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iBrief Blog: Independent Contractor or Employee
If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it's a duck.  In other words, are treating you treating the 'independent contractor' more like an employee?
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The Five Reasons New Hires Fail in the First 18 Months
Fact: 46% of new employees will fail within their first 18 months on the job, a startling figure revealed by a study by Leadership IQ.
Three Ways to Leverage the Power of Platform Technology at Your Hotel
From Amazon in retail, to Uber in transportation and Airbnb in hospitality, a variety of businesses across multiple industries are embracing platform technology strategies.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
Straightening Out the Fluctuating Hour Workweek: Evaluating the Risks and Benefits of One Method of Overtime Payment
With the Department of Labor's recent changes to the salary threshold for white-collar exemptions set to take effect on December 1, 2016, many employers are struggling to find the best option for how to comply with the new regulations without breaking the bank.
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A New Solution for Efficiently Recruiting Talent
Small and midsize businesses often find themselves in a pickle. Seek out four major attributes to increase success.
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This is the Truth About the Gender Engagement Gap
There's been a lot of discussion lately around the persistent gender pay gap and what it says about today's workplace. What does a recent survey convey?  
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