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New Product Trial Offer!

Greetings!  Wait till you put your mouth on these goodies!  I've recently discovered the wonderfully soft, flavorful goodness that is Fluff It Marshmallows straight from a new start up in Chandler, Arizona and have to share them with the west valley!

Because hand-crafted Fluff It Marshmallows are so different, yummy and perfect for Easter either tucked into baskets or in their original packaging, I'm running a trial offer period for you to purchase a bag or two now to try! 

We have a limited supply of three flavors on hand: Strawberry Banana, Lemon Bar Cookie and Coconut Macaroon.  Each bag contains 4 delightfully delicate sweet treats.  Shelf life of Fluff It Marshmallows is three weeks' although my bags haven't lasted nearly that long!

If you love them as much as I do, I'll be taking orders for delivery just before Easter but you'll need to come by soon to pick up a trial bag!

Tammy Fraser
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Strawberry Banana
The Fluff It Marshmallow people call these a 'naked' flavor because they are simply a layer of strawberry marshmallow on top of a layer of banana marshmallow. So beautiful and tasty in their simplicity, you'll be hooked!
Our Price: $4 for a bag of four
Coconut Macaroon
A super delicate handmade treat of fluffy marshmallow topped with delicious milk or dark chocolate and finished with toasted coconut!  Nothing artificial in these or any Fluff It flavor!
Our Price: $5 for a bag of four
Lemon Bar 
What says welcome spring more than a luscious lemon cookie?  One that is topped with a lemon flavored Fluff It Marshmallow! A very satisfying treat!
Our Price: $6 for a bag of four
Don't miss out on a sweet handcrafted treat and the opportunity to support an Arizona start up company!

Our Fluff It Marshmallow trial period starts on Tuesday, March 25th!

See coupon below for a special offer
Save 10%
Buy any 2 or more bags of four Fluff It Marshmallows and save 10%.

Plus, place an order for 2 or more additional bags of Fluff It Marshmallows for delivery in time for Easter and we'll discount that order by 10% too!
Offer Expires When Our Trial Offer Supply Is Gone