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January 21, 2021
Third grade in their outdoor and indoor classrooms with masks and distancing.
Updates from Campus
Maryland and Montgomery County are now in phase 1b of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution schedule. This is good news for WWS as our faculty and staff are now eligible to receive the vaccine.
The Children's Garden returned to campus last week and grades 1-4 joined them today. By the end of next week, all grades will be welcomed back to our building and grounds. We offer continual thanks to our planning & preparedness team, and our facilities and operations staff who have worked tirelessly to ensure we are able to maintain our health and safety protocols for in person learning.
Photos from Campus Today
For Our Well-Being...
Getting through the Winter - and what is Hygge anyway?  

Even though we are on our way to spring, and the light is returning bit by bit, day by day, it can still be a challenge for many of us to get through the winter months and maintain our sense of well-being. Experiencing the pandemic adds an additional challenge for all of us. Our experiences can range from a bit of "winter blues" to living with Seasonal Affective Disorder. Wherever you are, some time spent under a cozy blanket with a warm cup of tea, or a walk in the sunshine can improve your sense of well-being. Scandinavian cultures have made living well, even in the dark and cold of winter, a way of life. The concept is called Hygge (HUE-GUH).

So what is Hygge anyway? Here are some resources that explain this concept and way of living:

Delve into the definition of Hygge with the Oxford Dictionary
Hear from Danish folks on living with the concept of Hygge.
If getting out doors and creating a comforting space in your home is not enough, what can you do to lift your mood? Here is some information about Seasonal Affective Disorder and depression during the winter months:

School Calendar
Staying Up to Date With Our School Calendar

You can view the full calendar online either on the website , in ParentSquare , or in the BigSis portal (these 3 platforms are synced from the same calendar). 

22/ Friday
  • Coffee Break with Jennifer Page, 10am

26/ Tuesday
  • G5 Parent Meeting, 7pm

27/ Wednesday
  • G6 Parent Meeting, 4:30pm
  • G7 Parent Meeting, 7pm

28/ Thursday
  • G1 Parent Meeting, 8pm

29/ Friday
  • Coffee Break with Jennifer Page, 10am

1/ Monday
  • G11 SAT Prep, 1:30pm

3/ Wednesday
  • G9 Parent Meeting, 7pm

5/ Friday
  • Coffee Break with Jennifer Page, 10am

8/ Monday
  • G11 SAT Prep, 1:30pm

12/ Friday
  • Coffee Break with Jennifer Page, 10am

15/ Monday
  • NO SCHOOL - Presidents' Day
Upcoming Events
Community Book Club
Monday, Jan 25th, 8-9pm

Our next book for a Zoom conversation is The House on Mango Street/La Casa en Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros. Written in 1984, it is the story of a Latina girl growing up in Chicago. Hailed as a classic, it is a "funny, beautiful book" at 110 pages.

Please email Susan Walsh if you would like to be added to the club mailing list:
Head of School Search
Thank you for spreading the word about our search for a new Faculty Chair & Head of School who will move our school forward in its mission to cultivate each student’s capacity to think clearly, feel compassionately, and act purposefully in the world.

Online Explorations Course This Spring
Registration is now open for a new year of Explorations Online. This course is a group exploration of the mission of Waldorf education within the context of today’s changing society. 

Explorations is designed for parents, grandparents, administrators, and new teachers in public and independent Waldorf schools, as well as those teaching children at home. Classes will include artistic work (speech/storytelling, movement, music, and pastel drawing) and contemplative studies on current issues, using Anthroposophy as a method of inquiry. We will look at a holistic view of the human being, self development, and current social and pedagogical needs.

Alumni News
Victoria Mansuri ('88) was just starting to teach crafting classes in VT before the pandemic altered our lives and habits. After lockdown, she started teaching craft classes online and was delighted to find how well it worked.

Victoria currently has online Valentine Workshops available where you can learn to create Danish heart baskets.

Find more information and book a time on her company website:

You can ontact Victoria by email or at 410-925-8432
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