January 2021
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Inside this Issue...CAP Flies for Operation Warp Speed, Wisconsin Wing First in State Certified to Fly Rescue Drones, Aerospace Education Member Gives Students Tools to Solve Real-World Problems, CAP Provides Free Planning Resources, Call for Foundation Trustees, Former U.S. Representative and CAP Member Turns 102; Cellphone Team Ends Year with 4 Holiday Rescues, Cadet Recognized for Lifesaving Actions, Alumni Spotlight, Find your Alumni Friends for Our 80th Anniversary, Final Salute and more...
CAP Members Fly for Operation Warp Speed
When the Great Lakes Region received a request to transport the COVID-19 vaccine by air...
CAP pilots (and former cadets) Maj. Rod Rakic and Lt. Col. Robert Bowden conducted the mission across the upper Midwest.
We hope you are doing well! We're curious--have you signed for the COVID-19 vaccine?
Already had it!
I'm on the list and waiting!
Not yet, waiting as patiently as I can to sign up...
Not sure what I'll do when the time comes...
CAP pilots talk about their vaccine delivery mission. As part of Operation Warp Speed, CAP aircrews flew COVID-19 vaccines to rural areas for the Indian Health Service in a GA8 Airvan.
Wisconsin Wing's La Crosse Composite Squadron
First in State to Fly Rescue Drones
The advance of technology affects almost every aspect of life, and for CAP’s search and rescue activities this has also been true as small Unmanned Aerial Systems, more commonly referred to as drones, become a tool for saving lives.
Aerospace Education Member Gives Students Tools to Solves Real-World Problems
Kids are brilliant, and allowing them to have more open-ended and hands-on experiences and opportunities lets
that brilliance shine.
Kate Watson is a teacher on special assignment at a Title I elementary magnet school in Minnesota. “I know that having opportunities that provide the use of inquiry, asking questions, seeking answers, fostering creativity, teamwork and STEM is what is best for all our students,” she says. “Giving students lifelong tools to solve problems, especially real-world problems at any age, builds pride and confidence. ” 

She is Curriculum Integration Coordinator for the school, and she is also the school coordinator for implementing CAP’s Aerospace Connections in Education (ACE) Program.
Are You Planning for the New Year?
CAP now offers a free Personal Estate Planning Kit as a tool for organizing your estate — saving you time, protecting your assets and helping you establish your legacy.
Set family goals, create an estate plan, keep a digital record of important information and organize everything in one place.

CAP Foundation
Seeking Qualified Trustees
The Civil Air Patrol Foundation is embarking on a strategic growth plan, and its Board of Trustees is interested in identifying qualified strategic individuals to fill a few vacant trustee positions.
The new trustees will champion the building of an endowment for the purposes of supporting cadet scholarships and the advancement of aerospace education, among other CAP programs and missions. Foundation assets have grown 700% in the last 18 months.
The board will consider each candidate's willingness and/or ability to assist with the long-term financial stability of CAP, provide leadership for fundraising including the endowment fund, and promote CAP's activities and programs.

Happy, Happy Birthday!
Wolff Turns 102; Former U.S. Rep. Flew CAP WWII Coastal Patrol Missions
CAP Col. and former U.S. Rep. Lester Wolff celebrated his 102nd birthday Jan. 4 on Long Island, New York.

Wolff, one of CAP's founding members, began his volunteer service early in World War II in the New York Wing, serving for the duration of the war. During that time, he became a squadron commander and flew coastal patrol missions searching for German submarines in the Atlantic Ocean. 

After a long career in the press and public affairs he was elected to Congress in 1964. He and Rep. Jerry Pettis established the Congressional Squadron in 1968 so members of Congress and staff could participate in CAP programs. 
Saving Lives Outside the Pandemic Arena
CAP's search and rescue missions continue. This map represents the number of saves since Oct. 1.
Cellphone Team Ends Year By Guiding
Searchers to 4 Holiday Rescues

Zelda Sudhoff-Clements, 4, was reunited with her mother Dec. 23 after she and her grandparents were rescued from the Willamette National Forest. Photo courtesy of Lane County, Oregon, Sheriff's Office

Lifesaving Certificate Recognizes Ohio Cadet's Actions After
Boating Mishap
'Dad, we've got to do something! They're just kids!'
Col. David Jennison, Ohio Wing commander, has awarded Cadet Chief Master Sgt. Nicole Dimos the Certificate of Recognition for Lifesaving for her actions in assisting in the rescue of two children after a personal watercraft accident on Lake Erie.

While boating May 30 with her father, Dimos observed the children's watercraft roll over in rough seas. “Dad, we’ve got to do something! They’re just kids!” she told her father.
Dimos, acting quickly, pulled the children from the lake and reunited them with their parents, also boating at the time.
Wow! I think this cadet is...
Incredibly brave...
Full of good character and solid citizenship...
The future of our country...
All of the above!
Alumni & Friends Spotlight

Michael R. Betzer
Former U.S. Air Force Master Sgt.

Cadet Alumnus, California Wing
Why did you join CAP?: I joined CAP in California in 1966 because I was fascinated with all things military, particularly the U.S. Air Force. It was a unique time and opportunity to wear a uniform.

What specific CAP experiences/mentors influenced your career or life? I am still amazed I was selected for the International Air Cadet Exchange in 1971. I did not think I was well prepared for the interview and selection process. The three-week visit to Malaysia was particularly interesting because Vietnam was the major topic in the world. Now Malaysia is playing a dominant role in Southeast Asian politics.

Around 1969, I attended a Class A encampment at Camp Roberts, California. I was most fortunate to fly from Fox Field, California in a Cherokee Six and back to base in a Cessna 182. It was quite an experience to live in an Army barracks. This during the Vietnam War, when nobody, but NOBODY, wanted to be in uniform--except for about 1,000 young teenagers. I made many, many mistakes while at encampment, but I gained a new confidence I had not known before. My thanks to CAP for igniting a lifetime interest in military aviation.

What is your current career/retirement situation? I am a retired Air Force master sergeant and am retiring from working for a defense contractor. I served three years at Osan Air Base in Korea, and have a special affinity for East Asia that originated from my CAP experiences.

Anything else we didn’t ask that you would like to share about the importance of CAP yesterday, today and tomorrow? I noticed on the Air Force website that CAP is now considered part of the Total Force. I have always maintained that my Air Force career started on Dec. 4, 1966, the official commencement date of my service with CAP. So, CAP's recognition by the Air Force affirms my assertion. I am also pleased to see that CAP now has units overseas, something I never thought possible.
Jump on the 80th Anniversary Bandwagon!

Proud Past-Envisioning the Future
Founded in December 1941 by a fledgling group of volunteers led by civilian pilots, CAP celebrates its 80th anniversary this year, and a national-level working group is on the job to make it memorable. We'll be releasing updates throughout the year to celebrate the legacy of the subchasers who flew reconnaissance missions from Coastal Patrol bases and significant achievements of our members and our missions.

Now's the time to spread the news! Don't let your CAP friends be left out of the celebration updates and activities. Share our Alumni & Friends sign-up link at www.capalumni.org.
Civil Air Patrol Final Salute
CAP offers friends and family the ability to make gifts in memory or honor of someone special. Tribute/memorial gifts made through the link below are listed in each issue of Civil Air Patrol Volunteer magazine.
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