Weekly Bulletin - August 29, 2019
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50 years ago the Washington Waldorf School welcomed the students of its first class to embark on a journey of discovery and learning. Over the years we have grown, changed, learned, and striven to be a place where the community sees itself in each individual and where each individual is a valued and celebrated part of the community.
50th Anniversary Celebration & Waldorf100
We are thrilled to have two momentous milestones to celebrate this year. As our school turns 50, we are also a part of a global celebration honoring the 100th year of Waldorf education as a whole. There are a number of ways we will celebrate during the school year.

Please join us for our 50th Anniversary Party!
When: Sat, September 7th - 5-8pm
Where: The school blacktop
Who: Anyone with a connection to the school is welcome!
Our thanks to Catalone Design for our celebratory 50th anniversary logo. It reflects on both our history and our present, and it also looks forward to the next 50 years.

After this school year we will carry forward with this logo without the "celebrating 50 years" tagline.
What You Need to Know for the First Week of School
School Hours & Start Times
First Week - Staggered Start & Early Dismissal Information

Tuesday, September 3rd
  • Welcome Back Tea, 8:15am
  • Grades 1-12: Classes begin with early dismissal at 12:30pm (no lunch service so please pack a snack)
  • Lower School aftercare begins
  • Children's Garden: Orientations -
  • Nursery 9am-10:15
  • Songbirds, Sunflowers & Waldorf in the Woods classes - 10am

Wednesday, September 4th
  • Nursery, Songbirds, Sunflowers & Waldorf in the Woods: Classes begin
  • Seedlings class orientation - 10-11:30am

Thursday, September 5th
  • Seedlings class begins
Drop Off and Pick Up
Please follow the direction of traffic attendants who are identifiable by safety vests.

Entrance is at the north end of the parking lot only.

Drop off lane is to the right as you enter the parking lot.

Pick up lanes are on either side leading from the parking lot entrance to the school entrance. Cars may carefully pass through.

For Children's Garden drop off and pick up, please pull through past the school entrance and park in the south parking lot. This is also the lot for high school students who drive themselves.

Other parking: please consider parking in the neighborhood!
Before & After Care

Before Care is free of charge and is available after 7:30am on a drop-in basis. Lower School before care is available in the front foyer and Children's Garden before care gathers at the CG playground gate.

Students must be registered to participate in After Care and there is a fee. Learn more and register on our website.
School Forms **Required for Attendance**

Students must have forms submitted in order to attend classes. Please contact department coordinators ASAP if you have any questions or have not submitted forms.


Learn more about our school healthy lunch program. Please contact Stacey Kornegay with questions and to order lunch in advance for a savings.

Parent volunteers are an essential part of the WWS lunch program! Contact Chef Eron Picus to join in the culinary fun.


Please check the BigSis or ParentSquare calendars for sports schedules.
**Students must have an Athletic Clearance Form signed by a health provider to participate in sports at WWS.

Contact Taisto Saloma with any questions.
Important September Dates
3/ Tuesday
  • Welcome Back Tea, 8:15am
  • Classes Begin Tues - Thurs (see above for staggered schedule)

6/ Friday Rose Ceremony, 2pm (G1 & G12 parents invited)

7/ Saturday 50th Anniversary Party, 5-8pm

8/ Sunday G12 leaves for Hermit Island (Sun-Fri)

10/ Tuesday G1 Parent Evening, 7-9pm

11/ Wednesday G2 Parent Evening, 7-9pm

12/ Thursday G4 Parent Evening, 7-8:30pm

16/ Monday G3 Parent Evening

17/ Tuesday G7 Parent Evening, 7-9pm

18/ Wednesday G6 Parent Evening

19/ Thursday
  • Waldorf100 Anniversary
  • G5 Parent Evening

24/ Tuesday Whole High School Parent Evening

27/ Friday Michaelmas Celebration (rain date Oct 4th) 

30/ Monday NO CLASSES – Rosh Hashanah
New Faculty & Positions
Children's Garden
Ms. Lisa Bechmann
Ms. Bechmann will continue as the Children's Garden Coordinator and will take on the Lead Teacher position for the Seedlings class which is now offered 3 days a week.
Ms. Rebeka Miller
Seedlings Assistant Teacher, Sunflowers Afternoon Assistant Teacher 
Mx. K. Kiley
K. Kiley is moving from the position of assistant teacher in Waldorf in the Woods to lead the Sunflower morning class.
Ms. Katrina Hampton
Sunflowers Assistant Morning Teacher, Sunflowers Lead Afternoon Teacher
Ms. Kendra Taylor
Songbirds Assistant Morning Teacher
Ms. Eleana Williams-Moreiras
Songbirds Lead Afternoon Teacher, CG Aftercare Teacher
Ms. Alex Purdy
Songbirds Assistant Afternoon Teacher 
Ms. Erica Girvin
Waldorf in the Woods Assistant Teacher
Lower School
Ms. Allysun Sokolowski
Fourth Grade Class Teacher 
Ms. Kate Knuth
Sixth Grade Class Teacher
Ms. Aglaia Benni
Ms. Benni will now teach both 7th & 8th Grade German.
Ms. Christine Cassagnau
Middle School Art Teacher
Ms. Susan Walsh
Ms. Walsh will now teach Eurythmy to the 1st Grade in addition to her continuing work teaching Eurythmy to the Children's Garden and as the school Librarian.
Mr. Sean Edwin
Mr. Edwin returns to WWS as the 1st grade assistant.
High School Music
Mr. Daniel Sohn
Chamber Singers Assistant Teacher
Mr. Kweku Owusu
Drumming Ensemble Teacher
Washington Waldorf School
4800 Sangamore Road,
Bethesda, MD 20816