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122 Conversations | Person to Person: Art Beyond Borders ...

What does connection, humanity, or love mean to you? How can we embody these ideas in our lives? These are the questions that Twin Cities-based, internationally acclaimed artist Anne Labovitz is driven to answer with 122 Conversations. In this...

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Art serves many purposes. And, now it’s helping make check-in and security lines during remodeling at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport a bit more enjoyable. 

Artist, Anne Labovitz’s scrolls from her epic 122 Conversations: Person to Person, Art Beyond Borders project have begun a new chapter adding color, energy -- and hopefully sparking conversations -- at the MSP Airport’s main terminal.

Please read on for additional details about the original 122 Conversations program that involved exhibitions in six countries, concluding with an exhibit in Duluth earlier this year. Labovitz’s program was so successful that the City of Duluth declared April 27, “Anne Labovitz Day.”  

The original objective of 122 Conversations was to create connections between diverse cultures and communities. Based on that, the scrolls’ new life and current home at the MSP International Airport is a perfect setting. Adding to that symbolism, the first installation of the scrolls was unveiled on September 11. 

The significance of the date was not lost on Sam Fuentes, Exhibitions Coordinator, Arts@MSP, Airport Foundation MSP, who worked until 4:00 A.M. to complete the installation. “We don’t want to say that the timing was on purpose, but we think it would be fair to point out how appropriate it is. There’s a lot a goodness to be digested in these scrolls and the timing of the installation.”

Read the full news release with additional details about the project at this link.

View more images of the installation at this link.

Second Installation in Terminal 2 in Mid-October

Twenty five of Labovitz’s scrolls will be on display in Terminal 1 through the first week of January 2020. And, in late October a second display of yet more of the scrolls, roughly twice the size of the initial installation, will be installed in Terminal 2, and be on display through all of 2020.

Let me know if you have any questions, or, if you'd like to interview the artist about this unique installation.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

John Anderson
Marketing Director
Airport Foundation MSP
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