May 2016 - Newsletter 
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Advocacy & Professional Development
 -- Afterschool for All: Take the Challenge!
 -- Afterschool and Youth Development Credential - Online Learning
-- Engaging Youth in Language and Literacy
Regional News & Spotlights
-- Teton Literacy Center - Jackson, WY
-- Registration is Open! 2016 WYAA Conference on Afterschool Programs

Advocacy for Afterschool
Take the Challenge: 
Help Increase Federal Funding and Access to Afterschool!
Providing feedback to your Member of Congress is a critical part of the democratic process, and it's easy to do right from your desk or phone!
Professional Development
Credential for Afterschool Educators - Online Courses
Earn Your Afterschool and 
Youth Development Credential  
Classes Begin Summer 2016
Contact  WYAA for 
Introduction to Afterschool Programs  (EDEL 1500 - 3cr)
This course is designed for those interested in working in afterschool programs with school-age children.  Topics include child development, guidance and observation of school-aged children, human relations, working with families, professional growth, and creating environments.
Two more classes will follow: 
Planning and Development of Afterschool Programs (3 credits)
Partnerships in Afterschool Programs (3 credits)

The Potential of Literacy
Engaging Youth in Language and Literacy
Free 4-Part Series on Literacy
                                                            15 min each
Part I: Building Community and English Language Skills in OST (Out-of-School Time)


Part II: Engaging OST Youth in Language and Literacy Through Art

Part III Score! Engaging OST Youth in Language and Literacy Through Sports

PartIV: Cooking up English Language Learning in OST
Download  handouts and pre-recorded webinars.
Spotlight On:
Teton Literacy Center - Jackson, WY
Teton Literacy Center sent us so many great pictures, it was hard to choose! 
Here are a few moments from their programs for elementary and middle school kids.

WYAA Resources
The Potential of Literacy

Key Points: 

  • Skillful, critical, and voluminous reading is one of the most important personal habits that lead to a successful academic career and a happy, productive life
  • Out-of-school time programs (OSTs) are in a unique position to provide students with access to a wide variety of enjoyable reading materials such as books, magazines, comic books, blogs, and fan sites
  • Across the curriculum, reading enlivens and strengthens every after-school, before-school, and summer learning program
  • Avid readers of all backgrounds are higher achievers than students who seldom read; indeed, the acheivment gap between white students and students of color disappears when both read widely and passionately

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