November, 2018
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In this issue:
  • First Aid/CPR Program on Nov 15
  • ACO Diane's Critter Corner
  • ACO Program on Rodents on Nov 13
  • Autumn Dogs
  • Pawsome People and Awesome Dogs
  • Welcome New Friend of A-DOG
First Aid/CPR Program on Nov 15

by Mary McCartney

Save the Date! Thursday November 15, 2018 from 6:30-8:30pm
Arlington Senior Center, 27 Maple Street, Arlington, MA
A-DOG is pleased to offer this important and popular workshop again this year taught by veterinary emergency expert Amy Newfield. 
Pet First Aid and CPR Basics Workshop
Cost: Free. Suggested donation to Frankie’s Friends would be appreciated.
(Frankie’s Friends provides financial assistance for BluePearl patients in need}
Workshop is taught by Amy Newfield, CVT, VTS (ECC) of BluePearl Veterinary Partners

Co-Sponsored by A-DOG, Arlington Animal Control, & BluePearl Veterinary Partners.
Preventative care through your primary veterinarian is the best tool for identifying potential ailments, but accidents and acute illness can pop up at any time! This session is designed to teach you, the pet owner, the basics behind the most common pet emergencies. Awareness of hazards and recognition of distress signals in your pet can be critical in stabilizing an emergency.
In this workshop, you will learn the following:
  • Find a pulse and count a heartbeat
  • Check the gums and identify signs of emergency
  • Perform hands-on CPR
  • Bandage a wound
  • Respond to choking
  • Set up a first aid kit
The instructor will be demonstrating techniques on her own pet dog. No dogs please with exception of Service dogs.

About the instructor: Amy Newfield, CVT, VTS (ECC)
Amy is currently employed with BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Waltham as the National Veterinary Technician Training Manager. In 2003 she became boarded as a Veterinary Technician Specialist in Emergency and Critical Care. She has taught hundreds of pet first aid classes around the state of Massachusetts and was a former instructor for the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency teaching first responders and disaster teams across the state. She has instructed several first responder classes at Logan International Airport to help improve the safety of airline travel for pets. She lives in Massachusetts with her wonderful furry kids.

Mary McCartney is a member of the A-DOG board. The photo shows Amy with her "demo dog" Meeko at one of our previous CPR/First Aid workshops.
ACO Diane's Critter Corner, Of Feather and Fur

by Diane Welch,
Arlington's Animal Control Officer

Simple Pet Emergency List: Are You Prepared? 

These are products I always keep for a first aid dog kit in my car using a canvas bag or tool box.

  • Bandages, gauze pads, vet wrap. Most bleeding wounds can be stopped by applying pressure.  
  • Hydrogen Peroxide to be used when your dog eats something that it cannot pass or something that can poison the dog (poisoned mouse or rat)
  • Use 1 tsp for every 10 lbs. of your dog's weight. The dog should throw it up within 5-10 minutes. Note: Hydrogen Peroxide, once opened, only lasts for 6 months. Buy a couple of small bottles.
  • Benedryl for allergic reactions to bee stings. Call your vet to confirm dosage.
  • Antibiotic ointment for cuts.
  • Tweezers to remove thorns or ticks.
  • Wet wipes
  • Bottle of water (can also be used to flush eyes) and collapsible water bowl
  • Towel or blanket, Flashlight, Extra leash and collar

Best Regards,
Diane Welch
Animal Control Officer
Arlington Police Department
112 Mystic Street
Arlington, MA 02474
 c: 781-645-8014


ACO Adventures Around A Town:Recent Rescues & Events :
Introduction by Joan Black

Enjoy this photographic journey of remarkable rescue stories . Thank you to the community of Arlington for lending helping hands. You will meet Benny, the fledgling sparrow, the missing bearded dragon, AWOL Pedro, Diane with Dragon meeting Autumn, her red tailed hawk & falconer apprentice holding a Merlin falcon on Town Day, and a young opossum trapped in a trash bucket. More creatures needing rescue were a fledging mourning dove, sick red screech owl, Copper’s hawk hit by a car, a grave bunny, lost Whiskey, an injured blue jay, #2 opossum in a trash barrel, a lost dog, and another lost dog entertained with bubbles till owner was located. Rounding out the list was #3 opossum trapped in a trash barrel for 24 hours in scorching heat, the return of Bluto after 5 weeks lost, baby robin tangled in string, two baby bunnies near no nest, an Abyssinian kitten returned home, 5 baby bunnies in a cemetery relocated minutes before a burial service, a turtle with cracked shell, a library chipmunk and several elementary school programs. Indeed Arlington is fortunate to have hard working and caring ACO Diane Welch around and about town. 

Diane Welch is Arlington's Animal Control Officer. Joan Black is an A-DOG officer and board member.

ACO Diane's "Let's Talk Rodents" Program on Nov 13
by Diane Welch,
Arlington's Animal Control Officer

The "Let's Talk Rodents" Program is free, presented by Arlington's ACO, Diane Welch.
Wednesday, November 13, 6–8 pm at the Arlington Police Department conference room, 2nd floor.

Topics to be covered include:

-- How to make your business, yard, and neighborhood less inviting to rodents.

-- Alternatives to rat poison.

Bring your questions!

Autumn Dogs: Submitted by our Members
Daisy: Just A Pumpkin 
by Julie French

Daisy is 4 years old. We think she has some corgi in her. She came from a rescue in Arkansas. We’ve had her for just over 3 years. She gives the best cuddles. She loves belly rubs, naps, long walks, and chasing rabbits. She is really good at finding food on walks. She will greet us at the door with a toy in her mouth, happy to see us! Here she is exhausted from pumpkin picking.

Penny Is Perfect: One of a Kind  
by Gwen Chasan

Penny is a mix breed silly girl who has a lot in common with Ferdinand the Bull. She is 5 years old and she just loves to hang out outdoors. When the weather cools down a bit after the dog days of summer, it’s hard to persuade Penny to come indoors. She likes to find a comfy spot, plop down, and take in the sounds of nature and the smells wafting past her very observant nose. Penny’s ears are particularly talented. Each one operates independently of the other, so one ear might be twitching forward, catching a rustle in the leaves, or a bee buzzing around a flower, and the other ear might be turned to the side or back, catching me trying to sneak up on her to give her a hug. Penny is a one of a kind dog and perfect.
On Golden Pond:Goldie & Archie 
by Robert Jensen

My husband, David and I adopted a sweet golden girl from Legacy Rescue of Arlington this past Spring. Her name is Goldie and she came from Cairo, Egypt. Malnourished and staving, she also had Ghardia and a tick born illness, Goldie is now 100% happy and healthy. Esra does amazing work and her life's mission is rescuing dogs and placing them in loving, safe and secure homes. Goldie gets to romp and swim in Little Lake Sunapee every day as we own property there. She LOVES the water as well as her big brother, Archie. Thanks for featuring Goldie of Legacy Rescue and highlighting the fine work they do!

All the best,
Robert Jensen & David Cleveland.
Mr Beansly:Fall is His Favorite Season
by Sarah Towne

 Mr. Beansly, or Bean for short, is an almost 4 month old French Bulldog puppy who came home to Arlington from a breeder in Missouri on September 12th. Bean enjoys chewing on anything he’s not supposed to, learning how to go up the stairs (he’s still too small to go down) and taking walks up and down our street to learn about the neighborhood. He lives downstairs from his half brother, Hopper. (Pic attached from Hopper’s first b-day party.} Bean and Hopper have the same father and come from the same breeder - you could say Hopper inspired Bean’s adoption! Bean and Hopper love to play and take walks together. Hopper is trying to help Bean learn to walk on a leash like a good boy. On weekends, Bean really loves going to his grandparents’ lake house in NH, and especially taking rides on the boat where he loves to fall asleep tucked into a warm blanket on his mommy’s lap. Bean’s favorite season is fall, when he can dress up in his cozy flannel shirt, go apple picking, and explore the pumpkin patch that grows in the front of our house. He dressed up as a bat for Halloween! I call him my little vampire bat when he starts biting - However, we’re working on that! Hope you enjoyed learning about my little Bean.

Photos compiled by Joan Black.
Pawsome People and Awesome Dogs
by Joan Black

Robbins Farm Dog Dedication: A-DOG thanked 

The Robbins Farm History Project was officially dedicated recently. Tony Vogel, Friends of Robbins Farm Park (FoRFP) president sent this message to Arlington Dog Owners Group members:

“Friends of Robbins Farm Park is very grateful for the generous gift A-DOG made for the Dog Statue of our Robbins History Project. We invite all members, friends, family, and of course, family dogs to join us for the Dedication.”

DEDICATION was help Saturday October 20 at noon. Board member David White and Benny were on hand representing A-DOG.

Dedication of the Dog statue completed installation of the HISTORY PROJECT celebrating the gift of the land to the town by farmer Nathan Robbins.

At 1 pm FIELD DAY began with family-oriented events: old-fashioned races (3-legged, egg-on-the spoon, sack race, etc.), nature scavenger hunt, moon walks, face painting, and seasonal refreshments.

The Robbins Farm History Project, funded by FoRFP, consists of two parts: the House and the Dog Statue. Granite blocks mark the location of the house of Arlington’s benefactor, farmer Nathan Robbins. The Dog is a replica of his dog statue beloved by the children of Arlington, for whom he donated the farm to be preserved as a park.

ACMI was there to record this historic moment. 

Welcome to a New Friend of A-DOG
Creature Good Pet Care
Welcome to Creature Good Pet Care: NEW Friend of A-DOG Business!

From the owner, Ruth Hegarty:

I'm a member from North Cambridge and have a dog walking/pet sitting business that serves parts of Arlington as well. We're called  Creature Good Pet Care  and are a full service professional pet sitting, dog walking and exotic pet care provider. I am pet first aid and CPR certified and carry full liability insurance. We have a special offer for members on the Friends of A-DOG section of the group's website. I'm looking forward to meeting people at the next meeting and am happy to answer any questions for you. Please see my website to learn more.


Welcome, Ruth Hegarty and thanks so much for being a Friend of A-DOG and an A-DOG member! See Creature Good Pet Care's generous offer to members is described here

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