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July 2016
Employee of 
the Month

Meet Lindsay. This month she celebrated her sixth year anniversary with WagsInn. Her favorite part about working at Wags is bonding with the dogs. She shares her home with her two dogs, Lilly and Berkley. 

Lindsay believes in living each day to its fullest and working hard - set a goal, make a plan, and work for it. But take time to enjoy and be grateful for the little things. Because it can all be gone tomorrow. 

Thank you, Lindsay, for all that you do for WagsInn!

Dog of the Month

Henry has been coming to daycare at WagsInn since 2013. He and his mom take in stray dogs and cats and find them homes. He babysits six kitties while she's at work.

Henry's mom wrote this about him: 

I have overwhelming love and appreciation for this big lug! Henry is a wonderful companion. He likes to watch TV, go bye-bye, go to work with me, eat ice cream and go to the bank drive thru. He lifeguards when I swim, waits around patiently without a leash while I work outside or garden, likes riding around in the old truck, and his BFF is a chihuahua. Henry is an amazing boy that I am fortunate to have in my life. He's kind, gentle, and patient.  Thank you, WagsInn, for loving Henry. 

Customer Comments

Scott Ferguson is a Coldwell Banker Real Estate Agent in Cincinnati and the proud owner of one of our rescues, Westley. Three years ago, Westley came to us in desperate need of new home. Scott and Jill agreed to foster him and immediately fell in love. Westley never left the Ferguson's home. 

Scott believes in WagsInn Canine Charities and is giving back to help dogs like Westley. For every referral, Scott will donate 10% of his commission from the sale to WagsInn. 

Scott, thank you for believing in our mission!

Quick Links
A Different Perspective
Two special guests spend time at WagsInn

Trinity (left) and Jonathan (below) are relatives of two of our employees. 

Trinity is working a few hours a week getting to know our dogs available for adoption

She is keeping a journal and writing about her experience with each dog in an effort to help us find forever homes. 

Here's what she had to say about Bobby the Collie (featured rescue below). 

Bobby is amazing with everyone especially kids. He gets along with all dogs. He deserves to be in a kid-riendly house with a big yard, but would also do well in a home as the only dog. He love s attention and he is a very good dog. I want to teach him tricks and give him m ore attention. 

We'll bring you more from our kid expert in the coming weeks. Stay tuned! 


Jonathan volunteered for a few hours and helped us tidy up around the property. He also spent some time providing love and attention to the daycare dogs and boarders. Thanks for your help, Jonathan! 

Hard at work
Loving on the dogs

National Mutt Day // July 31
On Sunday, July 31, we'll celebrate National Mutt Day (or Mixed Breed Day)! 

Now's a great time to adopt a rescue dog that is the perfect combination of "mutt." 

National Mutt Day was started in 2005 to encourage people to embrace, save and celebrate mixed breed dogs.

To learn more, follow National Mutt Day: 
Meg, a shepherd blend, is looking for her forever home

Summer Update
From August 1 through September 13, we are unable to accept new customers.  We've had a very busy summer and are very thankful. However, due to reaching our capacity we've had to implement a waiting list. Some of our longterm clients have not been able to reserve lodging for their dog. 

We appreciate your trust and support. If you have any questions, please contact us at 937-265-5178 or lori@wagsinn.com. 


Meet Bobby

Bobby was found as a stray and brought to WagsInn. He's a 3 to 5 year old, tri-color Collie and a big swee theart. He gets along well with other dogs, and i s great with  kids. Bobby would do well in a family with other dogs or be completely content with a single owner and the only canine. 
He loves to play ball, is neutered, and knows basic commands.