Waiting in the Wings  
August  2018

Message from
               Sue McCollum

This is an email I received from a man that had just completed his treatments. His remarks touched my heart and made me realize once again that we are ALL touched by a cancer experience ...some in our bodies...some in our souls. Thus, I share this heartfelt email with you.
" I will always wear the Blue Dots* on my body, I had no choice; but my wife did, she earned the Blue Dots, and will wear them on her soul forever... never forget those "Waiting in the Wings" - one can't do this alone".
*The blue dots are blue tattoos you receive that direct the radiation beams go.
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To hear Sue read Waiting in the Wings:

Waiting in the Wings
Hats off to those who wait in the wings,
While their loved one goes through cancer.
They are there day after day,
Wishing they did have an answer...
To help, to assist, to calm the fears
Of the one they love so much.
But there is nothing that they can do
So they just show up a bunch.
To just be there, to hold their hand,
To listen to them chatter.
Anything to divert their mind
Just what - it does not matter.
It's a difficult time for all
And there is nothing you can do.
But you must show up and be present,
For that's what gets them through.
To see your loved one filled with fear
And physically so beat up.
Tears you apart on the inside - but -
It's important that you - show up!
Sue McCollum©
From Sue's book,
Moving On...before and after cancer.

Standing With You

"I wear the My Blue Dots pin everyday to non-verbally say  to my many friends that  are going through a cancer challenge you are not alone but I am
 Standing With You."
                                                              Sue McCollum

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