in silence, with soft music, or with singing. A story of the season can also be told before walking the spiral.
  • Have a plan for fire safety – make sure long hair is pulled back, and have a bucket of water and a fire extinguisher ready. Assign someone to be on watch for any toppled candles during the spiral itself.
School Calendar
Staying Up to Date With Our School Calendar

You can view the full calendar online either on the website , in ParentSquare , or in the BigSis portal (these 3 platforms are synced from the same calendar). 

2/ Wednesday
  • G9 Parent Meeting, 7:30pm
  • G2 Parent Meeting, 8:30pm

3/ Thursday
  • G5 Parent Meeting, 6:15pm
  • Mindfulness Workshop, 7pm

4/ Friday
  • Coffee Break with Jennifer Page, 10am

5/ Saturday
  • Seasonal Sing-along Celebration, 5pm

8/ Tuesday
  • G10 Parent Meeting, 6:45pm
  • G11 Parent Meeting, 7:30pm

9/ Wednesday
  • G6 Parent Meeting, 4:30pm

10/ Thursday
  • G3 Parent Meeting, 7pm
  • G4 Parent Meeting, 7:30pm

11/ Friday
  • Coffee Break with Jennifer Page, 10am
Upcoming Events
Tomorrow - Mindfulness Workshop
Thursday, Dec 3 at 7pm (online)

High School Students and Adults are welcome.

The prolonged experience of COVID 19 has greatly altered our day to day lives, anxiety level, and wellness. It has been especially challenging for parents as we're left balancing our work, our children's education, and our own emotional health. The uncertainty and anxiety impact many aspects of our existence including work productivity, relationships, wellness, and sleep. Mindfulness and meditation are proven ways to manage stress, better navigate challenging emotions, and enhance your relationship with yourself and those around you.
In this workshop participants will experience present moment awareness through practicing mindfulness of body, breath and mind/thoughts and learn about ways to develop a daily mindfulness practice. This workshop will also include guidance and information about parenting and building family resilience in the pandemic.
This workshop is facilitated through Zoom by Mick Neustadt LCSW-C, a licensed psychotherapist who teaches group mindfulness sessions and has been practicing mindfulness for 25 years. 

For more information email Lisa Bechmann.

Online Seasonal Sing-along Celebration
Saturday, Dec 5 at 5pm

The Festivals Committee is hosting this informal online gathering to celebrate the various traditions within our community that occur during the winter season. We are continuing to gather suggestions of songs, poems, verses, and/or other ideas that you would like to submit to be included as part of this community gathering. Thank you for your suggestions so far! 

We are looking for:
  1. A few more songs to add to the program (we’ll all sing together in our homes, muted)
  2. A few more solo or family presentations for everyone to enjoy, including poetry and verse.
Please email the committee at festivals@washingtonwaldorf.org by the end of the day tomorrow with your suggestions and/or willingness to contribute. We look forward to your input and to joining together as a community on December 5.
A zoom link will be sent out Saturday morning.
Committee for Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice Coffee
Monday, Dec 14 at 10:30am 

A Window Into the Classroom - One class’s action inspired by history studies and the importance of perspective.

8th grade students will share a project inspired by material used in the classroom and explain why it was an important action to them. Kate Knuth will give some insight into the faculty's anti-racist curricular work.
Winter Webinar Assembly
Grades 1-12
Thursday, Dec 17 at 2pm

This webinar assembly will include music, a slide show, and speakers. The Winter Webinar Assembly is for current families and students in grades 1 - 12. Not to be missed!
8th Grade Virtual Play
Thursday, Dec 17 at 7pm

An adaptation of Philip Pullman’s The Scarecrow and His Servant
(Suitable for all ages)

The 8th grade is busy re-imaging our traditional 8th grade play for our times. The story is rollicking, and their presentation varied and enthusiastic. This will be a play like no other, in every way you can imagine.
Announcing the Washington Waldorf School Online Spirit Wear Store
Our new online school spirit wear store is open!

Shirts, hoodies, bags, masks, and more! You can order your essential WWS items just in time for holiday gifts, with direct delivery to your home. 
A Note About Evergreen Orders
From Bonnie McClelland

Evergreens ordered through the high school should arrive at doors this week or next. Your original order confirmation email was from Sherwood Forest Farms (no_reply@sherwoodfundraiser.com), should you wish to check on your order. 

If an order has not been received by next Wednesday, Dec 9, please email to let me know and I will look into it. I know I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of my order here! 

We raised an estimated $775, and will send this to the Lakota Waldorf School in the coming week.

Thank you and enjoy the beautiful, fresh evergreens! 
Head of School Search
Thank you for spreading the word about our search for a new Faculty Chair & Head of School who will move our school forward in its mission to cultivate each student’s capacity to think clearly, feel compassionately, and act purposefully in the world.

Alumni News
Isabelle Rowe, LCSW-C (class of 2002) has expanded her series of children's books that examine the experiences and feelings of children during the pandemic.

You can read more about the books on the "Maryland Families Engage" website from the Maryland State Department of Education.
Bulletin Board
How to Submit a Listing
We welcome submissions of community news, items for sale, want ads, etc. Please keep notices to 500 characters or less. Listings will likely be edited. Please submit listings by COB Tuesdays with the subject "Bulletin Submission." Bulletin Board notices generally run for 3 weeks - if space allows - unless other arrangements have been made. There is no charge for listings.  
Classifieds & Notices
Tutor Without Borders - Tutoring and Educational Support Services for Middle and High School Students
Middle School: English, History, Math, Science, and French
High School: English, History and French
Any age: French (lessons, conversation, tutoring)
Hello! I provide virtual tutoring and educational support services to middle and high school students across the country. Along with academic subject teaching, my expertise includes helping students with study skills, time management, and homework support. I aspire to instill a curiosity and love of learning in all of my students. In these times of remote learning, it is vital to tailor sessions to students’ needs and specific learning styles. 
Born and reared in Washington D.C., I have a BA in Political Science and Geography from the University of Vermont, and a Masters of Education from Antioch University. With 10 years of classroom teaching experience, I have worked in Baltimore public schools, as a tutor and substitute teacher in multiple D.C. private schools, and as a Waldorf class teacher from 2012-2019 in Southern Oregon. I have recently returned to live on the Oregon coast after traveling the world, including a multi-month stint at McMurdo Station in Antarctica. 
Catherine Dixon (former WWS substitute teacher)
catherinedixon1@gmail.com | (202) 669-2867
Fiber Craft Studio Holiday Sale
shared by Ildi Horovitz

Fiber Craft Studio is a wonderful, creative place that offers the Applied Arts Program and the Waldorf Handwork Teacher Training program.

They have started their holiday online sale with beautiful plant dyed gifts and materials for your holiday gifts.
Nejm Benessaiah (WWS Parent) Debut Album
from the Benessaiah-Calis Family
Announcing the release of my debut album: Chimaera!
Getting music via Bandcamp is the best way to support artists directly, especially on Friday, where they get 100% of the proceeds. For less than the price of a cup of coffee! Please stream and save on Spotify if that's where you listen, as that will convince the algorithms to put the album on the big playlists. Share with friends if you like it! 

This album represents a moment in time of profound change in my life, of digging deeper, beneath despair to find true joy, passion, colors from family, music and nature. There are networks of deep fibers, silicon circuits, tissues, salty tears and itching tendons which long to rub together in time with syncopated rhythms, deep grooves, shimmering bells and new blossoms sprouting on old forgotten tales.

Boys Hockey Skates

Recreational hockey skates - used fewer than 10 times. Sizes 8.5 and 7.5. Runs big. Stainless steel blade; microfiber lining. $40
Toyota Sienna for Quick Sale

WWS family selling Toyota Sienna, 2012 deep blue/green, in very good condition - up to date service history, all-weather mats included, minor paint scratches, 137,000 miles. We’re asking $9,000 or nearest offer. Please express interest by Wednesday Dec 2 to complete sale by Dec 18. Happy to answer any questions and arrange viewing - in person or remotely!

Household Furniture and Goods for Sale
Great for setting up a new home or filling gaps. All in very good condition, most things are 2-3 years old. Happy to provide photos or details of anything of interest and will gladly discuss a price for a group of items. All items will be available for pick up in Chevy Chase, mid to late December. Please let us know by Dec 7 at hannahbleby@hotmail.com.

Available items: IKEA pull out bed (twin to queen size) with two mattresses and three large drawers (black brown) · Small Ikea desk and molded plastic swivel desk chair (black brown) · Upholstered swivel desk chair (soft brick red) · Small standing chest freezer (white) · Bedside table and lamp (white) · IKEA leather Poang chair (dark brown) · Small mid century couch with chaise (dark brown) · IKEA 6 drawer dresser (natural pine) · IKEA standing lamp (cream) · 2nd standing lamp (back and white) · Snow shovel · Rake · Outdoor broom · Wire three shelf pantry rack · IKEA Small square coffee table (birch color) · Breville espresso coffee machine · Ninja blender · Bose speaker dock for iPhone · Children’s convertible indoor pool/ping pong table and accessories
New Hampshire State Recommendations on Safe Technology in Schools 
shared by Theodora Scarato

The New Hampshire State Commission on 5G issued a final report with 15 recommendations to the Governor. They include several recommendations concerning children and schools such as "replace Wi-Fi with wired technology" and create a state educational campaign so families can practice safer technology at home. Read more about the report at the Environmental Health Trust website.
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