June 3, 2019
Westerville's Field of Dreams

The season is in full swing and soon the tournament games will begin and we'll enjoy the tradition of playing championship games "under the lights" at Hoff Woods Park! There are still lots of games and events to enjoy this season - and it's also time to start planning for Fall Ball. Read on and see what's planned.

Speaking of Field of Dreams  - what's your favorite baseball/softball movie? Share yours and see what others like in our survey!
Fall Baseball
Fall Ball 2019

Even though we're about half way through our spring/summer season, we're hard at work preparing for our 24th fall season. All spring players will receive our "Fall" newsletter mailed to their homes in mid-June which includes program details and registration information. Fall league info will also be posted on the league website at the same time. Registration will again be available online and at two (2) walk-in sessions on July 6th and 13th.

All Star Saturday

Please join us on Saturday, June 29th (rain date 6/30) at Huber Village and Highland Parks for our annual All Star games and home run derbies! Players in Coach-Pitch and older leagues will be playing throughout the day. Please check our website for schedules available later this month. 

Don't forget to turn in your raffle tickets at one of our concession locations. Remember, no money should be returned as the cost of tickets were included with your registration and please remove the ticket bundle staple!
Independence Day Parade

Join us on July 4th as we once again march in Westerville's annual parade. Bring your whole team and share the experience of walking up State Street in front of the crowds!  Please contact Staci Roark ( events@wybsl.org) if you want to participate and/or help organize the event.
Let's  Get the Full Game In

We all want the kids to get as much playing time as they can, but all too often, games don't go the full 6 or 7 innings. Here are some tips to get complete games in:
  • Make sure players know where they are going on defense BEFORE the 3rd out. Post defensive line-ups and/or make sure your bench coach communicates playing positions proactively.
  • There's no walking on ball fields! Encourage players to have their gloves and run to their positions as soon as the 3rd out is made.
  • Have a coach warm-up your pitcher if your catcher is not ready.
  • Eliminate "conferences" before taking the field - if necessary, huddle when you come off the field but don't delay the next batter.
  • Encourage your batters to "keep one foot in the box" and be ready for the next pitch.
These tips can easily save 15 or 20 minutes per game and that can make a difference in getting a complete game in!

Coaches Corner

Guest Contributor - Coach Sean Ring: 

Summer baseball is a great opportunity for growth and development. It is vital to focus on skill development and understanding the game of baseball over simply wins or losses. Every rep leads to developing habits either good or bad so be sure to hammer home the fundamentals. 

The summer is also a great time to watch baseball and learn from players who are older and very skilled. Finally, take opportunities to send players to camps where they can get high level instruction from coaches and players who are seeing your son or daughter for the first time. This helps to create an unbiased blueprint for improvement.
Concessions News

For your convenience, we're proud to announce that our concession facilities will soon have credit/debit card capabilities! Look for them at the ballpark very soon!

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