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February 3, 2021
Update from Campus
Although the snow kept us off campus for a couple of days, we are very excited that all of our grades are back on campus for 4 full days a week. We are particularly pleased to welcome the high school back as they had limited meetups on campus in the fall and had just returned to campus for regular classes when we shifted to virtual for all of the grades around Thanksgiving. Pictured above are high school students during their first day back on campus.
Waldorf Education Speaker Series
The Washington DC Area Waldorf schools are joining together to coordinate a speaker series on Waldorf Education. The first event will be next Wednesday.
An Education for our Time:
A Talk with Jack & Carol Petrash
Wednesday, Feb 10 at 8pm

Our times are challenging and uncertain. The world our children will inherit will ask a great deal of them. It is essential that we prepare them to meet the future they will face. However, schools cannot effectively offer students answers to problems we can’t foresee. But we can help them to develop capacities with which they can creatively and effectively meet those problems. This talk will look at how Waldorf Education is currently developing these important and needed capacities in students.

Join us on Google Meet: https://meet.google.com/vig-dquz-uri
Dial-in: (US) +1 205-690-1337 PIN: 379 368 141#
Jack and Carol Petrash are Waldorf teachers with many years of experience. In addition, Jack founded and directs the Nova Institute, which works to build bridges between mainstream and Waldorf Education. He is the author of Understanding Waldorf Education: Teaching from the Inside Out.

Carol is a Waldorf kindergarten teacher and was the registrar for the Rudolf Steiner Institute and the Early Childhood Coordinator at WWS. She is the author of Earthways: Simple Environmental Activities for Young Children.
School Calendar
Staying Up to Date With Our School Calendar

You can view the full calendar online either on the website , in ParentSquare , or in the BigSis portal (these 3 platforms are synced from the same calendar). 

3/ Wednesday
  • G9 Parent Meeting, 7pm

5/ Friday
  • Coffee Break with Jennifer Page, 10am

8/ Monday
  • G11 SAT Prep, 1:30pm

10/ Wednesday
  • Waldorf Education Speaker Series, 8pm

11/ Thursday
  • G3 Parent Meeting, 7pm

12/ Friday
  • NO CLASSES - Parent/Teacher Conferences

15/ Monday
  • NO SCHOOL - Presidents' Day
National Waldorf Alumni Network
Network with Waldorf alumni from across the country through the Waldorf Alum Connect platform provided by the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA). Nearly 1,700 alums have registered and they are hoping to reach 2,500 this year. 

Benefits of joining the community:
  • Internship and Employment Postings
  • Mentorship and Mentee Opportunities
  • with 100s of alum registrants offering themselves up as mentors, the potential support for young alums is truly boundless.
  • The Continental Waldorf Alum Business Directory
  • currently listing 125 businesses
  • Alum Parent Registration
  • The platform welcomes not only alums, but alum parents as well, with the hopes of parents sharing job postings and internship offerings
  • Searchable Alum Map by location, industry, class year, school affiliation and more.

If we have a significant number of WWS alumni who register with Waldorf Alum Connect, we will considering hosting a dedicated school community page within this platform.
AWSNA is hosting a Waldorf Alum Zoom Social Hour every other month. The next event is Monday, March 8 at 7:30pm ET.

Staff, teachers, and alum parents are also welcomed to attend!
Outdoor Gear
We are maximizing time in our outdoor classrooms and are fortunate to have a 6 acre campus and access to wonderful nearby trails. Here are a few reminders and tips about outdoor gear...
Tips from our Waldorf in the Woods teacher, Linc Kinnicutt:
  • Make sure that gear is waterproof rather than water resistant.
  • Layering is key. Make sure that the outer layer will keep the inner layers dry.
  • Rubber rainboots, with no lining, can be very cold, even with most socks. Boggs style boots, even though the neoprene is not fully waterproof, can be a better choice.
  • Gloves and mittens with cuffs that go over the sleeve tend to work better.
  • Rain pants should go over boots to best keep the rain out of boots.
  • Warm hats are essential.
Many outdoor oriented companies are currently having end of season sales on winter gear. It can be a good time to find deals.
  • Linc’s favorite gear based on observing his class over the year is Polarn O Pyret. They offer a 20% discount (on full price) for families in outdoor school programs. You can register for the program on their website.
  • Patagonia
  • REI
A few recommendations gathered from the 1st grade parents:
If you have outdoor gear to sell, swap or give away, send us a listing for the Bulletin. Current parents can also post in the Tribe community hub (be sure to tag your post with the "For Sale, Give Away, or Swap" topic).
Bulletin Board
How to Submit a Listing
We welcome submissions of community news, items for sale, want ads, etc. Please keep notices to 500 characters or less. Listings will likely be edited. Please submit listings by COB Tuesdays with the subject "Bulletin Submission." Bulletin Board notices generally run for 3 weeks - if space allows - unless other arrangements have been made. There is no charge for listings.  
Classifieds & Notices
Virtual Student Well-Being Symposium, February 25 at 1pm
from former WWS parent Tiziana De Macceis

Tiziana (now in Italy) let us know that she and her husband are involved with the creation of a new organization focused on student well-being. Mindhamok uses digital learning, webinars, and podcasts working with a network of therapists (psychiatrists, osteopaths, homeopaths, coaches etc). They have a 24/7 helpline, crisis management, and more. 

Be part of the Mindhamok virtual student symposium! Join their expert panel members as they share their perspectives on “the academic year that wasn’t supposed to happen” as well as offering a unique chance to gain new tips on how to improve your well-being as you study during the pandemic. Panel members will also be on hand to listen and respond to questions, thoughts and concerns.

Chocolate Dipped Bacon for Valentine's Day
from Chef Eron (WWS Executive Chef)

This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday and what could be better than sharing the Better Bacon that you Love for brunch dipped in chocolate with the ones you Love.

Available for delivery 1/11, 1/12 & 1/13

Learn About Safe Technology and the Historic Lawsuit on Wireless 
Interested in a meeting to talk about technology safety? Contact WWS parent Theodora Scarato who will be hosting monthly community meetings on tips and tricks to decrease EMF exposure. Scarato's organization has launched a major legal appeal to the FCC regarding their refusal to update 25 year old wireless safety limits. Court proceedings and the press conference are online.  See also this article from WTOP.

Contact Theodora at theodora.scarato@ehtrust.org 
Meal Preparation & Delivery
from WWS parent Kate Mueller

Do you need help with family meals? Cristina Bermudez cooks delicious, nutritious traditional/vegan/gluten-free homemade meals in her Cabin John kitchen using organic ingredients and delivers them to your home. My family has eaten many, many Cristina meals and are so happy we found her. This flyer includes a discount for Waldorf families!

Contact Cristina or email Kate with any questions.
Online Valentine Craft Workshops

WWS alum Victoria Mansuri ('88) is offering online Valentine Craft Workshops where you can learn to create Danish heart baskets.

Victoria was just starting to teach crafting classes in VT before the pandemic altered our lives and habits. After lockdown, she started teaching craft classes online and was delighted to find how well it worked. Read about her experience in this article from the Kenne Sentinal.

Find more information and book a time on her website: byourhandscreate.com

Contact Victoria by email or at 410-925-8432
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