Weekly Bulletin
October 28, 2020
Sharing Our Seasonal Cheer
There are many ways our community celebrates the autumn season and below you'll get a peek at some of the ways folks have decorated their homes. Thanks to those throughout the community that shared their decorations and festivities... some joyous, some fun, some spooky. We hope you are finding some cheer however you mark this season in your home!
Felt Pumpkins from the Monteverde-Jackson home (G9, G11).
The Porr-Mazeres family (WiW, G2) created a fall & Halloween table.
Big googly eyed pumpkins from the Gallagher's home (Songbirds).
Skeletons hanging out at the Caldwell's (G11).
The Kozlowski family (G1, G4) bobbing for apples!
Reused plastic bag ghosts from the McClelland home.
When the gaps in your 1st grader's teeth match her Jack-o'-lantern!
Seasonal Masks!
So much spooky from the Beckman family (G4, G6).
Fall table scene from the Leonard family (G2, G8).
A giant spider has come to call on the Benessaiah-Calis family (G1).
A yarn web and more from the Goodyear family (G1).
School Calendar
Staying Up to Date With Our School Calendar

You can view the full calendar online either on the website , in ParentSquare , or in the BigSis portal (these 3 platforms are synced from the same calendar). 

28/ Wednesday
  • G6 Parent Meeting, 4:30pm
  • CG Parent Meeting, 8pm

30/ Friday
  • NO SCHOOL - Conferences

2/ Monday
  • NO SCHOOL - Conferences

3/ Tuesday
  • NO SCHOOL - Election Day

4/ Wednesday
  • G2 Parent Meeting, 8:30pm

6/ Friday
  • Coffee Break with Jennifer Page, 10am

10/ Tuesday
  • POSC Zoom Coffee, 9:30am
  • G10 Parent Meeting, 7pm

11/ Wednesday
  • NO SCHOOL - Veterans Day
  • G1 Parent Meeting, 8pm

12/ Thursday
  • G3 Parent Meeting, 7pm
  • G4 Parent Meeting, 7:30pm

13/ Friday
  • Coffee Break with Jennifer Page, 10am
Annual High School Greens Fundraiser
Now Through Nov 4

This year we are offering all direct-ship items with delivery right to the door (yours or that of a gift recipient) within the two weeks following Thanksgiving. All payments will be handled online, using PayPal. This time we will send all net profits to the Lakota Waldorf School on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. You are invited to shop and to share the link.

- With thanks from the High School
For Our Well-Being...
How do we fuel ourselves for immunity and optimal health? How does food affect our mood, our immunity and our general health?

We are living in a time where we need to give extra attention to taking care of ourselves. Often, we find that taking care of ourselves means seeking comfort. With the onset of the Pandemic came a renewed interest in cooking for many of us and particularly baking. The activity of meal planning and cooking, both for ourselves and for others, has been a helpful support in many ways. On the other hand, maybe our indulgences have increased a bit too? How does this affect our bodies' ability to fight disease, as well as our emotional well-being? Here are a few articles on the subject, and some healthy recipes that may provide the comfort of a good meal, while supporting our bodies' immune response and our sense of well-being. The fall is a great time for cooking and baking. Enjoy!

Fall Bazaar 2020
Vendors, Bake Sale, Waldorf Store - November 16-25

In a year like no other, we are moving our vendors and Waldorf Store online. A selection of the vendors who attend on a regular basis will be listed on the WWS website beginning on November 16. The WWS Waldorf Store is where we showcase handwork by members of our community, as well as a wide assortment of Waldorf toys, books, art supplies, and a great deal more. We hope you will do much of your holiday shopping at the Waldorf Store. Not only are there no crowds and no shipping costs, you will also receive everything before Thanksgiving AND you'll be supporting our school. The Waldorf Store is the biggest moneymaker of the Fall Bazaar. 

Feel free to share the store with friends, but please be aware - NOTHING will be shipped, so local orders only.
Thanksgiving Food Drives
As part of our Fall Bazaar activities, we will be holding a food drive prior to Thanksgiving. There are two options for participation:
  • A gift card of any size for Giant or Safeway (only) to be donated to Samaritan Ministries. Please send these to school by November 19th (WWS, 4800 Sangamore Rd., Bethesda, MD 20816, Attn: Maria Monteverde-Jackson)
  • Make snack bags for So Others Might Eat (SOME). It's a great family activity! Bags cost approx. $2.30 each We recommend that you sign up for bags in quantities of 8 based on typical amounts available in packages. Our goal is 800 snack bags - that's only 5 bags per family if everyone participates! Bag drop-off is November 19 and 20 at school. To sign up and for the list of items, go to: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0a4fafae2ba64-some
Questions? Send an email to Maria Monteverde-Jackson.
Developing Community Engagement
The WWS Parent Organization Steering Committee (POSC) is seeking 5-6 new members for the 2020-2021 school year. The current mission of the POSC is to lead the WWS Parent Organization, of which all parents are members, in the following ways: 
  • Strengthen the bonds within the community by creating opportunities to gather, collaborate, and form friendships through POSC sponsored events, such as (but not limited to) family picnics, Craft & Conversation, Children's Garden/Lower School Teas, and open meetings.
  • Represent the parent voice by communicating the interests and concerns of the parent body to the school’s administration and the Trustees Council.
  • Support the Festivals Committee and the Development Office by producing annual school community events, such as Grandparents & Special Friends Day, and the annual Spring Gala.
  • Coordinate and produce the WWS annual Fall Bazaar while working closely with parent volunteers.
  • Provide speakers and educational opportunities for parents and the broader community related to parenting and Waldorf education.

It is important to note that because of the unusual circumstances we are in, the POSC will function as a virtual team this year. It is likely that in person events will not be held and that the team will be tasked with finding creative and fun ways to bring our parent community together.

If you are interested in making a meaningful contribution to the WWS community, please join us for a POSC Zoom Coffee on November 10 when we will share specific information about the POSC. If you have any thoughts or questions about this opportunity please contact Maria Monteverde-Jackson, Director of Events and Community Relations at mmonteverdejackson@washingtonwaldorf.org.
Alumni News
Earlier this month, DANCE magazine featured an article by WWS alumni Brian Spitulnik (Class of 2001) where he shares his reflections on what it means to be a Broadway dancer when the pandemic has shut Broadway down.
"Being a dancer has always meant knowing that whatever I have will not be mine for long. It has always meant a life of waiting for the audition that will not pan out, the show that will close without warning, the injury that will cut short a career. I knew I was signing up for a life of impermanence and uncertainty when I moved to New York City at 22...."
Bulletin Board
How to Submit a Listing
We welcome submissions of community news, items for sale, want ads, etc. Please keep notices to 500 characters or less. Listings will likely be edited. Please submit listings by COB Tuesdays with the subject "Bulletin Submission." Bulletin Board notices generally run for 3 weeks - if space allows - unless other arrangements have been made. There is no charge for listings.  
Classifieds & Notices
The Aspiring Spirit Podcast

From Dr. Kenann McKenzie (Thompson), now at Moraine Waldorf School, MA whose children enjoyed many years at WWS with various teachers as follows: Ian Thompson (Brauer), Ayo Thompson (Andre), and Jian Thompson (Chang).

My son, Ian, was a member of the class of 2022 with Mr. Brauer. In his memory, WWS has held tree plantings, concerts, and more over the years. A new “memorial” created for him is a new PODCAST being piloted. The goal is to share social commentary that is about creating a world focused on the greater Good. The name is “The Aspiring Spirit” and it can be found on all podcast stations, including Apple and Spotify.

Listen to our new social commentary podcast “The Aspiring Spirit”
Farm Delivery (pickup near WWS)
from Torie Gorges

Whiffletree Farm delivers orders monthly (first Tuesday of the month) to the home of a WWS family, just around the corner from the school. They offer meat, eggs, cheese, and a variety of other farm products. Items are local (Warrenton, VA), pasture-raised, non-GMO, raised with sustainable land practices.

Learn more or order here: https://whiffletreefarmva.com/
CyberWise Webinar on Screen Fatigue
Thursday, Oct 29 at 4pm
Shared by Caitlin MacKenzie

Because screen time is on everyone's mind, we just wanted to take a moment to invite you, and your communities, to join us for this free webinar with Cyberwise/Cyber Civics founder Diana Graber, along with Jean Rogers, Director of the Children's Screen Time Action Network, a coalition working to promote a healthy childhood by reducing the amount of time kids spend with digital devices, and Joni Siani, Author/Director of "Celling Your Soul" and Founder of the No App for Life. We promise a robust discussion, plus opportunities for Q&A, and will leave you with strategies to alleviate the screen fatigue in your lives. 

Watercolor Workshop: “The Conversation” with Martha Loving
Sat, Oct 2:30 – 4pm

Join us for a FUN time painting! Anything goes… there’s no limit to imagination.
Covid-19 precautions: social distancing, masks required. Space is limited.

COST: $35 - $50 – all materials provided - beginners welcome
10% donated to CCGWB
Registration deadline: TODAY Wednesday, 28 October
Contact: Martha Loving: Martha@lovingcolor.org or 434.865.5330
Location: Christian Community Greater Washington Baltimore, 4221 Metzerott Road, College Park, MD
Drawing Course in Light and Darkness - Balance Within with Martha Loving
Saturdays (Nov 7-28) 2-4pm

What has happened to you during the extremes of our planet’s challenges? Finding BALANCE of our inner forces of thinking, feeling and willing is healing for doubt, anxiety, loss, grief, destruction, and divisiveness in our culture. Working in charcoal drawing, we will study the Universal Laws of Light and Darkness through artistic methods developed by Liane Collot d’Herbois. As a backdrop/theme to our drawing we will work with Goethe’s fairytale, “The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily.” Light & Darkness is about balancing opposites in relationships, with the fairytale aiding us in our personal transformation.

Limited enrollment! Covid-19 precautions: social distancing and masks required. 

Cost: $150 - $200* - 10% donated to CCGWB
Registration deadline: by Halloween, October 31st, 5pm
Contact: Martha Loving: Martha@lovingcolor.org or 434.865.5330
Location: Christian Community Greater Washington Baltimore, 4221 Metzerott Road, College Park, MD
Trumpet For Sale

Yamaha YTR-2330 trumpet for sale. Decent condition, bought new and used for three years by teenager, who has moved on. Comes with case and mute.

Contact Kirsten Shumway at kirstenashumway@yahoo.com
Brookmont House for Rent

Lovely original stone cape in sought after Brookmont neighborhood. 3+ Bedrooms, 3 Bath, 2000 sf house with au pair English basement suite. $3,800

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