Weekly Bulletin - April 15, 2020
Wednesday Is Pizza Day!
Cooking at Home With Chef Eron
Many of us are missing our school lunches. We miss our favorite meals. We miss the anticipation as the lunch carts roll down the hallways to classrooms. We miss the buzz of the lunch line. We particularly miss the time spent with our dedicated volunteers who help to keep the kitchen fun and lively.

But Chef Eron is still cooking many of the meals that we miss... and he's working on videos that we can all use to recreate our favorites at home. To get us started, he shares his recipe and tips for pizza making. Listen for the middle school math lesson happening in the background!

Let us know if you have a recipe you want to see made into a video!
Community Chalk Drawing Project
Thanks to Bonnie McClelland for organizing a remote, yet collective, community art project. You can still add your own piece!

  • Use chalk to draw-in / decorate an approximately 3 x 3 foot square on your sidewalk, driveway, patio, front steps, or balcony (pavement).  
  • Work by all community members is welcome, and work done by students is especially welcome. 
  • This is not about perfection, and is not a competition. It is about simple enjoyment, expression and collaboration. 
  • All work should be suitable for viewing by a general audience, not express political views, and not include any student names or other proper nouns.  
  • Take a photo from right above it, to the best of your ability. The idea is to keep it square in the frame and also to try to avoid casting a shadow over it - all while keeping it in good focus (part of the fun!). The photo should be of the work only.
  • Send the photo to: bmcclelland@washingtonwaldorf.org, with the name of the artist(s)
Hail The Mighty Class of 2020!
from Marta Schley, WWS College Advisor

Our senior class, 16 strong, has been admitted to a remarkably diverse and selective group of colleges this year.  

You will note that several of the state universities come with an "honors" designation. Honors colleges within larger public universities have much to offer with smaller classes, special opportunities for collaborative learning with one another, chances to do research normally reserved for graduate students in schools of this size. In other words, being in an honors or scholars program may offer some of the best features of a private liberal arts college with the facilities of a larger state university.

The National Candidate Reply Date is May 1st in most years. However, due to Covid 19, about half of the colleges and universities in the U.S. are extending their reply date to June 1st. This means you will have to wait until that date to learn where our students actually choose to attend! In the meantime, please send kind thoughts to them as they grapple with this challenging problem, made even harder this year for obvious reasons.
Acceptances for the Class of 2020
as of April 15th
Eve Hill (Class of 2020) on Channel 4 News
After our piece in the last Bulletin highlighting WWS Senior Eve Hill for her work as an EMT at the  Bethesda-Chevy Chase Rescue Squad, her story was picked up by  NBC Washington. We are grateful for all of the first responders who are working to keep our communities safe!

Scenes From Remote Learning Life
We know this unprecedented time is full of challenges and the balance shifts day to day. As we all figure out our rhythms and ways of being, we are glad to see and to share the moments of learning, rest, fun, and light that you are able to capture.

If you capture a moment to share, please send it to: agoodyear@washingtonwaldorf.org
Mask Making Update
You may have seen some familiar faces on the PBS News Hour on Friday, April 3rd. The piece highlighted folks sewing masks at home and many of the mask makers who were featured in the segment are members of the WWS community!

Where to Send Masks Now
Shelly has let us know that Mercy doesn't have an immediate need at this point so there won't be a regular pick up at the school.

For those who continue to sew masks, the organization Seamstresses Unite could be a good place to find the most need:

Contact Maria Monteverde-Jackson with any questions:

Here is a pattern that we were using initially:
Deadline Extended!
Preorder the 2019-2020 Yearbook
Preorder Your Copy of the 2019-2020 Yearbook by April 30!
Full color coverage of Children’s Garden through 12th Grade & events 
We will have a 2019-2020 yearbook and are working with TreeRing for how best to have orders delivered. 
In the meantime, y ou can still Preorder Online  by April 30, 2020 (Deadline Extended!)

Yearbooks can only be ordered through the  TreeRing website .
Please Note: TreeRing’s website works best in the Chrome internet browser.  If you visit the website directly, the school pass code is: 1015278619434770
Yearbook ad space is for sale now ! Your ad, with copy, is due Monday, April 30, 2020 .  Ad space can be used to congratulate your child/the class, thank a teacher/the school, or advertise your business. For more information on ad size and prices, visit: https://www.washingtonwaldorf.org/giving-together-we-thrive/yearbook-ad-purchase-information/
A limited amount of ad space is available on a first come, first served basis (Class of 2020 and Class of 2024 get first dibs!) – so please reserve your ad space by emailing  Caitlin Mackenzie , Yearbook Club Sponsor, as soon as possible. 
Please contact  Caitlin MacKenzie , Yearbook Club sponsor, with any questions. Thank you and enjoy!
Parent Organization News
Parent Organization Online Zoom Gathering 
Friday, April 17 from 11am-12pm

The POSC invites all parents from CG, LS, and HS to an online  PO Gathering over Zoom this Friday, April 17th from 11am - 12pm.  Please mark your calendars and join us! An invite will be emailed later in the week. WWS has a very strong parent community and we want to work on creative ways to keep our parents across the grades connected during this challenging time.

Join for as little or as long as you can!

If able, please bring an idea to share. What is something new that you are doing now with this time at home? For instance:
  • your favorite board game
  • hiking spot
  • book or movie idea 
  • new recipe
  • or any activity that is keeping you busy with your family at home

Also, what is the biggest challenge you are facing at home? How are you staying in touch with friends? Celebrating birthdays? 

We hope this is an easy way for our strong community to come together, see some old friends, meet some new parents, and share some ideas across the grades.  We welcome any ideas you have for this or other Zoom PO gatherings. Please email us at  posc@washingtonwaldorf.org  to RSVP, share ideas, or ask a question. We look forward to seeing you Friday!
Bulletin Board
How to Submit a Listing
We welcome submissions of community news, items for sale, want ads, etc. Please keep notices to 500 characters or less. Listings will likely be edited. Please  submit listings  by COB Tuesdays with the subject "Bulletin Submission." Bulletin Board notices generally run for 3 weeks - if space allows - unless other arrangements have been made. There is no charge for listings.  
Notices & Classifieds
An 8-week Virtual Meditation Class for Women
Releasing stress during uncertain times

Are you feeling anxious, heart broken, angry or stressed? Perhaps some of you are experiencing a slower pace in life as so much has come to a stop. Are you unsure how to navigate this new pace and all the unknowns? How do we open to the complexity of feelings, nourish our understanding and compassion in a new way, and stay grounded? 
These are the questions that we will explore together in this mindfulness meditation class for women. Classes are designed to build solidarity and connection. The benefit of a structured class with a cohort of similar women is a depth of connection to others and yourself. We learn from each other and are inspired by our mutual commitment to living life awake and as best as we can. 
WHEN: Thursdays, April 16 - June 4, 7:30-9 pm 
WHERE: Online via zoom
COST: $259 for 8 weeks

To register, email or call/text Jeanine ( WWS Parent ) at 202-352-3208.
Canoe for Sale

Mad River Canoe and paddles for sale, excellent condition, used no more than three times. Asking $400. View specs: https://www.rei.com/product/750860/mad-river-adventure-14-canoe
Contact Kirsten Shumway ( WWS Parent ) at kirstenashumway@yahoo.com
Postcards to Thank Healthcare Professionals

I am calling in a collection of mini artworks (postcard sized) called "Star Shimmers" to send to hospitals and nursing homes at this time. Each star shimmer will become a gift to a patient/doctor/nurse/all providing healing to those affected by the virus condition, and for the overall healing of the Earth. 

If you are interested in contributing to this mission, please email Rebekah Miller ( WWS Assistant Teacher - CG ) rebekaham5813@gmail.com for further details.
Healthy Adults for Healthy Kids: Self-Care and Modeling in the Time of COVID-19 
from Bonnie McClelland ( WWS HS Coordinator & WWS Alumni )

Our High School uses FCD's services and resources for substance abuse prevention education. They are offering two webinars to support parents during this extraordinary time.

Webinar One: Adult Self-Care for Healthy Kids
Thursday, April 16 from 2-3pm EDT
Topics will include:
  • What is self-care?
  • Self-care and substance use: myths and realities
  • Adaptable self-care for the "new normal"
  • Teaching age-appropriate self-care to kids that protects them from substance use
  • How to start healthy habits now that will apply to healthy teens later

Webinar Two: Healthy Adult Role Modeling for Healthy Kids 
Thursday, April 23 from 2-3pm EDT 
Topics will include:
  • How to model and encourage daily protective factors against teen substance use
  • Resiliency tips that teens can apply now and later
  • Making stress management a routine
  • Teachable prevention moments within a family's "new normal"
  • The power of authenticity and effective parent-child communication
Remote Music Instruction Available with Cornelia Florescu ( WWS Music Teacher )

New slots available for private, semiprivate and group lessons, including orchestra practice, are available on FaceTime, Skype, and Zoom.

Design your lesson for 15, 30, 45 minutes once or twice a week based on your needs and pace of studying. Keep yourself in shape by practicing with a partner or alone under teacher’s guidance and supervision.

For more info please contact Cornelia at florescus@msn.com  or text 301-793-2709.
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