January 2016 - Newsletter 
Table of Contents
Statewide Projects
 -- Juvenile Justice in Wyoming
 -- Statewide STEM Initiative Update
 -- Afterschool and Youth Development Credential - Online Learning
Regional News & Spotlights
  -- Hot Springs County #1 Lights On: MakerSpace is a hit!
  -- Teton County: Afterschool in the news
  -- Uinta County: Boys & Girls Club of Evanston
WYAA Events and Resources
 -- Upcoming Events (including Ruby Payne)
  -- The Benefits of NAA (National Afterschool Association)
  -- Health Care for Kids and Families in Wyoming
Happy New Year from WYAA!!

Statewide   Projects
Juvenile Justice in Wyoming
STEM Pilot Project
-- What You Should Know --
Pilot Overview:
12  afterschool programs from around the st ate are participating in  WYAA's STEM Pilot Project
The program: 
  • Provides resources and training to informal educators on on how to teach STEM in afterschool settings. 
  • Promotes active and participatory exploration, discovery, and learning that stimulates interest in the sciences
Congratulations to all the program providers in the Project who completed their
Dimensions of Success certification! It is a significant accomplishment to help you all improve your programs.
Professional Development:
WYAA is looking into professional development opportunities for participating programs. These will be  customized based on your needs and interests! 
In the meantime, check out these FREE STEM Resources
Have you heard about the  STEM Education Act of 2015 ?
Credential for Afterschool Educators - Online Courses
Earn Your Afterschool and 
Youth Development Credential  
Classes Begin Summer 2016
Contact  WYAA for 
Introduction to Afterschool Programs  (EDEL 1500 - 3cr)
This course is designed for those interested in working in afterschool programs with school-age children.  Topics include child development, guidance and observation of school-aged children, human relations, working with families, professional growth, and creating environments.
Two more classes will follow: 
Planning and Development of Afterschool Programs (3 credits)
Partnerships in Afterschool Programs (3 credits)

Regional News & Spotlights
Hot Springs County #1 - Lights On
21 CCLC 3rd and 4th Grade Afterschool program at 
Ralph Witters Elementary Turns MakerSpace! 
By Sarah Cox  
We planned...
We knew it would be a challenge with trial and error, many strategy sessions,and lots and lots of research, but we were willing to put in the work!!  We had our eye on the prize!  Our #1 goal in the beginning was to increase student attendance & students engagement.  We far superseded that goal within the first full week and opened so many more doors.  

We started up our MakerSpace...
We now have over 12 active maker stations which rotate on a weekly basis.  Students come to Makerspace excited to learn something new.  This afterschool program is virtually 100% student led.  Students arrive at makerspace and instantly choose the station they would like to work in for the day.  Options include art, robotics, little bits (circuitry) engineering, Legos, knot tying, computer programming, 3-D Pens, OSMOS and much much more!  

How it works...
Students then fill out an objective card with what they hope to learn in that center.  At the end of the day they can reflect on their card and determine whether or not they have met their objective.    We have a personal goal to add one new maker station per month throughout the school year.

The Results!
Since implementing the Makerspace out daily attendance had more than quadrupled. We have now branched out to two seperate rooms to meet the needs of students. We are excited to share our success and hope to inspire other programs take risks!
Teton County in the News

Full Article
Uinta County: Evanston Boys & Girls Club - January Newsletter

WYAA Resources
Upcoming Events
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  • Mark your calendar! 
    Ruby Payne is returning to Wyoming. 
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    Healthcare for Kids and Families in Wyoming
    3 Things to Know About Health Coverage in Wyoming
    1. The Health Insurance Marketplace deadline for 2016 coverage is Sunday, January 31, 2016. Wyoming residents have until 10pm MT to enroll.                       
    2. Individuals and families can receive help paying for their health insurance. Dial 2-1-1 to find local enrollment events.  Enroll Wyoming navigators will on-site throughout the state for free assistance. 
      Don't miss out!                                                                                                                                                           
    3. Although,there is no deadline for Kid Care CHIP or Medicaid, many times parents qualify for the Marketplace and their children qualify for another program.  It's time to find out how to get covered.
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