March 2016 - Newsletter 
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National News & Professional Development
 -- Afterschool Alliance Report on Afterschool in Rural Communities
 -- Webinars from NASA
 -- Afterschool and Youth Development Credential - Online Learning
Regional News & Spotlights
 "Planting the Seeds of Healthy Eating"
       ---Boys and Girls Club of the BigHorns
WYAA Resources
 -- Part 2 of a 3 Part Series on Social Emotional Learning
  -- Save the Date! WYAA 8th Annual State Conference on Afterschool Programs
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National News &
Professional Development
Afterschool in Rural Communities


STEM Educators
Webinars from NASA - FREE
Credential for Afterschool Educators - Online Courses
Earn Your Afterschool and 
Youth Development Credential  
Classes Begin Summer 2016
Contact  WYAA for 
Introduction to Afterschool Programs  (EDEL 1500 - 3cr)
This course is designed for those interested in working in afterschool programs with school-age children.  Topics include child development, guidance and observation of school-aged children, human relations, working with families, professional growth, and creating environments.
Two more classes will follow: 
Planning and Development of Afterschool Programs (3 credits)
Partnerships in Afterschool Programs (3 credits)

Planting the Seeds of Healthy Eating
Boys and Girls Club of the Big Horns 
Edible Learning Lab

"I never would have tried this if I didn't to help grow it!"

Planting - Growing - Cooking - Composting 

"But when they get to see it in action, their curiosity already high, and they can interact with the principals at work...they get it."
                            - Tim (Modern Steader)

WYAA Resources
-- Social Emotional Learning --
Save the Date! 
WYAA's 8th Annual Conference

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