Weekly Bulletin - March 25, 2020
Background artwork: Gillian (8th Grade)
4800 Sangamore
While we all desperately miss being together, our normal routines, and being in our beautiful school building... 4800 Sangamore is still being put to good use. Thanks to Lelia, Craig, and Bacilio (operations & facilities) we have been able to offer our campus as a space that can help meet current needs and mitigate challenges for our community.
Food Distribution

We are happy to be able to support the Glen Echo Heights Citizen's Association who are working with Saval Foodservice to provide food access to at risk persons who are in the most need at this time. Our school is used as the distribution point.

Drive-Thru Testing

Limited to patients of their practice, and only those who are experiencing symptoms of cough or fever or persons who have had direct in-person exposure to someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, our campus is hosting Kelly Goodman NP & Associates COVID-19 testing events. A drive-thru setting is the safest way to limit exposure for patients and practitioners, and we are glad to help facilitate the testing.
Scenes From Remote Learning
Many of these moments are from faculty families but we would love to see more of what is happening around our community! If you are willing to share, and you happen to catch an image or have a story that you'd like to offer to the community, please send them to: agoodyear@washingtonwaldorf.org
When Sewing Skills Are Needed, Waldorians Are There!
Many in our school community have been putting their sewing skills to great use making masks for the team at Mercy Hospital in Baltimore where  Shelly Henry Hackman (WWS Delegating Nurse & WWS Parent) works as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. While these are not the N95 masks used when working with COVID-19 patients, homemade masks are still useful (the staff was using bandannas as back up).

A huge thank you to everyone who has joined this effort!

It can be a family project ! There are ways even young children can help, perhaps by cutting the materials or embroidering a heart on the masks.
Thanks to the Catelone-Castro family for these pictures!
Special thanks to Maria Monteverde-Jackson, our Events & Community Relations Director, for mobilizing this effort. You can reach out to her with any questions: mmonteverdejackson@washingtonwaldorf.org

Mask Drop Off At The School
Please put the masks in a ziplock bag. If the front doors are unlocked, put your bag on the table that is just inside the first set of doors. If the doors are locked, you can leave your bag outside of the front doors under the awning. There is regular pick up from the school.

How to Make The Masks
Here is a pattern that was okayed by Shelly:
Staying Connected
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Social Media
If you are on social media, consider tagging as part of the community.
You can tag the school and use the hashtag: #washingtonwaldorfathome
Women's History Month
PBS has created a special and a series of 26 digital short films to celebrate unsung heroes during Women's History Month. American Masters — Unladylike2020  is a multimedia series featuring courageous, little-known and diverse female trailblazers from the turn of the 20th century. These women achieved many firsts, including earning an international pilot’s license, becoming a bank president, founding a hospital, fighting for the desegregation of public spaces, exploring the Arctic, opening a film studio, and singing opera at Carnegie Hall. 
Celebrate women’s history month and menstrual equity in March as well as Earth Day in April with a buy-one, gift-one to the school promotion for menstrual cups. Visit The Keeper for more information and to shop their eco-friendly cups, made in the USA since 1987. Enter the promotional code “Waldorf” at checkout and for every cup you purchase one will be donated to the school and available for free in several of the restrooms on our campus (note: cannot be combined with other offers). Thank you for your support of the school and this normal, healthy facet of our community life.
Preorder the 2019-2020 Yearbook
Preorder Your Copy (ies) of the 2019-2020 Yearbook!  
Full color coverage of Children’s Garden through 12th Grade & events.

You can  preorder a yearbook   with free delivery to the school, if you place your order by April 15, 2020.  Orders placed after the deadline will include the cost of shipping the book directly to the purchaser.

Preorders with free shipping cost $38.21 and will be available at the school for pickup by May 29, 2020. Please contact  Caitlin MacKenzie , Yearbook Club sponsor, with any questions. Thank you and enjoy!
Preorder online !  By April 15, 2020
Yearbooks can only be ordered through the TreeRing website .
Please Note: TreeRing’s website works best in the Chrome internet browser.  If you visit the website directly, the school pass code is: 1015278619434770
Bulletin Board
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Notices & Classifieds
Remote Music Instruction Available with Cornelia Florescu (WWS Music Teacher)

New slots available for private, semiprivate and group lessons, including orchestra practice, are available on FaceTime, Skype, and Zoom.

Design your lesson for 15, 30, 45 minutes once or twice a week based on your needs and pace of studying. Keep yourself in shape by practicing with a partner or alone under teacher’s guidance and supervision.

For more info please contact Cornelia at florescus@msn.com  or text 301-793-2709.
Feeling overwhelmed? Stuck? Lost? At a crossroads? Considering a career change or taking a completely new direction in life?

Vicky Tay, Holistic Life Coach and WWS parent of three, is offering a discounted rate for 1 hour sessions for members of the Waldorf Community.

What is Life Coaching exactly? Life Coaching is NOT about dwelling in and talking about the past. Life Coaching is about shedding limiting beliefs, assessing the issue at hand, and identifying steps to take in the immediate future to move forward, onward, and upward in a positive direction, to create and live the life you want and deserve to live.

$120/hr. sessions are being offered at a discounted rate of $60. Please text or call Vicky at Yours Truly, Holistic Life Coaching directly at 703-473-5203.
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