Madison Adoption Associates has been working with the Philippines to find families for waiting children since 2009.  We have developed a good relationship with ICAB (adoption authority) and our staff visits the orphanages often.  We are thankful for the love and support these orphans are receiving in the orphanage and wish for them to have a permanent family of their own!

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Referrals of Children who are Waiting for Families in the Philippines!


"Mya is an affectionate, happy and enthusiastic child."

Mya is a stunningly beautiful 10 year old girl who has been raised since she was a baby by a Christian pastor and his wife, who took her in at Mya's father's request.  When the pastor's family could no longer care for her in 2011, she came to the orphanage.

Mya's emotional development and attention span have greatly improved since she has been under the care of the orphanage.  She is learning quickly and is able to focus on her studies.  Her understanding of English is very good!

Mya is described as affectionate, loving to other children, and gentle with the babies. She has a great attitude toward learning and improving her behavior. 

Mya needs a family to help her feel safe and provide a consistent and stable environment.


"An affectionate boy, does not cry a lot, and giggles aloud"

David was born in June 2014. He was a premature baby and came into care when he was only 5 months old.

David has grown steadily since coming to the children's home.  He loves to eat and will let you know when he is hungry!

David is not afraid of strangers and loves when people talk to him.  His gross and fine motor skills are developing well, and he squeals when being tickled!

David was recently diagnosed to be microcephalic, with developmental delays.  He needs a loving family who will accept his special needs and provide the care he needs to reach his potential.


"She is growing to be a charming and loveable child, but for her to fully reach her potentials, there is no place better for her to grow than in a family that will shower her with unconditional love and care."

Adorable Angela is 6 years old and full of personality!  She was a pre-term baby who came to the orphanage as a newborn.

Angela has been receiving physical therapy since she was 7 months old to help with her gross motor skills.  She has also been in occupational therapy and speech therapy programs through the orphanage.

Angela has estropia of the right eye, meaning that it is crossed.  She wears eye glasses to correct her vision. She also wears a brace on her ankle to help with flexation, as she walks on her tiptoes.

Angela loves to watch television, especially Disney movies! She participates in all of the activities with the other children in her group.

Mark, Rose & Nick

This sweet sibling group consists of Mark (5 years old), Rose (3 years old), and Nick (2 years old). They came to the orphanage after a typhoon destroyed their group home. The children were covered in insect bites and had experienced some trauma when they arrived. They are now thriving and ready to be in a family together!

  "Mark loves to be cuddled!"

Mark is very physically active and loves to interact with people. He was sickly as an infant but has been mostly healthy after his first year. Mark likes to explore, is very creative, and like to build things. He is a leader in his group. He has a good sense of humor and is a good big brother to Rose.  Mark has a language delay but it is hopeful that he will improve with more one-on-one communication in a family.

"Rose is a sweet and pretty child!"

Rose is a happy girl who laughs and claps when you call her name.  Her strengths are in language, cognitive and adaptive skills.  The pediatrician believes that if Rose is given the learning opportunities and challenges to strengthen these skills, her motor skills will greatly improve.

"Nick expresses joy when someone sits and talks to him!"

Nick is developing normally and is a healthy little boy. He plays well with children his own age, he loves to get hugs and kisses!


"She will continue to blossom and develop to her full potential... in a healthy and supportive environment which her adoption will be able to provide for her."

Erica is a very resilient 7 year old girl.  She has a visual impairment who is described as having the inner strength that enables her to accept her challenges and adjust to changes in her life.  She is attending home school classes, shows interest in her studies and works hard on assignments.  Erica is gaining confidence and warmly responds to attention and affection.  She is social and able to form bonds with her friends.
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