Valentine's Day, 2019
Now is the time to start thinking of Valentine's Day Specials for next year!
Personalized, memorable experiences is what today's travelers are looking for. And Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to create fun hotel stay packages that will boost your revenue and attract new clients who can become loyal return guests.

Brainstorming with your team to create a unique package is also a great team builder and morale booster for your staff. Perhaps you can have a competition and the team member who comes up with the best idea for a Valentine's Day package wins a prize. Include all your staff so they can all take ownership.

Here are some ideas for the components of a festive Valentine's Day package. Some are tried and true, and some may be new to you:

  • Battery operated candlelight
  • Romantic music and soft lighting upon arrival
  • Singing Valentine's Day telegram
  • Breakfast in bed
  • Musical serenade
  • Couple's massage
  • Unique photo opportunity for social media
  • Dinner at your restaurant or at one nearby
  • Actor in a tuxedo recites romantic poetry at dinner
  • Champagne in the room
  • Rose petals on the bed
  • Chocolates in the room
  • Flowers in the room
  • Chocolate dipped strawberries in the room
  • Suite Upgrade
  • Bubble Bath

Whatever you come up with, make sure your team and your guests enjoy the holiday!

All-In-One Facebook Messaging & What It Means for the Hospitality Industry

Last week, Facebook announced it is reportedly working to develop a single, unified messaging infrastructure and increasing the connection between several of their apps.
The integration will allow users to communicate cross-platform even while using the individual apps of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram’s messaging, combining the world’s 3 largest messaging platforms. Thousands of Facebook employees are supposedly hard at work, with the goal being to make the integration complete by the end of 2019 or early 2020, though Zuckerberg has said that the functionality likely wouldn’t be possible until sometime in 2020 at the latest.

This is happening in the midst of questions about too much connectivity and user privacy concerns, which has garnered mixed reactions to the news at hand even though Facebook first started laying the groundwork for this as early as 2016.

Right now, while users are deciding how they feel about this, businesses and marketers have gone straight into what it might mean for them and how it will impact their guest relationships. Some have argued that it will “strengthen Facebook’s grip” on users, with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg taking charge of platforms he’d previously said he wouldn’t be heavily involved with.

After a great deal of research, I believe this will be a powerful and very positive change for businesses in the hospitality industry, opening the door to the future of live chat.

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The Many Ways To Commit The Crime of Wage Theft
Wage theft, meaning violations of the California Labor Code regarding the payment of wages to workers is more common than you might think. Last month, the Labor Commissioner’s Office obtained over $5 million dollars in settlements for workers who had been victims of wage theft.

Common examples of wage theft:
·        Failure to pay minimum wage
·        Failure to pay overtime
·        Failure to pay split shift premiums
·        Not providing required meal and rest breaks
·        Failure to pay sick leave as required

Typical wage theft investigations include a payroll audit for the past three years. Infractions are investigated to determine payments and penalties.

Investigations and settlements are time consuming and may be very costly to the employer.

If you have any questions about wages, consult with a professional or if a CLIA lodging member, call the FREE CLIA Helpline at 916.925.2915.

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Online Auction Scholarship Fundraiser opens March 7, 2019
CLIA continues a tradition of assisting hospitality students attain their dreams of a career in hotel management with financial assistance provided by the CLIA Dollars for Scholars scholarship program. In 2018 our successful online auction financed the scholarships for 15 worthy recipients.

The demand for scholarships exceeds the funds raised so we are asking you to contribute to this important effort:

It's easy to do and good for your property, good for the industry and good for the recipient.
Why Going Back to School Makes Sense
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·        New ways to learn that fit a busy schedule
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