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The kids and teachers are loving Sebastian Meschenmoser's adorable winter story about three woodland friends waiting to see their first snow, and if you're wondering why the snowman on our front window has a tin can for a hat, you should check out Waiting for Winter. (We'll return our copy to the library soon...)


We've been making ornaments, decorating gingerbread cookies and generally getting ready for the holiday season. Our last day of daycare is Saturday Dec. 20, and then we're off until Jan. 5, 2015... 2015! It sounds like the future... 


But there are still a couple things to do before the end of the year!


This month, we're pleased to welcome Ayako Muramatsu to Buddings on Mondays and Tuesdays, as she volunteers with us while pursuing her Early Childhood Educator's diploma.


Through the fall, Jen and the Big Kids' Club have been working on their own special tribute to autumn and, just in time, it's ready for viewing. The Leaf Stories are created by the kids at Buddings, and posted on the blog. 


As the holidays approach, if you haven't quite finished off the tasks on your list, maybe some Saturday-care would help to speed the process (and keep it secret!). Buddings is open from 10 - 4 on Saturdays, with awesome activities and fun presentations. Lisa is in the house on Dec. 20, with a sneak peek of her winter program's Butterfly Feet Yoga Dance. 


Countdown to Christmas: 2 weeks! 

Happy Holidays!


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Welcome to Buddings, Ayako
Saturday-care for Holiday Prep
Big Kid's Club: Commemorating Autumn
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Welcome to Buddings, Ayako


Ayako Muramatsu is a soon-to-be ECE, currently studying at MTI College. She was at Buddings in November to do her observations of child development and guiding and caring strategies, and she loved the kids and setting so much, she's decided to stay! 

The ECE program in BC has a heavy focus on hands-on experience and volunteering is one of the bests ways for new educators to get their feet wet. Ayako will be in the house on Mondays and Tuesdays through the winter, and we're looking forward to having her join us. 

There's only a few more days this month to catch up with her, but she'll be back in January. Give her a warm hello next time you're in. 


Saturday-care makes holiday prep a breeze... and super fun!

Not to harp on the subject, but the holidays are just around the corner... If you're starting to feel the burn, maybe a bit of Saturday-care will be part of the recipe for success!

Our Super Saturdays are super fun! Not only do you get a couple hours to twist some ribbons and wrap up some shopping, we also have special presenters and great activities. 

On Saturday Dec. 20, to get our buddies' toes tapping, Lisa and Talia will be hosting a very merry dance-a-thon. Lisa knows a thing or two about getting kids going! Her Butterfly Feet Yoga Dance is a sought-after class at yoga and dance studios, the Children's Festival, and community centres around the city. She'll be doing a full presentation in the new year, on Jan. 10, but you can catch a sneak peek this month.

After the class, you can check her website for locations near you to sign up. The Douglas Park Community Centre is just up the street from Buddings!

Did you see the post about our Sky Harvest sprout workshop? Check out the video below! We're always on the look out for cool new things to teach to kids. If you have a great idea, let Talia know!

Big Kids' Club: Commemorating autumn and waiting for winter!

The Big Kids' Club is our structured play and learning program that runs every afternoon from 1 - 4pm. It's a combination of group activities, free play, discussions and experiences, and on Mondays through the autumn, it's been all about fall. 

The kids have been on nature walks, collected samples of the season, and have been talking about colours and changes, holidays and Halloween. Now that it's over, a commemoration is in order. 

The Leaf Stories has been an on-going project through the season, and Jen's got the book, and the story, up on the blog

Big Kids' Club is a wonderful way for children to get a taste for preschool-like learning, on a flexible basis that parents love. 

The programs run every week, and when children attend regularly, everyone benefits! Find all the details on our website, and watch this space for details of our winter classes, starting January 5. 

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