May 6, 2019
Let's Play Ball!

Game day or date circled with red pen or marker on a calendar or schedule as a reminder of the big event or competition Opening Day is just around the corner and Spring/Summer game schedules are now posted.  Tournament schedules (for Coach-Pitch and older leagues) will be posted shortly.

Please be sure to call our Weather Hotline (614-523-6220) or follow our updates on Twitter in case weather or other schedule changes are necessary.

Pitch, Hit & Run Update

Unfortunately Mother Nature didn't cooperate last weekend and forced the cancellation of the PH&R event.  We have re-scheduled the event for Saturday, May 11 at HUBER VILLAGE PARK with the same originally scheduled times (below): 

Ages (as of 7/17/19) Start Time
Boys & Girls ages 7/8 9:30am
Boys & Girls ages 9/10
Boys & Girls ages 11/12
Boys & Girls ages 13/14

We recognize the potential conflicts with team picture schedules, so although we recommend players try to attend their scheduled age group time, we will accept players throughout the scheduled event time. Accordingly, final results will not be available until the completion of the event.

In case Mother Nature interferes again, the make-up date will be May 12 with all times adjusted 3 hours later. Please remember to call the Weather Hotline for any schedule changes.

Lastly, please remember to register for this event on-line prior and print/bring your registration to the event.
Photo Day

Please don't miss our annual Photo Day which will also take place on May 11th. Even if you don't plan to purchase individual pictures, be part of the team picture so everyone can remember their teammates!

Coaches will notify all players of their assigned photo time. And don't forget, in case of marginal weather, please call the weather hotline (614-523-6220).

Make-up Schedules

Make-up schedules will be posted on our website on the schedules page when necessary - and generally by Friday mornings. Our make-up week is  Friday through Thursday. For example, a Thursday night rain-out will be made up two days later on Saturday. A Friday night rain-out will be made up eight days later on the following Saturday. If more than one rainout occurs in a "make-up" week, Saturday & Sunday games may be scheduled. 

There will be NO make-up games Memorial Day weekend. At the end of the regular season, make-up games will be scheduled as necessary to  ensure the start of the tournament schedule.  
Baseball Summer Camps

Once again this year, each of our Westerville High School Baseball programs host summer camps to help young players hone their skills. Please see each school's respective info/registration forms below:

     Westerville South             Westerville North                Westerville Central


Coaches Corner

In partnership with the Westerville High School athletic programs, Varsity coaches will share their unique perspectives with the goal to help coaches (and parents) with the development of youth athletes. Today's feature is courtesy of Sean Ring:

With the new baseball season on the horizon, remember to walk before you run. Focus on core fundamental drills to build muscle memory and repetition before diving into complex game situations. Practice catching with two hands, dry form swings, tee work, and focused partner fielding drills which, done properly early on, will help create sustained success for your team over the course of the summer.

Also, quiz your players on game situations on paper or whiteboard before running through them on the field. Drill the brain and body to create complete baseball players. Starting slowly will allow for deeper learning and more growth for your team.  
Important Parking Reminder

When parking at City parks, please remember to be safe and always obey traffic & parking laws. And please, respect neighbor s who live by them by using sidewalks and dedicated paths to and from the fields. 

Huber Village Park - please refrain from parking along the east-side of the drive (closest to the fields). Parking on both sides of the road will not allow emergency vehicle access.

Metzger Park - if you use the "turf parking" behind Field 1, please do not drive past the cones beyond Field 1's outfield.
Towers Park - stay within the marked "turf parking (A)," use the Spring Road lot (B) or street parking reflected below. Also, parking restrictions are posted on some city streets (e.g Lakeland Drive) and are always in effect.
Towers Parking 

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