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March 10, 2021
Our festivals committee greeted our community with roses and posters Monday morning to honor International Women’s Day and this year’s theme “Choose to Challenge.” #iwd2021 #choosetochallenge
Message from Jennifer Page
“I stand on the shoulders of those who came before me.”

A number of years ago, I had the privilege to play on the first women’s intercollegiate volleyball and softball teams at my Big Ten alma mater. For me, this was Title IX of the Civil Rights Act’s most direct and immediate consequence. I recall how excited we were to discover that we – women – could use the big gym and nautilus machines. And, we were issued bona fide school warm up suits and uniforms, jackets, and athletic bags – GEAR! We traveled to other Big Ten schools, and they traveled to us – just like the men’s teams. What a moment it was! It wasn’t until years later that I began to think about all the women and allies who made that possible. I reflected on the journey of my grandmothers, both of whom attended and graduated from college before women could even vote. I also thought of my father who told me I could do whatever boys could do. So many folks, some famous and some personal, made my own journey possible.

Here we are in 2021, and I ask the following: What kind of shoulders am I (are you) giving to those who will come after us? Can our shoulders be such that we help create an environment that eliminates “othering”? I dream of a time when we no longer need to enforce laws like Title IX to grant categories of human beings their equal rights and opportunities. When will it be universally accepted, assumed, and self-evident that each of us is beautiful, talented, unique, valued, respected, essential, and deserving of all human rights and dignity? May my and our shoulders and mutual examples be important steps toward realizing this dream.
School Calendar
Staying Up to Date With Our School Calendar

You can view the full calendar online either on the website , in ParentSquare , or in the BigSis portal (these 3 platforms are synced from the same calendar). 

12/ Friday
  • Coffee Break with Jennifer Page, 10am

15/ Monday
  • G11 SAT Prep, 1:30pm

17/ Wednesday
  • G9 Parent Meeting, 7pm

18/ Thursday
  • G6 Parent Meeting, 7pm

19/ Friday
  • Coffee Break with Jennifer Page, 10am

22/ Monday
  • Virtual Book Club (see below), 8pm

24/ Wednesday
  • SAT @ WWS (WWS students only)

29/ Monday
  • NO CLASSES - Spring Break (March 29 - April 2)
Spring Is Coming!
Evidence of spring is beginning to emerge from the thawing earth around campus. The second graders arranged stones around these lovely crocuses to keep them safe from wandering feet. 
7th Grade Physics
One of the many memorable lessons each year is the hands-on 7th grade physics block where pulleys are hung and students are lifted into the air... This year the lesson moved outside.
A couple of throwbacks...
With class teacher Jennifer Page in the aughts.
Virtual Book Club
The Book Club will meet Monday, March 22 at 8PM to discuss The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid.

For more information, contact Susan Walsh at swalsh@washingtonwaldorf.org
Save the Date
Strategic Planning Committee Focus Groups
The Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) invites current parents to share and discuss their vision for the future of our school by participating in a focus group. Daytime and evening meeting times will be available. Each focus group will meet once, with additional optional conversations possible further down the road.

Interested parents should contact SPC Co-Chair Jennie Rabinowitz (jr.rabinowitz@gmail.com). Parent feedback will also be solicited via survey or similar means later this year.
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Classifieds & Notices
Anthroposophical Society Branch Easter Observance
from Nancy Foster (Alumni Parent)

The Festivals Group of the local Anthroposophical Society Branch invites you to participate in a three-part observance of Easter, “Finding Easter in the Cycle of the Year.” It will include reading two lectures on our own on March 24th and March 25th and then a talk over Zoom by Mary Stewart Adams on March 26th. 

Film Score by Alumni Band

Alumni Nick Kendall's ('97) reached out to let us know that his band Time for Three co-wrote the music for the new movie LAND, directed by and starring Robin Wright. The movie premiered this year at Sundance, and is in theaters and on demand.
"Over the Pines" from LAND by Ben Sollee & Time for Three
Free Printer and Treadmill
from Doerthe Braun (WWS Parent)

  • HP Photosmart printer for free. Older model, but works perfectly fine, color tans black and white.
  • Treadmill, older model but in good work condition, for free!

Email me doerthebraun@icloud.com or text 240-535-3848.
Needle Felted Toadstool Tutorial
from WWS Parent Anja Caldwell

Due to the pandemic, I make instructional video tutorials to go with my online classes. Usually I edit them to speed through the chatty parts, to keep them short. This video is unedited and reminds me of counting sheep, or a bit like an homage to Bob Ross, though I am certainly no Bob Ross.

If you are also in need of some mindfulness, enjoy this complimentary copy to make mushrooms to go with your gnomes.

Be well,
Anja Caldwell
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